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Hello sexy bitches….

With an easy statement: “I might open my legs, but never my heart” lol. Sooooo…

The sexy Mrs “CoupleFeliz” We are living the best time of our lives. What a discovery!! Becoming part of the LS was such a funny story… almost accidentally (yes, like a lot of our LS stories); but since we have been so sexually connected from the beginning of our relationship, it was not hard to fit in it… I believe. We are a very beloved couple absolutely and madly in love with each other, who has been together for 15 years. Being from different countries and cultures, it has always been a thing for us to keep things spicy when remain apart from each other at the beginning of our relationship. It’s been 5 years since we started in this LS journey; and we are loving it, but it definitely took a process to understand the intensity and meaning of this wonderful secret life; yes, for us discretion is a very important element we need to keep due to careers and young family. Exploring new LS horizons and experiences with your best friend, brings such a different level of communication, comprehension and compersion. We both were curious, (never a lack of naughty sex at all), just curious what other scenarios could offer. And here we are…looking primarily for couples at first (swinger search)… but little by little finding out the fascination of experimenting with different fantasies. So here comes our first threesome right?? With a very experienced cool guy who made us feel absolutely comfortable and me like a goddess. We both got hooked up by that amazing erotic experience we wanted to repeat. So it happened again, and again, and again. Still, in our search for couples, but hard to coordinate something out (harder than we thought when it comes to work schedules, family, the four chemistry, drama, shark weeks lol). But finding those special couples who became our friends, has been a blessing and we love them all. Absolutely continuing looking for more of them.

How did I become a hotwife?? there was a point, again, almost accidentally, I got to play solo with a naughty friend flying from far away (another state) just to play with us in a threesome. But as funny as it can sound, hubby got poison oak while working in our property a couple days before our plan hahaha… he is like “well, I guess we can’t be rude to our friend and cancel, so go ahead and enjoy yourself my love, just tell me the whole thing with details after, I’m sure you will have a great time”…. Omg!! At first I freaked out! Like, “what?? No way!!!  We only play together baby”… and the rest is history. I’m still a kept woman, and I have my protector, my reclaimer… my perfect counterpart. We somehow became a vixen/stag hotwife couple without even knowing it. LOVE, communication, respect, trust… an absolutely devotion for each other….. and hell yeah!!! Incredible sex hard to explain…It’s what makes couplefeliz what it is… Happy.

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  • Paul Smith
    2 years ago Reply

    She is an absolute Goddess hotwife. Such a wonderful story and cool couple 🙏

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