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Welcome to the new Lifestyle’s website, otherwise known as “Swingers” Lifestyle. Here we will have everything Lifestyle, from Erotic Forum Post, Informational data from experts, and more. We will even have Q&A from other real life Lifestyle couples and singles, sharing their stories, experiences and fantasy’s.

We are NOT a big Corporation, we are NOT doing any kind of research into your life. We are two normal suburban HOTWIFE couples with kids, vanilla lives and careers… We started our own venture in the Lifestyle in 1994 a year after we were married, and believe the Lifestyle greatly benefited & strengthened our marriage over the years. We purchased the url Lifestylersmagazine.com maybe 6 years ago and never did anything with it until Covid hit and gave us all some very unwanted free time. We are not writers, we do not have degree’s in this industry, in fact some of us didn’t even graduate from High School… HAHAH. Again, we are just normal people who are enjoying life in the lifestyle.

We wanted to create a safe, sexy, clean publication for the people in the lifestyle to share their positive lifestyle sexual experiences to others who love to read them and more importantly to other more newbie couples and singles who are contemplating on entering the Lifestyle. The goal is to post other peoples Lifestyle Experience’s for others to read and enjoy, focusing on the communication between the partners in achieving any fantasy’s they may have, and how this Lifestyle positively affects in the strengthening of your relationship. Communication, Nonjudgemental, Free spirited, and knowing each others boundaries are most important…

We are always searching for REAL Lifestyle people for submitting content for our readers, you control your own PRIVACY, as an author of a story you can either use your real name, profile name, make up a name or be anonymous…. Doesn’t matter to us. If you have a referral link from one of the Lifestyle Profiles you have, you can link your profile name back to that and actual pay for your lifestyle profile, or promote any other pages you choose to. It’s all up to you…!

  • BEING ON THE COVER: (If you have a sexy picture that you think would be awesome for a cover story then please contact us…
  • WRITING A REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: (We are mostly looking to publish, real lifestyle experiences with very detailed erotic sexual detail for our readers and you to enjoy)
  • A FANTASY EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO FULFILL: (Maybe you would like to share a fantasy experience you haven’t yet experienced but would love to?)
  • A FLY ON THE WALL (Service): If your a single or a couple, who don’t feel confident or have the time (Because your busy…LOL) in capturing the erotic images & writings of your lifestyle experiences, then no worries, we gotcha! Our “A Fly On The Wall” staff member can be at one of your playdates and capture all the sexy moments and document the experience for you, then we can share it for the world to see… OH!, did we mention that this is also a FREE service? There, now we did. Contact us at for more in: aflyonthewall@lifestylersmagazine.com
  • COMMENTS: (People can post comments to your experiences, Not all comments are approved before being published and all emails are not stored on our system, you can also link your comment name back to your profile or website of choice.)
  • Q&A INTERVIEWS: (Hear from real lifestyle people, club owners, lifestyle travel and much, much more)

So sit back and enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or request you may have. We look forward to creating a great experience for you and the Lifestyle people around the world.