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The Sexy Mrs “black_Lace” Who am I? I love 💕 life, I love people, music is love to my ears and I am a business woman. I am ambitious, caring and a ride or die kinda gal and I’ve learn how to sit my enemies on my own table to re-direct them to their own happiness.

Been married for over 21 years. Learned to balanced family, business and pleasure. Keeping my priorities straight. 😊 Love the lifestyle, made me explore, know my limits, get in touch with my sexuality. LS is an environment where you can be yourself, be free, a no judgement zone and a place where you can find yourself in a safe environment. 

See there is no other place where you can buy this. I’ve met some incredible individuals in the past 7 years. Many times it’s not all about sex but about connecting in a deeper level with others. LS is different for everyone, it’s actually what you are looking for, no rules no dictatorship, it is what you choose it to be. LS is not about subtracting but adding love, unity, people, spicines, creativity, spunk, connecting, unveiling and taking the mask off and seeing people for who they really are. I Promote love, peace and unity.

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Owner & Creator of the Lifestylers Magazine, a place to read "Everything Lifestyle, By The Lifestylers" and a husband to a Hotwife...

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