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Mrs.- “JimNi”: We’ve been in the lifestyle for a couple years and still consider ourselves new.  We are best friends and lovers and would not change a thing in our relationship.  Over the last few years we have found that what we enjoy most is the social aspect and sexy environment and if the mood fits having that exciting threesome or foursome. People say we’re the life of the party and we think that is a result of having the attitude of life being too short!  We never ever just sit at home and watch TV;) We enjoy going out doing something fun every nite.  So during the week meet and greets are best.  That way, when the weekend comes we can plan a awesome adventure together. We have made lifetime friends and enjoy attending events and traveling with those like minded people. We’re up for any fun adventure you can think of and don’t mind driving out of the area to meet up. We would like to meet friendly, outgoing couples or single girls. We like to meet for drinks and get to know you before proceeding. 

Chemistry is key and both of us must be attracted to both of you. If there is no attraction either way no offense meant nor taken. Communication and respect are a must, we do not play with everyone we meet and we do not ‘take one for the team’.  We like to meet couples and/or single girls that enjoy the same things we do or would like to experience new things.   We do not play separately, we prefer that everyone is playing together so no one gets left out.  Most weekend we’re either playing on the river in Lake Havasu or off roading in Big Bear or racing thru the desert in Glamis or Jeep trip in Utah, Colorado etc or taking the boat to Mexico or Catalina.  Always looking for fun travel friends.  We try and find adventures any place on west coast.  So if you far… no worries we might just meet up for a road trip!

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  • Paul
    2 years ago Reply

    Hot couple we met them at The Plush Party, looking forward to hanging out with them again.

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