The Lake: Don’t Bring the Panties, Inhibitions or Wedding Vows

This is a continuation of our first Full Feature Cover story ” Lifestyle 1.0-3.0 A Journey from Wife, to Hotwife” In this story we take you to “The Lake,”  for our experiences long before actually entering “the lifestyle.”  The lake was our earliest “training ground” for extra-marital sexual adventure, “other guys,” “other girls” and my boss. “The Lake” was a magical place sexually, to be certain.  There wasn’t any talking about “rules” or anything of the sort.  Things just kind of developed.  Things developed into a place where a twenty-something year old, newlywed wife soon discovered there was really no need to cover up around the boys at the lake.  I encouraged her to embrace her nudity, sexy thong bikinis and her beautiful body.  She soon realized that she could be confident in “losing the panties..  The other girls and guys around us would follow her lead.  Inhibitions were naturally, ever-present, but (also with my encouragement) she was able to lose much of those inhibitions along with the panties.  The “don’t bring the wedding vows” line is kind of funny though.  I discussed this with Dee as I sat down to come up with an appropriate title for this article and she told me “You can’t say that about wedding vows, those are personal.”  I found that to be a bit of an ironic perspective for a hotwife.  We haven’t really ever followed those, when it came to sex, since the very beginning.  Fortunately, Dee soon realized that leaving those at home would make life much more enjoyable out at the lake.  I think that she quickly became confident that she could embrace such a voyage with me as her husband and that I encouraged her to explore.  

As I was trying to put the finishing touches on these stories from the lake, Dee came up to the office and in an effort to help me conclude these stories, she finally acknowledged that she had started out (with my encouragement) by “dipping her toes in the other side” with other guys at the lake as a newlywed.  Eventually, she “became immersed in the other side” once she became confident that I was ok with her adventures and she became more experienced and comfortable playing with other guys at the lake.  She turned to me on one hot lake night and said simply, “If you’re going to encourage me do THIS, then I’m not saying say no” and turned around slowly, in order to judge my reaction.  My “reaction” was to sit quietly and say nothing as she walked away toward the boat.  Her statement seemed a bit cryptic to me, but I saw no reason to be concerned with her hang out, party and sleep in the boat.  In retrospect, it was obvious that night that she had decided to go from “toe dipping” to “immersion.”  Certainly, her plans for this that night did not involve saying “no..  She has told me that “regarding the lake,” it really never took much imagination to figure out how these stories ended.  Eventually, I wouldn’t need to “imagine” any longer, I just knew.  She didn’t give me any details of how it went down, but that’s not the point of the story anyway.   More on this later…

I always knew and was thrilled that she was open to extramarital sexual experiences.  There was something erotic and stimulating about having a young, sexy, newlywed bride who could be honest enough to admit her innermost sexual desires and then develop the courage and willingness to act upon them.  I suppose this is the conclusion coming at the beginning of the article, but it had become clear to my new wife that I didn’t mind her being naked and flirting with other guys.  More significantly, that even after witnessing her obvious attractions and flirtations with other guys, that it didn’t seem to bother me at all, as she would go so far as to “sleep” on the boat naked with them.  Some situations would develop for her into “guilt free” sexual experiences with other guys.  Any initial hesitancy that she had experienced was pushed aside once she concluded that I knew and approved of whatever she might have been doing.   After all, it was me who had encouraged her experimentation with other guys.  Frank discussions about fantasies and desires were often a part of our normal sex life so there weren’t really many secrets between us.  Dee reasoned that she wasn’t really “wired to say no” to begin with and that I knew that guys at the lake always seemed to pursue her sexually and that she wasn’t inclined to discourage that pursuit.  She can be quite a flirt in the right situation.  Quite the contrary actually, and everybody at the lake seemed to enjoy playing that game.  So certainly, the progression from pursuit to “the catch” was going to be in the cards.  It just had to develop and marriage vows for us were more of a “guide.”  Although we have and do – love, honor and cherish.  The experiences in no way diminish our commitment to OUR vows; love, honor cherish. 

Dee and I still believe to this day that although our experiences from those days would hardly be noteworthy to lifestyle couples today, that those were the most thrilling and sexiest times ever, perhaps more gratifying than the actual lifestyle at present.  I think there was this element of “cheating”, even though it really wasn’t (she would never have done any of this if I hadn’t encouraged her) and the knowledge that I slept nearby, totally unaware, was a thrill.  She was in the boat and at times not just flirting anymore, but actually fooling around with other guys, while I was sleeping nearby and while my boss was right there watching it all happen!  We NEVER had any sort of requirements to ask permission or give details, it just wouldn’t have made sense or even have been practical at the lake.  This was all BEFORE THE LIFESTYLE so it’s never been anything we’ve even considered when discussing lifestyle experiences before.  It was in the background for years until I began thinking about an article for LSM about how we got here.  I know our experiences were different than those of most lifestyle couples, but in a way, ours seemed to have made for far less stress in our strong relationship.   We both acted respectfully to one another and were free to explore without all of the “lifestyle rules”.  So perhaps newbie couples trying to figure out how to start could evaluate our experiences from the lake as a model.  If you recall in the first article Dee wrote, she had challenges accepting “the lifestyle” and even quit it for a while.   In contrast, there was NEVER any problem or issue with our lake experiences, probably because those experiences were always so “organic” in development, unlike much of the “lifestyle” tends to be.   Lake experiences were never really even discussed and those experiences were just the “things that happened at the lake”, and they were fantastic.

Introducing Dee

So, I’m Mr. “Hwcouple 702″ and I will relate to you stories of my wife’s adventures at the lake and even Dee’s earliest experiences in “hotwifing.”  In reality, it was just “fooling around at the lake.”  Of course, back then, we had never even heard of the terms “hotwifing,” “the lifestyle” or anything of the sort.    We had certainly heard the terms “wife swapping” and “swinging,” that sounded like something straight out of her dad’s old porn magazines hidden in the garage.  But Dee and I and a cast of characters from A to Z, would become immersed in a world of sexual adventure.  That world would take a bit of an unusual route for us, but the experiences were sheer delight.  So, take a trip with me back to the years where Dee and I were dating, engaged and then newlyweds.

When Dee and I first met, she was training In Texas at the base where I was stationed in the military. We quickly realized that we were meant for one another. Within a week she ditched her boyfriend and we began our journey.  We’ve been inseparable ever since.  As she described in the first article, she always felt pressure to be a “good girl” but there was a lustful creature lying underneath.  The highly sexual being that resided within her would be brought forth as a result of the carnal “critical mass” which developed rapidly between us.  We often wonder if she would have ever turned out this way if she and I had never met.  We both doubt it.    Dee and I developed a fantastic sex life and pretty soon we were deep into discussing past experiences, the things that turned us on and of course fantasies.  She would blow me away with her experiences and desires and I’m sure I shocked her a bit too.  Eventually I began to encourage her to pursue these desires.  We were involved in a long-distance relationship for nearly two years so our phone sex game was highly developed!  As I felt secure with our relationship and our wedding approached, I began encouraging her to experience sex with other men if she desired.  I had given her a permanent “hall pass” to experience variety in her sex life. I’m somewhat older than her and was far more “experienced” so I really wished for her to pursue sexual satisfaction that she had recently discovered she desired, and which included other women.  We just left it at that and although she wasn’t keen on taking advantage of it at that time, her time would come after our wedding.  My brand new young, alluring, head-turner of a wife told me she wanted to experience much more, sexually, and although her love and heart would be mine forever, I was going to have to share her body with other guys.

My Newlywed Wife Starts Losing Her Inhibitions and Starts Wearing a Thong

“So”, you ask, “What about this lake you promised in the title of the story?”  I’m glad you asked.  Within a year of our wedding, I was transferred out to the Las Vegas area with the military.  Soon I discovered that my boss (from here on out I will just call him “Boss”) was pretty adventurous, was a funny, likeable, silver-tongued devil and could talk just about any girl out of her panties.  Dee would most certainly find this out in good time.  He was just “one of those guys” that had the gift.  Pretty quickly we became friends, family friends and spent much time together outside of work.  Boss had a really nice boat and he invited us out to the lake for the first time.  We were a bit uncomfortable at the time as we were camping at the lake for the weekend and really didn’t know anybody else there.  One thing was obvious from the very beginning.  Boss was smitten with D.  She turned heads wherever we went, especially in a bikini.  We went to the lake most weekends and became quite comfortable pretty quickly.  We would ski all day, have drinks and play all sorts of games as the sun went down.  Pretty soon Boss and I had convinced Dee that she really didn’t need her top anymore.  She was a bit uncomfortable at first but that bashfulness soon disappeared.  Eventually I accompanied her down to a “stripper clothing” supply store where “thong” style bikinis were part of the inventory.  After much debate, trial and error she selected her first thong. It was no small thing for her to wear something like that in public, but at the lake we were mostly around people we knew or who were part of the group and she began to wear her thong in the boat and on the beach at the campsite.  With that ass and fit, hard body, she certainly stood out whenever she wore that thong.  Even then she had a perfect ass from her few years of weight training and fitness (just as she still does to this day) and now it was exquisitely displayed.   Dee was always friendly and sexy; she has always known how to flirt without “flirting” and she would have Boss and other guys who would join us, mesmerized.  She wasn’t seeking sex just yet, but with my encouragement and our sexually adventurous fantasies always simmering, she became more aware and tolerant of sexual innuendo, behaviors and possibilities.

Setting Up the Lake Environment and My Wife Loses Her Panties

The following summer, lake season began, just as it would for many years after.  Boss and Dee and I were great friends and as he became more “forward” and “handsy,” Dee really didn’t mind, nor did I.  It was just all part of the fun.  Now I had become a pretty popular figure on the beach where we camped and boss eventually began calling me the “Mayor of the lake”.  I really had a gift for gab and a gift for bringing out the adventurous and “party” side of couples who came along with us or who we met nearby.   My ability to convince other couples to get naked with us was pretty much legend at the time.  

Now, if you’ve spent time in Las Vegas during the summer you know quite well just how uncomfortably hot the temperature becomes.  Down at the lake the temperature was even hotter.  As a result, nighttime swimming had become an essential, normal and expected part of the lake experience.   Before long I had convinced Dee to “skinny dip” with me in the darkness and that soon became a regular pastime.   Eventually Boss and some others would begin sharing the tradition with us.

The Adventure Starts:  Kissing, Breast Massages, Hand Jobs…It’s Not Cheating If It’s at the Lake

At the lake, we always had a “meeting place” set up in the form of a large “wake board” style surfboard anchored at about neck deep in the water on the girls.  This was the place to where we would often adjourn in order to escape the heat and engage in drinking, chatting, sexy banter and more.  Out there, even during broad daylight it was common to see the swim suits of the guys and bikinis of the girls accumulate atop the board as they were shed for the time being so we could swim nude even during the day.   The bodies mingled close together and the innocent flirtatious touch might soon become a more deliberate, sensual touch if two people were of that mind.  This type of activity would be between guys and girls, husbands and wives and quite often not with one’s own husband or wife!    Sometimes a few engaged in stealth sexual play right beside the others.  There could be a guy behind your wife, his hands on her breasts, and his hard cock conveniently located right where it needed to be.  Under the right circumstances, she might let a guy just “slip it in” for a “quicky.”  But it was the lake, so it really didn’t matter and others really never took much notice.  It was as if it wasn’t really happening because, “It’s just what happens at the lake,”  All so nonchalant.  This type of sexual experimentation was that sort of erotic activity which had become habitual during our “vanilla lifestyle” days.  None of this would be exceptional behavior among a lifestyle group today, but it was off the charts stimulating for a group of ordinary, young married couples and singles hanging out at the lake.

“Fight’s On for Dee!”  My Wife’s The Prize, Everybody Wins and The Prize is Shared

Often there were visiting trainees from out of town at the base, mostly young, type-A men, mostly married and Boss would occasionally invite a few of the guys along to the lake for the weekend.  Boss would actually tell these guys stories about Dee (naturally, that’s what guys do.)  Eventually, for some reason, he just seemed to take delight in tempting Dee with the attentions of other guys. He reveled in trying to get her laid and in doing the same for the guys he invited out.   As it was with so many other topics, we NEVER talked about it, but he must have believed that this would somehow work.  This would lead guys to believe that they might have a chance to get lucky with her if they played their cards right. When I discussed this situation with Dee earlier today, she commented that she had no idea that she gained “such a reputation”.   That “reputation” actually served her pretty well and it was crafted by my boss and Dee’s charms!  But we’ve often discussed how a “reputation” can be a positive thing.  She didn’t know she had this “reputation” but the guys knew.  That was a perfect circumstance.   It was all just “lake fun” anyway so we rolled with it.  

I actually had a female friend, Kay, along with us on one lake trip who was visiting from out of town for training.  She kind of chuckled and told me that she overheard a couple of guys from work who Boss had invited along discussing what Boss had told them.  They concluded, she said, with the words “Fight’s on for Dee!”  I’ll never forget those words. It was so thrilling and sexy that guys were so desirous of her. It sounded absurd that these guys believed that they had a chance with my wife, even though I was present for the entire weekend!  But anything was possible at the lake and Boss had seen enough to know that these guys’ chances were pretty good.  I laughed a bit when Kay told me, but in reality, I found it to be a turn-on that they would try.  It was all just the nature of “lake fun.”  I knew Dee had fun tantalizing them throughout that day and evening.  She was flirting, drinking and enjoying their attention, but that was a normal day at the lake.  Still, as far as Dee knew, these were just “guys at the lake” and nothing more. This night though, she had no intention of simply leaving it there.  For Dee, these guys were sexy and fun, far more enjoyable that most guys at the lake and she had decided that there would be so much more sexy fun with them before this night would end!

That night, similar to so many other hot nights at the lake, Dee got up and strolled down to the lake, totally nude, to cool off.  A midnight stroll to the lake and sleeping in the boat were totally normal for her though.  After swimming, she climbed into the boat to sleep under a sheet in the cool air (I had assumed) and I didn’t see her till the next morning.  The boat was the very late-night party spot and the sound of laughter and talk from the boat at all hours wasn’t uncommon.  For some odd reason at the time, I didn’t consider what might be going on with her and whoever else was in the boat.  Besides, it was I who had encouraged her “take the plunge” to begin with.  Nothing seemed abnormal and I just went to sleep. 

 The faintest of noises seem to travel for miles over the lake in the quiet of a still, late night.   But the “faint noises” I heard coming from the boat this night were a bit alarming.  I had gotten up from the tent for a bathroom break and what I detected were not the sounds of talk and laughter as I might have expected.  These weren’t the sounds of some “drinking game” this night.  This was a night that my “good girl” and “faithful wife” was embracing and entertaining her “bad girl” side.  Her normal “Toe dipping in the other side” had advanced to “immersion.”  The sound emanating from the boat and across the lake that fateful night was the sexiest of “faint noise” one could hear.  This was the whispered, yet clearly audible, lustful clamor that two young, sexually aroused guys and my likeminded wife were generating amongst themselves.  My wife had clearly succumbed in throes of lust and sexual gratification.  She had now surrendered her body to primal desires.  At this moment, while my wife should have been sleeping uncomfortably and sharing our sweltering tent with me, she was instead lying naked in the night air, her sexy body now totally surrendered to guys who earlier that very day, had (unknow to her) averred that a competition was to be conducted for HER! Further, to the winner the spoils would go.  That prize was sexual gratification with Dee, my wife!  There was no way, when this day began, that such a scheme would have seemed rational. Naturally I couldn’t get back to sleep that night and the sounds from the bow of the boat continued forever it seemed.  After all, I was hearing sounds that I knew well, but these were sounds that no other man should experience my wife making.  She wasn’t just having meaningless sex with these guys; she WAS ENJOYING this!  As much as I hated to admit it, jealousy invaded my mind.  All of our fantasy talks never prepared me for reality.  After all, this wasn’t just a hand job, a blow job or even a convenient, quick fuck in the water by the raft.  The reality was that she had intentionally joined these guys to fulfill both her and their sexual desires, just as we had fantasized about and I had encouraged her to do for so long.  My jealous mind kept beating the drum which reminded me that she was thinking at this moment of neither me nor her wedding vows.  These guys were experiencing the feel of her naked body, her aroma and taste.  By now they knew how she kissed and how her warm, moist mouth felt as she pleasured their cocks.  They knew the feeling of being inside of her and ultimately how it felt to finally cum inside of her.  They experienced something so incredibly personal such as how she breathed and moved and responded to every move they made.  Worse, they knew how her body reacted, how her face looked and the sounds she made as she was experiencing the orgasms, they gave her.!

There was a good chance that she was doing some things with these guys that she and I had never even done.  In my mind, these guys were probably “high fiving” each other in triumph and would certainly be telling their story to their friends back at work on Monday morning.  Without a doubt, they would be bragging that “they got some pussy this weekend” from my wife. They would be looking at me differently from now on too.  I hated that they had “this” over me.  In my mind, every look they gave me for the rest of the weekend would be some sort of dominant “I fucked your wife” look!  That’s one of the toughest aspects of non-monogamy in the “vanilla” world.   I would never know as I walked through the building at work, from Monday on, who I would pass in the hallway that already knew about the weekend.  That stuff is all reality when a couple starts down this path.  Those thoughts invaded my mind and there was nothing I could do about it now but try to enjoy this experience.   On the positive side of the equation, and I have no idea how to explain this, when I looked Dee’s perfect ass and beautiful body, I found the thought of this “forbidden fruit” sharing herself with other guys to be intoxicating.  As much as I dreaded it in one respect, in another, I secretly loved the thought that other guys would be boasting about how they had “gotten some pussy” from my wife at the lake.  The boisterous comment was so lewd and yet arousing in its frankness and it’s the way men discussed sex around my work.  I found it to be the ultimate testament to her beauty, sexiness, desirability and to her independence and her empowerment and willingness to pursue her own extramarital sexual pleasures.  From then on, it was as if any of these guys who came to the lake from now on likely possessed “inside information” about Dee’s “reputation,” which would be enhanced by each experience.  That information led them to pursue her with zeal as they believed that they might have a chance with her.  The fun was in watching their pursuit of her, but it was a rarity that of them would ever end up with her.  She wasn’t nearly as wild as her reputation suggested, but the reputation brought the fun times.  After all, if a couple of guys could engage in some sort of a competition where she was the prize, and then have it succeed for them, anything WAS possible!   I suppose I was proud of her when she strolled back in to the tent that next morning after her eventful night.   She had finally taken the plunge and she never looked quite so sexy, tired and spent.  I held her in my arms without a word and soon we ravaged one another, after which, the next day went on as if nothing had happened at all.  Who knows how the next night went?  Neither of us even remember, but it was likely more of the same.  The “magical lake” again.

My Boss, His Lover, Her Husband, My Wife and Me.

Another such guy in our experiences was the husband of a couple who often accompanied us to the lake.  Actually, Cat and her husband Glen wouldn’t always come along together.  Glen was away often for work and Cat was soon having a several year sexual affair with Boss.   Dee and I eventually determined that Glen must have known about it and had no problem with it.  It was way too obvious.  I listened in astonishment one night as Boss (the matchmaker when it concerned MY wife and other guys), and Cat spoke to Glen. Dee had taken Glen’s hand as we all strolled along and was flirting with him, eventually placing his hand on her ass they walked.  (Dee was by this time very much enjoying her flirtations and experiences with guys and no longer made any attempts to hide it).  Cat told her husband that Dee wanted to spend the night with him and that he should take her to their tent.  Boss chimed in as well, and all of this was going on as if I wasn’t even there!  Dee’s “reputation” was now such that this man’s wife and her lover felt fully confident in attempting to convince her husband to take advantage of an opportunity to spend the night with my sexy wife.   Eventually they looked at me and asked me right in front of Glen if it was ok if he took Dee to his tent to spend the night with her.  I told them it was fine with me and clearly Dee was ready to go for it, doing her best to seduce him.  Cat redoubled her efforts to convince Glen to enjoy a night of sexual pleasure with Dee.  “See, her husband just told you it’s ok to spend the night with her, take her to the tent, don’t waste this opportunity” and so forth.  Somehow (and I have no idea how a guy could hold out or what his reasoning was) Glen simply declined and sauntered off alone to his tent.  They tried to talk Dee into just going in and getting naked with him and I told her I was fine with it, but she declined.  She wasn’t going to chase anybody.  I often wonder how things would have changed if Glen would have succumbed to Dee’s charms and let her lead him to the tent.

Dee Can Change a Single Guy’s Luck

Our nighttime naked adventures became more and more bold.  One night we were on the boat with two unfamiliar couples which Boss had invited along.  The guys wanted to have fun but their wives seemed to be out of place and not enjoying the night at all (they were prim and proper and not interested in engaging in shenanigans.)  One single guy was with us for the weekend also and he felt out of place because everyone else belonged to a couple.  He was a good guy and no doubt wanted to get laid, but it seemed that the math just wasn’t going to work out for him.   But he was down with hanging out and swimming nude with two (Dee and who else but Cat?) incredibly hot chicks so he decided to boat over with us to a remote cove in the light of the full moon and swim in isolation, away from the crowed beach area.  Of course, by this time we had no problem with getting naked in front of others and Dee’s bikini bottoms sensually fell to the deck of the boat an instant prior to her diving into the dark water.  Some of us followed, Cat was the only other female who went into the water and had no problem getting naked either.  Naturally the two miserable husbands (who undoubtedly wanted to join in) just sat there on the boat as their wives faces expressed outrage at these “naked” women in the water.  As we finished swimming, I was already back in the boat and Dee was behind in the water with the boys and Cat.  

I’ll never forget the looks of astonishment on the faces of those wives and their husbands (and everybody else) as Dee climbed up that ladder, soaking wet, her body glimmering in that full moonlight.  She looked some sort of a Niaidian Nymph, who upon boarding a ship, seduced each man whose eyes fell upon her!   I discussed this incident with Dee and she remembered it like this as well.  I noted that she really just stood there in the moonlight while all eyes were upon her, in absolutely no hurry to cover up with a towel.  She remained naked along with Cat and the single guy.  It was kind of funny that in the quiet trip back to the beach Cat and Boss began rubbing on each other as he drove the boat, Dee and I did the same and the moment was legend.  It’s amazing how quickly fortunes change.  The single guy exclaimed “I knew this was going to happen, all of the couples were going to be pairing off and I was going to be left here alone!”  As two great sexy minds think alike, neither Dee nor Cat missed a beat.  Both turned, rubbed their naked bodies on him and started teasing him with “pity party” sounds.  He couldn’t hide his enjoyment; his luck had changed and without a doubt his night would end up much more to his liking.  When we arrived back at our shore camp the two couples adjourned to their hot tents and I took off and went to sleep in our equally uncomfortably hot tent.  Dee stayed behind to sleep on the cool boat with Boss, Cat and the single guy.  Mr. Single Guy’s luck had improved and he spent the evening in delight!  Was there really ever any other “outcome” to consider?  Anyway, it was the lake and whatever happened would happen.

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