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So you have come to the conclusion that it is time to let your wife know about what you have been fantasizing about all of this time. There are a lot of things to consider here.

Hopefully, you have done the groundwork prior to even considering having the talk. I have covered some of that preparation in a recent post. These steps are crucial to get her in the right frame of mind first.

Where and when should you have the talk? In the bedroom during or just after sex is the wrong place to do this. It should be done in a relaxed setting where you are both fully clothed and can have a long conversation in private. I chose during a several hour long car trip.

Her first reaction will most likely be something along the lines of “You want me to do what?” This is perfectly normal, and your words must be chosen carefully. You have to give her time to process things and wrap her mind around the fact that you want her to have sex with another man.

She will probably become very skeptical of your motives, and she may or may not tell you at this point. She will be wondering if you are just saying this because you secretly want to sleep with other women. You should reassure her that you have no interest in sleeping with another woman. This is why the groundwork is so critical, because she will question if she is the most important woman in your life.

She may even think that you want to do this as a basis for wanting a divorce. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to have a solid marriage before attempting to add cuckolding to your relationship.

Her acceptance of your fantasy will most likely be along the lines that she understands that it turns you on to see her having sex with another man. That fact will most likely be the reason that she will use to rationalize doing something that goes against your marriage vows.

The talk is only the first step, and you have months (maybe years) of talking, reassuring and role playing before it will become a reality. It must move at a pace that she is comfortable with, so take your cues from her. Don’t rush things or you will experience a setback.

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