My First Visit To a Lifestyle Resort

Our stunningly sexy friend slowly stepped from the hot tub, her naked body dripping, legs still shaky from the orgasm that just ripped through her moments before. She firmly grabbed my hand while hubby held my other and they helped me up the steps. I retrieved my bikini, smiled at the small crowd that had gathered, and the three of us embraced, each kissing the other in turn. We were putting on another show, but that didn’t concern me as I felt myself heating up again, feeling this beautiful woman’s lips and hands touch me all over. I needed to get her into bed! So I reluctantly broke the embrace and tugged her towards our room. It was time for even more naughty fun!

Whoops, I think I may be actually getting ahead of myself! Let me restart this story with a little context. And if you haven’t already caught my first story, feel free to read that as well. About a year ago, my hubby and I decided to try out a lifestyle resort for the first time. We had heard about several in Palm Springs, CA, so we did some research. Based on overwhelmingly great reviews from other lifestylers, we decided on Exotic Dreams Resort (EDR). We quickly booked a room, and then waited in excited and nervous anticipation. We chose to make the long drive there, which gave us time to connect with each other, always a good idea before playing. We played some naughty games on the way and hubby even convinced me to put on little shows for a few truckers!

When we finally arrived at EDR I was feeling good but nervous about what it would be like inside the resort. We came in through the front entrance and were greeted by the friendly staff, although frankly my heart was pounding and I don’t remember most of what was said! I think they gave us a rundown of the facilities and showed us a map of where things are. We got the room key and stepped out into the resort area, making our way past the pool and to our room. As we walked by, I noticed there were people lounging, others floating in the pool, and some relaxing in the hot tub, all in various states of undress but mostly nude. I got a few friendly smiles which was nice, but really I just wanted to get to my room and get situated as quickly as possible. Once we got to our room, we unpacked and then my hubby started undressing. I told him I wasn’t ready to be nude, and he replied that he understood and that he was actually feeling a lot of nervous energy too (which if you knew him, you would understand how rare and almost shocking that is! lol). He still decided to go out in the buff though, while I chose to wear my bikini. We grabbed a couple drinks and then headed out.

As we left our room, my eyes scanned the pool area and I saw the groups of undressed people we had passed while walking to our room. This was my first time ever being in this type of environment, and it was both stimulating and scary!

As we left our room, my eyes scanned the pool area and I saw the groups of undressed people we had passed while walking to our room. This was my first time ever being in this type of environment, and it was both stimulating and scary! I decided I wanted to relax in the hot tub first, so we sat down there and just tried to get comfortable. As he often does, my hubby started chatting up the other couples, and I began to relax as I listened to and laughed at the stories being shared. A few different couples came by and introduced themselves and I started to get even more comfortable. Everyone was nice and the vibe was very relaxed and no-pressure. Just how I like it!

As they kissed, I took the chance to lick and suck her amazing breasts, continuing to tease her clit as I felt hubby move his hand to finger her pussy.

We weren’t sitting there for more than a half hour when we met the sexiest and sweetest woman who transformed our whole experience there that weekend. As we chatted, this nude Brazilian beauty sat down next to me and engaged me in a conversation. I was immediately aware of her closeness and interested in getting even closer as she told us how she wasn’t actually staying there, but had just come for the day while she was visiting Palm Springs for a conference. She seemed playfully frustrated that she had to go, and asked us all if someone could give her an excuse to stay longer. My hubby quickly offered to massage her feet, and she happily agreed. As he rubbed her soles and she moaned her pleasure at his touch, I found it so very hot and couldn’t help myself from sliding behind her and gently massaging her sexy shoulders. Hubby and I love giving four-handed massages together, and from her reaction it seemed like our new friend loved receiving one! I was savoring the feel of her reactive body and the sounds she made, just taking it all in. As I slowly slid my hands over the smooth skin of her neck and sides, she turned up the heat even more by facing me and climbing on my lap. She softly kissed my lips and began devouring me, and I was in ecstasy as our tongues explored each other’s mouths and our hands began to roam everywhere! She asked to remove my top and I enthusiastically agreed, letting her tease and suck my breasts and nipples while I held on and enjoyed the sensation of her full breasts in my hands. I glanced at hubby and saw him caressing her back and ass, continuing some semblance of a massage while he witnessed two sexy goddesses play with each other’s bodies. I felt her fingers venture lower, sliding my bottoms to the side and gliding across the ridge of my now engorged and sensitive clit. Our mouths locked again as I returned her touch, reaching down between her thighs and feeling her spread open between my fingers. The temperature climbed even more as we moaned into each other’s mouths and sensually pleasured each other. I wasn’t surprised to feel my hubby’s fingers join mine between her thighs, our friend pulling her mouth from mine to kiss him in turn. As they kissed, I took the chance to lick and suck her amazing breasts, continuing to tease her clit as I felt hubby move his hand to finger her pussy. She arched her back and turned to kiss me again, her moans and pleasure growing louder with each thrust of his hand. She moved her body with mine and we writhed against each other as I felt the tension building and I realized she was going to cum. Her movements became more deliberate and forceful as my fingers made faster circles on her clit and I saw her passion rise. I watched as her orgasm crashed through her, her body rolling and jerking with each wave of pleasure! What a mind-blowing experience!

During our whole exchange, I never stopped to think of the absolutely erotic show we were putting on, but when I think back about it now I can’t help but smile. My nerves and apprehension had so easily been melted away in moments by just the presence of this captivating woman. After she came and started to come down from that high, she stayed in my lap and we continued to hold each other and kiss softly. I invited her to join us in our room and she agreed, apparently still willing to stay and not rush off to her other event. We stood up to the applause of some of the other couples there, and smiled at each other as we slowly began to climb out of the hot tub.

And that brings us back to where we started. Would you be interested in hearing about what happened next? I will write Part 2 if enough of you are interested, so please let me know what you think.

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Hello all you sexy Lifestylers, I'm Mistress Kitty, and we're a friendly and fit couple that enjoys playing with single women and select couples. We both came from a very conservative background, but for the past 4 years we've been exploring new things, including this lifestyle! The lifestyle has become a way of everyday life for us...

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    Very sexy!! Great writing too. Would love to read more!

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