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The Sexy “NaughtyLines”: Yes my eyes are real and my boobs are not. Glad we got that out of the way…Phew! My name is Ree and I’m currently a stay at home, homeschool, travel sports mom during day and seductive personal pornstar for my husband (and friends every so often) after dark. I am a former model and dancer who took a break from the crazy sexy lifestyle while building my life and family with my husband. We wanted to bring some of the adult fun not centered around kids back into our life and the lifestyle checked all of our boxes on wants. I love being able to just be myself in a judgment free space and love being able to make like minded friends. The lifestyle gives me the space to freely express my bi-sexual desires and share the experiences with my husband. The thought and sight of each other giving and receiving pleasure, is a huge turn on, so the playing together in close contact is what I love!


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