Ropes… Our Journey

The Sexy Mrs. “720Pair” : What a ride the past two years has been. I went from a fairly conservative marriage in regards my sexuality to blossoming into a woman who not only enjoys sex with others outside of our 19 year monogamous marriage,  but also exploring the many facets of BDSM; starting with ropes. I had this idea that Shibari (the Japanese art of rope bondage) was torture and painful play and only for the truly mentally twisted. I quickly learned after doing research, that Shibari is  beautiful martial art. My husband started looking for resources to learn from and after he watched many hours of videos, our journey began. The bonding that took place between us filled the gap in communication we had been missing and brought miraculous healing to our marriage. This required a lot of patience between us, 100% focused, attention and communication. We have learned the art of “inclusive negotiations” that has carried over into our lifestyle community and the friends we play with. One of the things that I really enjoy about the process is how it feels on my skin. The gent touch of his fingers combined with the constraints of the rope makes me feel cared for and secure. The intimacy in feeling his body against mine, the feel of his breath against my neck as he wraps around my body makes me wet just thinking about it. He always takes the time to… brush his hand along my clit as he pulls rope between my legs. He will take a break from tying to give me a quick knees shaking orgasm unexpectedly. I love to go to the mirror, after I he is done, so I can see what he has fashioned. I love the attention to detail, the symmetry of the knots, and how he use the rope to accent the shape of my body. It has allowed me to let down my guard and helps me to set aside my own self image and see myself as the work of art he has always seen me to be.

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