Episode II: Hotwife Adventure

All day, all week I am eager to get off! Slut wife to my core my naughty self seeks to be ravaged.  This time I had a couple requesting me.  The girl is a SEXY little kitten.  The pictures sent to me over the past week were so alluring.  Her sexiness leaped out from the pictures attacking my naughty vixen self saying “ cum here!!” mmmmmmm I was beside myself with excitement because girl play is rarely found for me and I need to use a double ended dildo sooooooooo bad!!  We were vibing via sexting  and we also face timed  and my mind was swirling with all the things I wanted to do to her and she do to me!!

With bags packed I set out, off my front porch and into my car to voyage out for the meet. Pussy wet, ready to play I drove down to the hotel to meet up with her and her FWB.  Once I got there, it was still daylight, which for me is typically not my time to get “naughty”.  I am a night owl and my vampire self loves night time and all the naughtiness that comes with it.  But, here I was bags slung over my shoulder, venturing towards the hotel solo.  Camera ready to take some footage of my slut wife adventures for hubby.

I slide my fingers into her lips and feel the wetness.  I then put those same fingers into my mouth and then hers sharing her juices.

I go to the hotel room, find the room and knock on the door.  I see the door is propped open.  MMMM! I enter quietly and find votives lit all over the living room space.  Sooooo sexy!  The jacuzzi tub is full of bubbles with champagne flutes waiting for our lips to suck some bubbles down.   I hear them in the next room.  I put my bags down, put an outfit on (my favorite thing of playtime is the dress up) and my heels (of course!)  and slowly and very quietly walk into the next room.  I hear their sexy moans.  I am beyond ready to jump in!  I walk over to the bed and lay down beside her and say “hello!” in a low voice and grab her head and kiss her.  I was right!  We have chemistry, very erotic chemistry and we start enjoying each others bodies starting with the mouth and go all the way to the voluminous beautiful tits.  She was exactly the kind of woman I crave.  She is so into it, as I am.  I put my fingers where I can no longer wait to do…. Near her pussy, I need to feel how wet she is.  I slide my fingers into her lips and feel the wetness.  I then put those same fingers into my mouth and then hers sharing her juices.  She moans and her FWB proceeds to put his cock in her mouth and we both lick and suck getting him hard.  She and I both work to get his cock ready to play.  She bends over and he teases her pussy with his cock.  It drives her crazy , I love seeing and hearing her go crazy and wild begging for his cock.  I lay on the bed and spread my legs inviting her to eat my eager pussy.  I can’t help it but I gush almost immediately!  She squeals in pleasure which makes me gush again because she is just so damn sexy.  He proceeds to fuck her hard over and over as she dives into my pussy.  We play like this until she screams and cums and I gush one more time.  We stop and joke how next time he will definitely get two queen beds!  We change, regroup and have some champagne. I think we ready to go again!  I need her to sit on my face.  She does and he proceeds to fuck her. I suck and lick him while he thrusts in and out and she eats me.   This is probably my favorite position in both MFM and FFM!!!  OMG!!!! Complete ecstasy!!  I cum on her face.. again and she cums on my face!  Her pussy is so swollen, I continue to suck her pussy lips as she grinds on my face.  I don’t want her to stop!  We are both panting, exploding and driving each other crazy!  We have almost forgotten her FWB is in the room….. lol.  He explodes in her pussy.  His warm cum dripping out of her juicy pussy.  There is nothing like a creampie!!!  She begs me to continue sucking on her and she cums again.  I crawl up to her beautiful tits and suck her nipples as we lay entangled and moaning. This has been a play date I will not forget ever.  We lay there for a bit then decide to go to the tub to chill.  I stayed with her and made plans for our next time.  We decided next time we will shop for some new toys and lingerie.  Finding a new girl to play with is my most favorite thing!  A new partner in crime!!  Us hotwives gotta stick together!!  Next time, she is requesting a gang bang….. she’s new to the LS and has so many things she wants to try….. well, she found the right girl because  I am always ready for a new adventure, a reason to leap off of my front porch and have some naughty Fun!  Till next time!  Stay slutty!

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Hey all you sexy's, I'm VixenSoul a Hotwife who loves playing with Hot single males for my husband and my pleasure. Hope you enjoy my "Beyond The Front Porch" series and experiences. You can find me on Kasidie.com under profile "VixenSoul"

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