Lifestyle 1.0-3.0: A Journey From Wife To Hotwife.

We are Hwcouple702 (H), welcome to our lifestyle journey. We’re not new to the lifestyle nor are we “seasoned pros,” however it’s been part of our life for nearly as long as we’ve been married, which is quite a long time. I grew up like many girls, always the “good girl,” the shy wall-flower type, well-behaved, follow-the-rules, unnoticeable, girl next-door.  But there was a wild-side deep within me that I didn’t acknowledge, or want to acknowledge, lest I be thought of as a “bad girl.” Growing up, being a “bad girl” was not a good thing, being a “bad girl” now is quite fun. 

Mr. SM and I kissed while Mr. H caressed my body and kissed my neck.  Our clothes mysteriously disappeared and I found myself sucking a strange man’s cock with Mr. H teasing my pussy.

We reference our lifestyle in phases, or iterations; lifestyle 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.  Lifestyle 1.0 started about 5 years into our marriage with sharing fantasies, mostly MFM; skinny-dipping, and some playfully sexy situations at the lake; and a few wild vanilla parties.  A regular fantasy was thoughts of being blindfolded and bound with hands and mouths caressing my body.  This was arousing and made for great foreplay for me and Mr. H’s playtime. Our first real lifestyle adventures was at no other than the iconic Red Rooster in Las Vegas, NV.  The Red Rooster has seen plenty of “firsts.”  I was very nervous venturing into the Rooster not knowing what to expect. We were lucky to find a friendly and attractive single male (SM) who was not aggressive or a lurker.  Mr. SM looked at my husband and asked “Does your wife like to party?”  Mr. H looked at him and told him, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask her.”  When I was asked that question it was a “now or never” decision point for me.  We had discussed this scenario many times, fantasized about the possibilities, and now the time was here so I said, “um, sure.” Mr. SM pointed to the nearby door which led to the play rooms.  He said, “We can play right through there” if you want.  I was thrilled and too nervous to speak but followed Mr. SM’s lead walking hand-in-hand with Mr. H in one hand and Mr. SM in the other.   Mr. SM and I kissed while Mr. H caressed my body and kissed my neck.  Our clothes mysteriously disappeared and I found myself sucking a strange man’s cock with Mr. H teasing my pussy.  Mr. H said that was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Mr. SM came in my mouth.  We didn’t “go all the way” that time, that was enough of a first experience for me!  We would visit the Rooster many times during Lifestyle 1.0, eventually graduating to full-swap and some group play.  We had many sexy experiences during that time including a trip to Desire.  After 5 years or so we got out of the lifestyle, sort of, due to some bad experiences.  By “got out” I mean we weren’t on any sites, didn’t go to lifestyle clubs and didn’t look for play opportunities.  However, even though we didn’t actively look for opportunities it doesn’t mean that opportunities didn’t find us. Those are stories for another time.

Over the years, Mr. H never gave up the lifestyle.  He would occasionally bring it up but I was an oak and adamant I was never going to “do that” again.  Well, Mr. H is sly. I’m convinced he’d been strategizing for years on how to get us back into the lifestyle. I think he knew, even if I wouldn’t accept it, that we would both enjoy the sexually adventurous lifestyle together again.  Enter Lifestyle 2.0 in 2016. After being out of the lifestyle for several years, Mr. H finally convinced me to go to Hidden Beach, a small boutique nudist resort in Cancun. I searched the resort website thoroughly to see if I could find any tie to the lifestyle advertised on the website. I found none so thought, “ok, I can do naked, no problem, sounds relaxing.”  Hidden Beach was a no pressure, fun, enjoyable time.  We met great couples and made some friends. Even though it wasn’t a lifestyle resort, there was an opportunity for play, but again I was an oak and was not going to be tempted to go down that path again.  However….since Hidden Beach was successful we ventured to Desire again in 2016 and then to a Bliss Cruise in 2017. Desire the 2nd time was a better experience.  I felt more in control of situations and didn’t allow myself to feel pressured or obligated to engage in any sexual activity where I was not completely comfortable.  I allowed myself to be open to opportunities but didn’t plan on actively pursuing anything.  We met some great people and engaged in some mild, soft play.  It was the Bliss Cruise that fully tipped me over the edge back into lifestyle 2.0. We had never seen so many sexy people in one place. We met some fun couples, played full-swap, and I learned I could squirt. It wasn’t sex every day all day, it was just enough and it was liberating.  A whole new world opened. I felt confident and empowered by our experiences on Bliss. The lifestyle had changed and was a much larger community than when we left it. One of the sponsors of the Bliss Cruise was SwingLifeStyle (SLS).  When we returned to port I told Mr. H, “Maybe we should give this SLS a try.” During Lifestyle 1.0, the only lifestyle website, or the only one we knew of at the time, was Adult Friend Finders which I thought then was kind of creepy. I told Mr. H, “If we’re going to try this lifestyle thing, we have to do it on my terms.” I set up three tests for myself to pass so I’d feel comfortable and confident. 1) I had to be able to meet people and be turned on enough to play without drinking alcohol, excessively anyway; 2) I had to be able to comfortably say “no;” and 3) I had to be able to meet people by myself and not stay glued to Mr. H’s side constantly.  So we signed up for a profile on SLS, Hwcouple702.  It took us a very long time to decide on a profile name.  How we discovered we were a hotwife couple is another story.  Anyway, as any new couple on a lifestyle site discovers, we were inundated with messages from SMs. Only one of those contacts came to fruition and that was the situation I used to pass 1) play without excessive alcohol and 3) meet someone alone.  I’m an introvert mostly and a little adult beverage relaxes me and makes it easier for me to talk to people so meeting someone without drinking was going to be a challenge. 

Mr. J pulled me up and laid me on the bed where he kissed me from my mouth, to my breasts, to my pussy.

I met my first lifestyle SM, JL882 (Mr. J), by myself at Skinny Fats for breakfast.  I was nervous and reserved, Mr. H would probably say “unapproachable.”  Mr. J was the perfect SM and I passed my 1) and 3) tests! Mr. J was attractive, friendly, easy to talk with, and we had an enjoyable conversation over breakfast. I felt very comfortable with Mr. J and our time together was engaging and fun.   Although I wasn’t able to eat much of my breakfast because I was so nervous.  Things were going very well. We left the restaurant and decided to go to a coffee shop to continue chatting. Mr. J is ever so patient. We didn’t spend much time at the coffee shop however.  After a bit Mr. J asked, “What should we do next?” I said, “Do you want to go to my house?” I couldn’t believe I asked a man I had just met to come to my house. What if he said no?  What would my neighbors think? I had all these different scenarios going through my head.  Mr. J and I had separate vehicles so I told Mr. J to wait ten minutes after I leave and then drive to my house.  At least we wouldn’t both arrive and my house at the same time and go in together.  That would be too obvious.  Mr. J followed instructions, he’s very good at that. When Mr. J arrived, I took him upstairs to the spare bedroom. Mr. H was out of town.  We started kissing and caressing each other. Mr. J slowly and tenderly removed my clothes and I his, stopping at his hard cock so I could take it in my mouth mmmm…! Mr. J pulled me up and laid me on the bed where he kissed me from my mouth, to my breasts, to my pussy.  He teased my clit and everywhere around it.  I was excited, flushed, breathing heavy, and wanting more.  I wanted nothing more than to feel Mr. J’s hard cock inside me.  He teased my pussy a little longer then inched his way back up my body to my mouth.  His hard cock entered my pussy as he kissed me and a let out a gasp.  It was amazing, I couldn’t get enough.   What a great morning that was! I think our play session may have actually went into the early afternoon. When Mr. J left, I immediately sent Mr. H pictures of my playtime with Mr. J. Mr. H was so excited for me to have passed two of my tests and he was really looking forward to coming home so we could enjoy the pictures together.  Mr. H met Mr. J a short while after our first meeting and we became great friends. Mr. J also introduced as to Kasidie which we are much appreciative.

I passed test 2) say “no,” when I met two couples by myself at a restaurant for dinner.  The two couples were friends and I had been chatting with one of the couples (Mr. & Mrs. R).  Mr. & Mrs. R’s friends (Mr. and Mrs. C) were visiting and they invited us to join them.  Mr. & Mrs. R were local. I told Mr. & Mrs. R that Mr. H was out of town but I could join them.  I told myself, it’s just dinner.  I had no plan or hope to play with two couples. That was too much for me, overwhelming, but I thought I would be fine meeting them for dinner, how hard could that be?  Both couples were friendly and we engaged in small talk over dinner.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had no chemistry with either couple. There was no flirting, touching, or sexy humor, it was vanilla. At the end of dinner, Mr. R said something similar to, “I think we should all go to our house.” To that I replied, “No thank you. I’ve enjoyed dinner and meeting you all but I’m not feeling the chemistry and need to go further.”  They took my “no” well and didn’t attempt to pressure or cajole me into changing my mind, to which I was thankful. I passed my last test. From then on we were full lifestyle! Clubs (thank you PlayhouseLV!), house parties, lifestyle vacations, great friends, sexy situations, couples, SMs, group-play, and so much more.  It’s been fabulous.  Lifestyle 2.0 took us through this year when we tried something new that took us to the next level, Lifestyle 3.0, travel with a SM friend.

Some of our SM friends told us situations where they would take wives of couples they know, on trips.  While this sounded exciting we couldn’t imagine ourselves ever beig comfortable doing it.  It was just a wild thought, until this year. A good SM friend of mine, MrLife77 (Mr. M), told me he was taking his camper to Moab and asked me if I wanted to join him there, and I did!  Mr. H highly encouraged me to take this next step and Mr. M was the perfect SM friend to do it with.  Mr. M and I have had several play sessions together in Lifestyle 2.0 and I was very comfortable with him and we had amazing play sessions together.  A weekend getaway with Mr. M, or any of our SM friends, was going to be a whole weekend, not just a few hours when he came to Las Vegas for business.  Would we like each other enough not to get bored or irritated with each other? No worries there, Mr. M was very welcoming and charming, his usual self.  Our first evening went fast as we drank tequila and made dinner.  After dinner we danced and christened several pieces of furniture in his camper with hot sexy play.  It was a little difficult actually sleeping the first night but I think we both managed to get a few hours.  There was a short period of awkwardness on day 2 as we ran out of conversation a bit, but it passed quickly as we got about enjoying Moab, what’s not to enjoy in Moab? Spending the weekend with Mr. M went fast, it was like spending a weekend with a great friend with the added benefit of hot sex!  A true Friend-with-Benefits.  It was a great weekend and I’m ready to do it again!  Mr. M sees his camper kitchen table in a whole new light now.  Sexy memories, and video, of yet another lifestyle story.


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Hello, I'm a Hotwife... I play solo, with my husband, and mostly with hot, hung, fit, fun SM's, and couples when it works. We're open to other play styles as well. You can find us on under profile HWCouple702.


  • Bill
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    Such a great article and so very hot! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I can’t wait to read more. Your friend, btweets

    • Dee
      3 years ago Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article.


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