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Mrs- “VixenSoul” Pandora’s box was opened up about four years ago!!  I have always been a dutiful wife, mother, teacher and friend.  Once the kids got older my husband of 25 years asked me about “swinging”.  I rejected the thought at first.  But, after a few experiences such as joining our friends at a local swinger’s club and I was hooked! I loved the time spent with hubby and looking forward to every weekend like teenagers again!! Lol. The friends we have made along the way are truly the best most fun friends we have ever have.  I have always been highly sexual and enjoy every aspect of the LS there is!!  I feel like Me again! In my 20’s I was an exotic dancer as I worked a regular PT job and went to college.  Exhibitionist, entertainer at heart! I love to entertain, socialize, and make friends.  My hubby and I are having the time of our lives.  Viking spirit kindred souls the lifestyle gives us the adventures we seek.

I love the duality: teacher, mom at day and naughty vixen at night!!  I love thinking during the day… if they only knew! Hehe! A bit of a tease too I think!!!

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