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Our First Time

For years I had let on to Barbie, especially during pillow talk about how exciting it would be to see her with another guy. Although she would get turned on with this talk she always declined when it came to making it a reality. As erotic as it was to fantasize and see her excitement from me telling her how much I would love to see her riding another hard cock to both their satisfaction the thoughts remained just erotic ideas; that is until we met Ronnie.

I met Ronnie at a political function and we hit it off right away. Although sexual adventures weren’t discussed or even thought about at first we discovered we had a lot of other common interest. We quickly became good friends and talked nearly every day. We had discussed our married lives and Ronnie had brought up problems with his and hinted at the fact that he engaged in extracurricular sex with a friend from time to time. I had told him how hot and sexy Barbie always is and even showed him a couple of vanilla pictures of her. Right away he agreed that she is a beautiful woman and seemed interested in her appearance. I had mentioned him to Barbie several times and told her how we hit it off at the political rally and had so much in common. Of course her usual Yankee skepticism didn’t allow her to be really interested, especially since most of what Ronnie and I had in common was hunting and other activities that guys usually don’t include their wives in.

Since Ronnie lived about an hour and a half away it took a while before we could arrange an opportunity for him to visit. He would call and we would talk and a few times she talked with him as well. During this time Barbie and him started texting and occasionally would exchange instant messages. Of course Ronnie being the dog he is he always managed to find a way to flirt with her which she seemed to enjoy. One day he called and said he was going to be in town and wanted to come by our office after work to visit. When I told Barbie she seemed excited to finally get to meet him. Of course Ronnie was even more excited to get to meet and see her in person. As the day came to a close Barbie freshened her makeup and lipstick in anticipation of his arrival. This wasn’t unusual since she always feels the need to be presentable when we have visitors. When Ronnie arrived I could see from the look on his face he was impressed with her. He was a bit nervous since the two of them had been flirting pretty heavy for the previous few weeks. Although there was a bit of tension and anticipation in the air that meeting was fairly uneventful. Other than a bit of flirtatious banter between the two of them and Barbie posturing herself almost teasingly in front of him, the meeting was pretty normal otherwise. The only thing said with any real sexual overtones was Ronnie made it clear he wanted to come to our house in the country and swim naked in our pool. I was a little surprised when Barbie told him he was welcome anytime.

Another few weeks passed after Ronnie’s visit and the flirtations between the two of them grew more frequent and heated. It was daily now he was texting her or sending her messages. Although no discussion had transpired about any sharing or sexual adventures involving Ronnie among any of us, he made it pretty clear to her in his flirtations he would jump at the opportunity if given. Barbie and I had made some pictures of her in a pink thong bikini. Actually the bottoms were simply a pair of pink thong panties with the bikini top. Of course she looked like a million dollars with her teasing poses and seductive looks in the pictures. Her dark skin only accented the bright pink of the thin slivers of cloth that barely covered her. What really shocked me was when one day Barbie asked if I minded if she sent

Ronnie some of those pictures. Of course I was in full agreement since showing her off is always a turn on for me. We went through the pictures together and picked out the best ones for her to send.

Ronnie some of those pictures. Of course I was in full agreement since showing her off is always a turn on for me. We went through the pictures together and picked out the best ones for her to send. There was one of her topless wearing just the thin panty bottoms that showed off her perfect boobs. She grinned and said should I include this one too. Of course I was all for that! After Barbie sent him the pictures he was even more stirred up by her. That pink bikini somewhat became his focal point, but then that was no surprise considering how hot and sexy she is and looked in that bikini. From that point on all Ronnie could talk about was coming to the house and swimming naked in our pool and of course insisting that she wear that bikini when he came.

Once again it was several weeks before Ronnie was back down our way. This time he let us know a couple of days ahead of time he would be in town and wanted to come to the house for a visit, and as always included his desire for a naked dip in the pool. Barbie was agreeable and seemed to turn on the flirtations even more in anticipations of his visit. Although she hadn’t committed to making an appearance for him in her bikini, I encouraged her to not tease the guy so then disappoint him. The day came and we told Ronnie to just meet us at our office and he could follow us home since we lived way out in the country. As soon as he arrived we quickly headed out with him in tow. I had made some homemade Sangria the night before and had it in the refrigerator chilling. We all went to the deck by the pool to have a drink and just chill a bit after the day at work. It didn’t take long until the conversation turned to the pool, naked swimming and of course the pink bikini. As always Ronnie was flirting with her endlessly. Even though she was still wearing the modest jeans and shirt, although somewhat low cut, from work Ronnie couldn’t help but stare at her nice ass and the deep valley between her perfect boobs. After a couple of glasses of the warming Sangria and some chit-chat Barbie went into the house. When she returned from inside I don’t know whose eyes were wider, mine or Ronnie’s. She had changed into that famous pink bikini and was even wearing her sexy heels. She walked right out onto the deck between us. We were both speechless as she moved over right in front of where Ronnie was sitting and bent over to retrieve some pool toy. Her perfect bare ass was exposed right in front of him with just a thin transparent strip of material covering her sweet spots. Ronnie was beside himself as he looked on with bulging eyes and a bulge in his pants. He contained himself to just a low gasp at the sight in front of him. Even though she knew I wanted to share her and that Ronnie was game to join us she had never given either of us the okay. However, her dress and actions were speaking pretty loud at the moment. I felt my own member rise as I looked on from across the deck at my beautiful wife so sexy and exposed and my friend drinking in all of her sexiness.

After her little show Barbie kicked off her heels and threw the ball she had retrieved into the pool and slipped into the warm water. Looking back at us she said you boys going to just sit there or are you going to join me. That was all the prompting we needed. Even though Ronnie had constantly talked about skinny dipping in the pool he wanted a pair of shorts to start out with so I quickly got us both a pair from the house and in a flash we were in the water with Barbie. We batted the ball around to each other for a while still just making small talk all the while stopping to sip Sangria and us guys enjoying looking at Barbie. Finally we came up with a game that whoever let the ball hit the water had to remove an article of clothing. I was surprised when Barbie agreed to the rules but by this time she was enjoying the attention she was getting. I was the first to miss and wearing only a pair of shorts I only had the one article to remove. There was no way to hide the fact I was excited as evidence by my protruding hard on as I removed my shorts and threw them onto the deck. Barbie was next to miss and Ronnie and I both looked on with anticipation to see if she were going to remove her top or bottom according to the rules of the game. With a laugh she slipped her bottom off and flung them across the pool saying that at least that part of her was further under the water. She wasn’t being modest; she was teasing the hell out of us both. On the next return she missed again. With nothing else on but her top she had no choice and off it came leaving her full perfect boobs floating just under the water. With Ronnie distracted looking at her now naked under the water it didn’t take but a few minutes until he missed and now all three of us were naked. Since no one had anything to remove we added one last twist to the game and decided whoever hit the ball out of the pool had to be the one to go out of the water and get it. The first time it was Barbie’s turn to fetch the ball she made a little show out of climbing slowly up the ladder giving usboth a perfect view of her from behind, then taking her time to slowly walk over to the ball and throw it back into the pool before coming back in. She was really enjoying the visual attention from both of us.

It didn’t take long until everyone tired of our game in the pool. We took a break and stood in the water by the side of the pool and had another glass of Sangria. By now it was nearly dark and the pool lights were on giving highlights to Barbie’s body under the water. The light also made it very obvious of mine and Ronnie’s excitement since we both maintained very stiff cocks while trying to carry on a conversation with her. After a while she tired of being in the water and suggested we all get out and dry off. Ronnie and I both watched as she climbed the ladder the subtle lighting playing off her wet body. She dried off and wrapped the large beach towel around her as he and I followed her out of the water and did the same. Ronnie took a seat on a small outdoor sofa while she sat right next to him in a taller barstool type chair. We talked for a while longer even discussing the pros and cons of sharing. While we were in discussion she pulled her feet up into the seat of the chair she was sitting in gaping the towel around her open giving us a very good view of her sweet spot. Ronnie was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation as he leaned forward to get even a closer view. It was all I could do not to start stroking my member as I stood across the deck watching things unfold. Even with the teasing and flashing she was doing and the conversation revolving around sharing, and even specifically sharing her she never gave any indication it would be okay for Ronnie to do more than just look. As much of an exhibitionist as she is, it is not usually her style to tease and not deliver.

After a while of flashing, teasing and a bit of erotic discussion Barbie said she needed to go pee and was ready to go inside. She still hadn’t given any indication that night would be the night of our first adventure. She sashayed across the deck and into the house still wearing nothing but the towel. Ronnie and I followed both a bit disappointed that nothing more had transpired on the deck and feeling that the night was about to come to an end. Barbie made her way through the house to the bathroom. I figured she would come out fully dressed and that would be that. The night was full of surprises and shortly when she returned she was still wearing just her towel. As she walked through the kitchen she and I met face to face and she fell into my arms as we locked in a long deep kiss. After fifteen years with her instinctively I knew from her kiss she was highly aroused and excited. Her mouth open, tongues tangled, bodies pressed tightly together, she was hot. Somewhere during the kiss, and we still don’t

know just how, the towel around her fell to the floor. We still aren’t sure if it just fell, if she dropped it or I pulled it off her but she was again naked.

For some reason I thought Ronnie was fingering her as I ran my hand down her body between her legs. Another surprise, he already had is hard cock buried in her wetness and she was rocking her hips back and forth on him.

Ronnie took the towel falling to the floor as his que and in a flash was behind her. I felt her hips thrust backward and her body arch forward and shudder as she kissed me harder and deeper. I felt her body rocking and heard the distinct squishing wet sound coming from between her legs. For some reason I thought Ronnie was fingering her as I ran my hand down her body between her legs. Another surprise, he already had is hard cock buried in her wetness and she was rocking her hips back and forth on him. Feeling his cock buried in her almost made me cum right there on the spot. I managed to regain at least a little composure although my head was spinning with excitement as she pressed her hips harder back into him. My fingers found her clit and immediately her entire body tensed, shuddered and she let out a loud moan as she came for the first time of the night. It was so very erotic holding her feeling her body thrust back onto his hardness as her lips still pressed urgently to mine. I could feel the shudders go through her and the subtle sound of flesh slapping flesh mixed with the wet sound of him slipping in and out of her as Ronnie started to thrust forward meeting her tempo. Once again her body stiffened then shuddered as her head tilted back and she moaned with pleasure as she came again on his hardness. My fingers still worked her clit and I felt the wetness from inside her as it leaked out around where he filled her and soaked her totally between her legs. Ronnie had his hands on her hips and was guiding her back into him now setting the pace as it was his turn to teas her with his hard cock after all the teasing she had done earlier. After her second orgasm in the kitchen Ronnie got my attention and said we should take her to the bed.

Ronnie slipped his hard cock out of Barbie with a wet sound and the two of us lead her to the bedroom. By now every move that was made was erotic, sensual and pure heat. We placed Barbie on the bed. She lay back, spread her legs wide and invited Ronnie between them. He moved his head between her legs as he started tasting her sweet honey licking and lapping at her wetness. I moved up to continue kissing her sucking on her rock hard nipples taking first one then the other between my lips to gently bite and pinch them between my lips. Once again her body tensed and shuddered as she moaned and went over the edge from Ronnie sucking and licking her swollen clit. After she came he and I switched places and he moved up to pay attention to her tits as I moved between her legs and started sucking and licking. As I looked up her body I saw that Ronnie had moved into position and she had his hard cock between her lips working it with her expert mouth. I knew from experience what he was feeling because she loves to suck cock and prides herself on her ability. I continued to work her wetness with my lips and tongue until her hips thrust upward and once again she was lost in erotic bliss all the while holding Ronnie’s hard cock in her mouth. This time when her spasms had subsided and her moans quieted I moved aside. Ronnie slipped his cock from her mouth and positioned his body between her legs pushing them up until her knees were almost touching her shoulders. From where I was I had a perfect view as he slowly sank his hardness deep inside her causing her to moan and gasp an OH YES! as she was filled. With her bottom upturned and her wetness gaped wide open he easily slid completely inside her. He paused for a moment feeling her wet tightness engulf him.

Ronnie took a long pause with his hardness buried deep inside Barbie’s hot, tight wetness. I wondered if he were just enjoying the feeling of her or if he were so excited he had to regain control. Either way it

was an erotic sight to see her stretched tight around his shaft. Slowly he started to work his hips up and down sliding in and out of her. At first it was just subtle movement with his shaft slightly pulling back then slowly sliding forward to bury back deep inside her. She moaned and gasped oh yes, oh yes as her hips rose up to meet his trying to push him even deeper into her. He kissed her deeply as he continued to work slowly in and out of her until the tempo between them started to build. I knew from experience the tight gripping Ronnie was feeling around his hard cock each time he pushed deep inside her and wondered how long he could hold out. Once Barbie has a cock in her she can’t bear much of the slow teasing strokes. She wants it hard and fast. I guess Ronnie was giving her a little payback from her earlier teasing him as she held her in check and continued his slow tease inside her wetness. As she tried to move her hips and force him to take her harder she grew frustrated and gasp; give it to me now, fuck me hard Ronnie! Just as I thought he could only stand so much of the slow teasing and started to pump her hard and fast with long steady strokes. She almost screamed as she humped her hips upward to meet him and once again was lost in the intense pleasure. Her orgasm didn’t rise and fall but turned into one long steady stream of her cumming. She was almost screaming as their bodies slapped together, his cock going deep inside her then pulling almost all the way out only to slam hard into her again. Somehow he managed to hold out even with the pounding he was giving her, making her cum long and hard with violent shudders of her body and loud moans, gasp and grunts coming from deep within her. After what seemed like ages he slowed his pace and allowed her to catch her breath. The electricity coursing through her subsided but with each slight movement of his cock it would draw a thrust of her hips and a moan from her lips.

Ronnie teased Barbie with the slow movements of his cock inside her long enough to allow her to recover from her pleasure a bit. He raised his upper body off the top of her moving onto his knees between her legs. He took one of her ankles in each of his hands, extended her legs and spread her legs even wider. She lifted her hips up to take him deeper and he started to pound her hard and fast again. This sent her into another series of spasms of pleasure as before that continued in one long continuous orgasm. I was stroking my own hard member as I watched her head thrash from side to side and her breast bounce with each hard stroke he pounded into her. She was moaning, gasping, grunting and encouraging him all at once making some of the most erotic sounds I had ever heard. Ronnie was intent and focused on giving her as much pleasure as possible until he could take it no more. When he released her ankles she immediately wrapped her legs around his behind and pulled him deep into her. He put his hands on each side of her body and said he needed to cum and ask her where she wanted it, on her or in her. She wasn’t about to let him pull out now and gasped inside me, fuck me now Ronnie. That was it and he started pumping her for all he was worth once again sending her over the edge as she came at the same time as him. I saw his body tense and the muscles in his legs and ass tense as he pushed into her. She gripped him tighter with her legs pulling him harder into her as she thrust her hips up to him. He let out a moan and from the short hard strokes he made into her I knew he was filling her as she squeezed him with the spasms and convulsions inside her pussy. Their bodies strained in unison as they milked all the pleasure from each other possible. I had to stop stroking to keep from shooting my own load watching the two of them lost in each other for the moment. With a last few short strokes and tightening of the muscles in his ass Ronnie was done filling her. She relaxed her grip on him with her legs as her body shuddered in the last few waning waves of pleasure coursed through her. The two of them

lay there with him collapsed on top of her still between her legs, his spent member now loosely inside her.

Ronnie rolled off the top of Barbie after the two of them had finished and he had filled her with his cum. She lay with her legs still spread wide her breath coming in short gasp from the exertion of their pleasure. I could see she was still slightly gaped open from where his cock had been in her and she was soaked with the mixture of their pleasure. It was my turn now as I quickly moved in between her legs taking Ronnie’s place. She was stretched, lose and soaked so my throbbing cock slipped into her withease. My head was spinning with excitement as I felt the silky smoothness inside her. There is nothing like slipping into your hot wife immediately after she has just finished and been filled by another man. I knew I wouldn’t last long given the heat of the moment so I wasted no time in stroking hard and fast in and out of her. Once again she moaned loudly as I felt her clinch around my hardness and the pleasure start to build inside me. She was once again lost in orgasm as I felt the white hot explosion start to course upward through me like a bolt of lightning. She moaned and tensed under me as she felt me swell inside her and the tip of my member throb as my pleasure blasted into her mixing with the juices of her earlier pleasure. I gave her a few final strokes just for good measure as the last of her pleasure left her and the final few burst erupted from me into her. She was totally spent for the moment as were we all. I rolled off her and the three of us lay sprawled across the bed. This was just the beginning.

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