You and I are best friends…

Mrs. DarlaTony shares a fantasy she would like to make come true some day, a must read hot steamy

You and I are best friends.  At the time neither of us have a boyfriend.  We hear from somebody there going to be a house party and are supposed to have some cute guys there. We just want to go and just have some fun and flirt innocently with some guys. We decide to dress very sexy and slutty to get the guys attention. 

So I dress in a very short mini skirt with pink thong underneath it. The skirt is so short that it barely covers my ass and if I move at all or bend forward it exposes my ass and my thong. On top I have a sheer mess like top with no bra so you can in the right light see the outline of my breast and nipples poking through. On my feet I have on 4” high heels. 

You Faith decide to wear daisy duke jean shorts that are very tight and barely cover you pussy in the front and show the outline of the bottom part of your ass in the back with no panties underneath. As you walk you can see the lower part of your ass. On top you are wearing a white bottom down shirt that you have the ends tied at the bottom and no bra. You only button a couple at the bottoms of the shirt so you have you shirt mostly open down the middle and you can see a lot of cleavage. On your feet you have 4” platforms.

We get to the party and there are a lot of cute guys but most of them have girlfriends. We are very disappointed but decide to stay and have fun anyway.  We start to drink and are getting tippy and start flirting with the guys. We do things like bend over at the wrist when we get our drinks out of coolers that are on the floor and they get a peek at  our tits or ass depending which way we are facing them. When we go over and talk to them we put our hands on their legs.  We even pretend that we did not know that we pick up their beer by accident and put our tongue around the opening of the long neck beer bottle. We even sit on bar stools by each other and make out some. By now we have all the guys’ attention. The girlfriends of all the guys are getting pissed. 

At the end of the night all the girlfriends went home mad they left all the guys there and you and I are the only girls there. It’s like midnight and we think we should be getting home too. Two very hot guys tell us to come downstairs to show us something. So we are curious and follow them downstairs. We get to the basement and 20 guys are sitting on chairs in a circle in a big open room. The guys say to us that you and I have been flirting with us all night and all our girlfriends have left and we want you two to put on a show for us.  We look at each other and think we only came here to have some innocent fun we are wondering what the guys have in mind. So we ask the guys what kind of a show they are looking for. 

They tell us they want us to give them a lap dance is all. They tell us we look so hot and just want us to give them a little show. So we whisper to each other that sound innocent enough and we tell each other to make sure the guys don’t get out of hand. So they put on some music and you and I work the room by going around in the circle of guys sitting and bouncing on their laps and giving them all a lap dance to everyone for 30 minutes. We even give lap dances to guys sitting side by side and you and I kiss each other. The guys go crazy and loved it. 

The guys now tell us it’s time for us to strip. We look at each other and say it’s late and it’s time we all go home now. The guys tell us that we have been teasing them all night and we have chased all the girls away and now we want you two to strip for us. We know this is trouble and we are uncomfortable striping and being naked around 20 guys and this could only lead to trouble. 

So we tell the guys good night and head for the door to go upstairs and leave.  As we are heading for the door 5 guys block the door and stop us. So the guys say one way of another you two are going to strip for us.  We still say we are not stripping tonight guys.  Two guys on you Faith and two guys on me force us over to two chairs. Then two other guys bring rope and tie us sitting down on the chairs with our hands tied behind our backs. Then another guy comes over with some scissors and tell us we have all wanted to see both your tits all night. We struggle to no help to get loose and start to beg them to let us go. 

The guy with the scissors starts cutting my sheer top from the bottom all the way up the sides of the shirt. He cuts the rest of it off so I’m now tied to the chair topless tits exposed to all the guys to see. You look at what just happen to me and you know what coming for you next. The guy now bring the scissors over to you Faith and cuts your white top off you. We are now both sitting side by side in the chairs topless for all the guys to see. 

The guys tell us we told you two one way or another you two were going to strip for us. We now realize we now have no shirts to wear home. So the guys tell us we will untie you girls under one condition that you give us all blow jobs around the room with us being topless doing it. So they move our chairs very close together so we can discuss it. We say to each other if we do this we might be able to keep our bottoms on and it stops there. So we tell them we will do it.

They reform the circle of chairs with 20 guys in it. We are to get in front of them on our knees one by one we are to give them blow jobs , so 10 guys for each of us. We look at each other as we start first side by side and then meet on the other side of the circle. We tell each other this is a lot of guys but here we go. The guys tell us we have to go 5 minutes for each guy. They have a stop watch. You and I start on the first two guys next to each other. You and I are sucking these guys cocks deep and your guy tells you he wants to titty fuck him. You put your D cups around his cock and squeeze your tits around his cock holding your breast together with your hands. Just before time runs out he cums all over your face and tits. My guy did not cum in the 5 minutes allowed. 

We now move around the room to the next guys now you and I getting further apart. I get the next guy to cum by pulling on his balls at the same time I’m sucking his cock. I’m thinking the guys will leave us alone if we get them all to cum so between the next set of guys I yell at you make these guys cum for us. You look at me and came see what I’m thinking and read my mind. So we are now both doing everything we can to get these guys to cum for us. By the time we meet on the other side of the chairs and we are side by side again ready to start on the last two guys. You told me you got 4 guys to cum and I tell you I got 4 guys to cum too. We have both tried everything to get these guys to cum by pulling on balls while sucking , titty fucking and sucking them at the top of our tits. Fingering guys asses while sucking them, hand jobs and playing with our own breast for visual affect while giving them hand jobs with the other hand but 5 minutes is hard to do it in. So the last two guys did cum for us and we noticed they liked watching us both do blow jobs side by side. So out of 20 guys 10 guys came for us. We are both covered in cum, faces and tits soaking in it. The guys tell us we did a good job and tell us to kiss each other like we were doing earlier in the night. So we kiss and swap cum to each other’s mouths. 

We get up to leave now and look for something to wrap around our naked tops like towels and the guys asked us where we think we are going. We tell them we are going home and ask them if they have any shirts we can wear. They said but you two have not stripped for us. We tell them we are topless and have gave you all blow jobs like you asked. They say but you have not stripped naked yet. We look at each other and know we are in trouble. We both dart for the door but we are stopped by all the guys.  

The guys tell us we need you girls to strip the rest of the way. We tell the guys no way. So the guys say then have it your way. 5 guys hold me and 5 guys hold you. Two guys bring in a king size mattress from the other room and put in in the middle of all the chairs. The guys pull so down on the mattress. They hold use down on our front side faces into the mattress and tie us both hog tied. Arms and legs tied together. We are both helpless and both can’t move. They guys bring out the pair of scissors again and we know what’s coming. They first cut my skirt right off my back. I hear the rip of my skirt as it’s pulled off me. The guys cheer and yell and holler. The only thing on my body now is my pink thong.  They move over you now Faith. They first cut across the middle of your crotch on your tight jean shorts. They is you now have no parties on. The guys go crazy. Your pussy is exposed to them and you are shaved bald like you always do. They now go up the sides on your shorts and cut the rest of them off. You are now hog tied naked in front of 20 guys with your ass and bald pussy exposed to them all. They now tell me you friend is naked it’s your turn now. I can see your naked but them telling me this makes it even hard to take. They first play with my thong and moving it from side to side. Then they pull it down to my knees so it’s out stretched behind my pussy. Then they cheer cut it off, cut in off. The guy takes the scissors and cuts it off my ass. Now I’m like you Faith hog tied naked ass and pussy exposed to 20 guys. 

Now we know we have no hope in getting out of here and we are going to get coming to us what ever the guys want to do to us. So the guys say we told you we wanted you to strip now you do it the hard way. So we tell them we will do whatever you want us to do. We know there no fighting back. They have us strip naked and all tied up. They tell us they still don’t trust us and leave us tied up.

They tell us now we want you girls to eat each other out. So they move me still tied up into position behind you and have me eat your pussy. I start eating you out and the guys are cheering eat her out, eat her out. It is now turning us on and you tell me to suck your clit. The guys now yell suck her clit, suck her clit. You start moaning and tell me to make you cum. I suck and lick your pussy and clit and you cum all over my face. You tell the room I’m cumimg. The guys go wild. Now they move you into position behind me. You are now to get me to cum. You first spit on my pussy and then lick my outer lips. I start to moan. I tell you berry your tongue in my pussy. He guys chant eat her out, eat her out. You lick and suck my pussy and clit, then you scoot you way up and start licking my ass hole. The guys see this and hoot and holler. You then go back to my clit and I tell you I’m about to cum. I minute later I’m yelling faith I’m cumming. The guys go crazy. 

So the guys now say we see you will do what we want but we think it’s hot to tied  you two up and have you helpless. Little did we know the guys had us playing with each other to watch to show and buy time for the 10 guys that cam before to recharge. Now the guys decided to tie us up doggy style side by side on the mattress with me facing one way and you facing the other. 

They now tell us they have something special for us. They bring out two anal hooks. They insert the anal hooks in our asses and tie a rope from the end of the anal hook on the end to our hair that is tied and bunched together. So our heads are being pulled up by the anal hook. We find out later why they did this. 

I see on my end 10 guys line up behind your pussy this you bent over doggy style, and you tell you there are now 10 guys behind me with me one the other end in doggy style also. We tell each other we are going to get fucked long and hard now. Hope our pussies can take it. 

The first guys get behind each of us and mount us doggy style. I can see the guys entering you and you can see the guy entering me. Both those guys fuck us hard and deep and they both and huge cocks and have us opened good.  Both guys cum in our pussies. Both our pussies are filled with cum and it’s dripping out of us. They both had big loads. Now each of those guys move to the right of both of us where our mouths are. So your sucking the guy that was just in my pussy and I’m sucking the guy that was in yours. We are tasting each other’s pussy juices and cum from the guy. This is why they used the anal hooks on us to pull our heads up and suck dick. 

As the train of guys continues behind both of us, we are now both sucking and getting fucked at the same time. By the time the 5th guy in the train has fucked our pussies our pussies are sore, gaping and torn up and used up. We have both cum a number of times and our pussies are on fire. We both have cum coming out of our mouths and pussies in loads. We still have 3 guys each to go. We both decide it time for the guys to fuck our asses. So we beg the guys to start fucking our asses and give our pussies a rest. The guys jump for the change to fuck our asses, so the next guys #6 for both of us pull out our anal hooks and start fucking us in the ass. The hooks have been in us for a while but it’s not the same as a big cock in our ass so we both moan in a little pain when the first guys fuck us.

Once we are able to take their cocks fully in our asses they both grab the sides of our ass checks and pull themselves deep in our ass. We both are moaning together now. They both fill our asses full of cum.

He guys using the same method move over the right and now we are sucking cock that’s been in either other asses. This goes on till we have 5 loads of cum in our asses. They untie us and put us in 69 position and we are told to lick both our asses and pussies clean of cum. In doing this we both cum one last time. 

All the guys give us a standing ovation.  They give us some clothes to wear and we went home. We were saying how we went from having no boyfriends to 20 boyfriends.

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    LSM Master
    3 years ago Reply

    Such a hot story, I hope to Hell you can make this fantasy a reality some day soon! Would love to be a fly on the wall…

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