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Welcome to the ONLINE Lifestyle’s Magazine website, otherwise known as “Swingers” Lifestyle. Here we will have “Everything Lifestyle, by the Lifestylers” All of our content including Erotic Publications, Informational data from experts, and ALL Photos are from REAL LIFESTYLE PEOPLE like you and us, including are promotional content. “WE DO NOT USE MODELS” Please contact us if your interested in sharing your life’s journey and introduction into the Lifestyle….

We are NOT a big Corporation, we are NOT an organization doing any kind of research into your life.

We are a normal suburban HOTWIFE couple with kids, vanilla lives and careers… We have been together since 1989, married in 1993 and started our own venture in the Lifestyle in 1994 a year after we were married, and extremely in-love still today. We believe the Lifestyle greatly benefited & strengthened our marriage over the years. We created this publication to be open to all Lifestyle people who want to also share their most intimate sexual experiences. It’s all about giving back to the Lifestyle Community, everything this Lifestyle has giving us.

We purchased the url maybe 6 years ago and never did anything with it until Covid hit and gave us all some very unwanted free time. We are not writers, we do not have degrees in this industry, in fact some of us didn’t even graduate from High School… HAHA. Again, we are just normal people who are enjoying life in the lifestyle.

We wanted to create a safe, sexy, clean, Sex-Positive publication for the people in the lifestyle to share their sex-positive lifestyle, sexual experiences and journeys not only in the lifestyle, but their lives in general. Not like a traditional magazine, you control your own privacy, WE DO NOT REQUIRE FACE PICS OR REAL NAMES UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO. It ALL is Depending on your own personal comfortability, and can be submitted under your Profile name or even anonymous. You could say we are a Lifestyle Educational Magazine platform, although our content and publication suppliers and content providers are NOT Educators, just a bunch of normal people like you and us who love sharing their lifestyle experiences and fantasy achievements in a real life Erotica format.

A majority of our current content providers after writing for LSM have said that,

“Even though I have never writing any kind of Erotica in my life, writing out my life’s sexual journey and lifestyle experience was so enjoyable. It was liberating and personally healthy for myself to put it down on paper and help me see the growth and positive aspects my lifestyle experiences have benefited my life and relationships”.

And this is the exact reason where our Magazine content can be educational for others reading all of our real life Erotica.

More importantly to more newbie couples and singles who are contemplating on entering the Lifestyle and want to hear from the more seasoned lifestyle people to ensure their journey is also successful.  The goal is to involve other real lifestyle people to share their Lifestyle Experiences for others to read and enjoy, focusing on the communication between the partners in achieving any fantasies, and how this Lifestyle experiences have positively affected in the strengthening of your relationships, communication, nonjudgemental attitude, boundaries and benefiting your personal life… That alone to us is how the term “Sex-Positive” is actually created. We are “For the People, By The People”

We are always searching for REAL Lifestyle people for submitting content for our readers, who feel that their story and journey will benifit others in reading. You control your own PRIVACY. As an author of a story you can either use your real name, profile name, or make up a fictitious name…. Doesn’t matter to us. If you have a referral link from one of the Lifestyle Profiles, you can link your profile name back to that and actually pay for your lifestyle profile, or promote any other pages you choose to, or not, It’s all up to you…!

Lets face it, allot of Lifestylers enjoy posting sexy pics, not all but a majority we would say. And why do we enjoy this? Well, for husbands we love sharing pics of our sexy wives and the attention that draws to her and our profile. And Lifestyle women also love sharing their sexy pics whether they are professionally taken or DAMN! some sexy selfies. Now with that being said, if you like sharing your selfie pics, then you can contribute to our cover or even just an article. Face pics are not required, you choose based on your own personal privacy….


OUR SUGGESTION: If you’re contemplating writing your first “Tell All Story” please take this into consideration. Our platform was developed for Real Lifestyle people sharing their Real Lifestyle experiences. Maybe its just us, but according to our statistic’s these Tell All Story’s are the most popular amongst our readers and supporters.

Start your story out about how you grew up, was your family open about sex? were you religious and never spoke about sex? How old were you when you were on your first sexual experience? Did you enjoy sex during your teens, or early 20’s? Then when did you meet your partner?, And, talk about when you in your partner started discussing your sexual fantasy’s and about possibly entering the Lifestyle. Then share how you started inquiring getting into the Lifestyle, (i.e Websites, Social Media…). about fantasizing what you wanted to experience, how you felt emotionally, your excitement, your communication with your partner, your nervousness, talking about any boundaries you might need when experiencing this new journey… Then how you went about searching out your future play partners to help you experience your lifestyle fantasy, talk about your drive going to your first Lifestyle playdate, the awkwardness and nervousness you felt when you arrived to your playdate, who got the ball rolling? The the good stuff: Talk in explicit detail about the sexual erotic experience you had. Then you can close the story out on how you felt about your experience on the drive home, how the experince stayed with you, and your partner for days afterwards.

Everyones Story deserves to be heard, we believe the Lifestyle is here to benefit your relationships, develop open an honest conversations without judgement, and create strong life long lasting friendships with other good hearted, honest people searching for the same.

“The Lifestyle is not a destination we arrive at, its a journey and a mode of travel” So enjoy your best Lifestyle…

SHOOTING OR SUBMITTING A COVER OR DEFAULT PHOTO: Make sure when you submit or do a photoshoot for your Cover Photo or your Default Photo for your content you follow the below image guidelines. Photo needs to be shot in “Letter Format” allowing for the proper “Headroom” and “Side Spacing”.

FULL FEATURED COVER: LSM currently launches Featured Covers on the 1st and 15th every month, and required content must be approved and received 5 days prior before launch.. As far as content needed to be Featured on the cover, we will need a written out sexy, erotic Lifestyle experience 1,500 words or more, and possibly 5 potential cover photos to make the final choice from. Also we will need an additional 3-5 photos for inside this Featured Cover article. The cover Photo needs to be in letter format (8-1/2″ x 11″) and have the proper spacing needed. (Just ask LSM for this formatting)


FEATURED SERIES: A Featured series is a series of Lifestyle Experiences that start with 1-Lifestyle experience and continues on to the next experience, and so on, and so on. Generally we like to work together and create a series “Title” for your branded content (pre-aproved by both you and LSM). These series are either launched Bi-Monthly or Monthly…


SUPPORTIVE COVER ARTICLE: A cover article is a secondary article that has your article title listed on the cover. All requirements for a cover article are basically the same as a “FEATURED COVER”, the main default picture is also in Letter format, we will need a written out sexy, erotic Lifestyle experience 1,000 words or more. Also launched on the 1st and 15th of every month. The required content must be approved & received 5 days prior before launch.


SEXY SELFIE CENTERFOLD: NEW! NEW! NEW!… We have just launched a new “Sexy Selfie Centerfold” section to our Lifestylers Magazine platform. You would basically submit 6-8 of your sexiest selfie’s along with your Profile Name and a short paragraph on “About Us” to be included in the Centerfold. If your interested in submitting your Sexy Selfies for our CenterFold please send us an email with your profile name and website to the email address:


SUPPORTIVE MEME”S: Send us in your sexy pics, and we will create a sexy meme for you to post on any of your social platforms to help support Lifestylers Magazine.


ABSOLUTELY NO ACTIVISM OF ANY KIND: We created LSM as a neutral, sex positive magazine for open minded people who want to learn about the lifestyle. Our featured stories explore how the Lifestyle has impacted various relationships in positive ways. 

We believe that each individual should be able to determine their own “personal sexual preference” from the wide spectrum that includes Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, Kink, BDSM, Hotwife, Cuckhold etc. We will not support prejudices that strive to critique or damage certain elements of this spectrum. 

We believe that today’s politically divided society can negatively impact the lifestyle community when extremists try to force negative views upon others. Our staff and readers don’t want to be force-fed negative viewpoints. Prejudice and stereotypes  are inherently negative. They do not support our vision for creating a Sex-Positive Publication.

So as long as you can share your story in a positive way we accept all sexual preferences. There are many other platforms for activism, LSM is not one of them.

Who doesn’t like going to a meet n greet and sharing their sexy Lifestyle Experiences with other Lifestyle people? Well Lifestylers Magazine was created like a HUGE meet n greet platform where you can share and read other peoples Lifestyle experiences from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer anywhere you would like. Our suggestion when writing out your lifestyle experience is start by sharing the communication between you and your partner about what you want to experience, how you went about searching others to have the experience with, and please include the sexy details of the experience, then close it with the after glow effect that stays with you for days after…

 Maybe you would like to share a fantasy experience you haven’t yet fulfilled? This might open opportunities from others that would love to connect with you and have the same fantasy, maybe hear from others on how they achieved the fantasy. But all in all it makes for a great read…

If you’re a single or a couple, who don’t feel confident or have the time (Because your busy…LOL) in capturing the erotic images & writings of your lifestyle experiences, then no worries, we’ve got ya! Our “A Fly On The Wall” staff member can be at one of your playdates and capture all the sexy moments and document the experience for you. OH!, did we mention that this is also a FREE service? There, now we did, as long as there is no cost to us and schedules align then there is no cost to you. Contact us at for more in:

People can post comments, and we encourage them on any of our articles. All comments have to be approved prior to being published by a staff member, and we don’t allow negativity or spam. Only your email address and profile name is needed when posting comments, and your email address is not published and is secure.

We have added Social Media buttons for our users to share our articles on their personal Social Media platforms. And in advance we appreciate the support.

We have a Subscribe button on our site… We are in the development of launching a news letter which will have updated covers and content sent directly to your email. Again your privacy is secure and no emails are published or outsourced by LSM.

 We also do Q&A Interviews and Covers with all the well known Lifestyle Host, Events & Club owners in all areas of the world. Now, when you get ready to travel and want to experience some sexy lifestyle place while you travel, we will give you an inside look at all the sexiness in the world.

So sit back and enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or request you may have. We look forward in helping create a sexy positive lifestyle experience for you and all Lifestylers around the world.