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Mrs- SeaAphrodite: By day, I am a totally normal suburban wife and mom. I also have a very high profile job in finance, so I am very conscious of maintaining my privacy. But I’m an exhibitionist too, so I love to show off, anonymously. My husband and I have been together for almost 25 years and have almost always been open, since high school really. We’ve had a long journey in the lifestyle, from me exploring my bisexuality in college, to us being part of the NYC sex party scene for about a decade before our kids were born, to me becoming a lifestyle (non-professional) domme. These days we continue to play with submissive girls and cuck couples together, and I also attend all-female play parties a few times a year. On my own, I generally focus solely on femdom, with a sizable stable of submissive boys and bisexual bulls, whom I combine in various scenes. Some of my favorite kinks to explore are impact play, all sorts of body worship, watersports, pegging, edging/teasing, denial/chastity, and forced bi between my subs and bulls. My husband is generally not interested in this sort of play and so is rarely involved. We do sometimes have more domestic service oriented subs who help us out with chores and cleaning at home. As a domme, my style is more affectionate and nurturing, and I generally believe that even very casual sex can and should be joyful and nourishing and affirming and fun, so that is how I practice domination. Feel free to follow me on FetLife to see more (@SeaAphrodite). 

You can find me at under profile “SeaAphrodite” or by clicking the banner below.

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  • Jeff
    2 years ago Reply

    Great read. Refreshing

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