From Pillow Talk to Pillows Rocked

My husband and I grew up in a high demand religion.  We were ‘good kids’ that never caused much trouble.  We met in our early twenties at church and were married in less than ten months.  Kiddos soon followed and we found ourselves lost in work, church and all things special needs parenthood.  This is something that both challenges us and strengthens us daily.  To say we’d lost ourselves in the mix of all these things is an understatement.  

Several years ago we found our lives unfulfilled and shattered.  We had discovered the rigorous demanding religion we had dedicated our lives to and believed in was false (apparently gold plates don’t just fall from the sky and hit 15 year old self proclaimed prophets in the head haha).  Our world’s were rocked. . .   All for the better!!!  What I thought would break us, has made us the happiest, freeist, not to mention sexiest we have ever been. 

So we did it!  We made a big life leap and left the religion of our youth. . .  Some years went by and with that so did the shedding of the years of sexual shame and torment I felt for being bisexual. . .  A closely held secret I had told NO ONE in my 37 years of life.  One fateful day I knew in my heart I needed to share this most closely held secret with my husband, it was time to let the truth be known and free myself.  I’m not sure what I thought would happen, what I even hoped to have happen. . .  But what DID happen couldn’t have been better.  My husband firstly, was not surprised at all. . .  Apparently I haven’t been that great at hiding my love and attraction for women all these years we’ve been married.  It felt so good to have this open, raw and honest conversation with my husband.  We both felt that!  From there the conversations continued.  Eventually discussions of MFF threesomes were discussed excitedly.  After a bit of research on where to even begin we signed up for a Kasidie profile.  As you may guess or have experienced yourself, we were bombarded with interested COUPLES.  Couples. . .  Well, we hadn’t discussed that!  Wouldn’t you know it didn’t take us more than a day or two of checking out all the amazing profiles and some more great raw and honest conversations to decide that was exactly what we wanted.  

Well, now that we knew what we wanted there was no stopping us.  We began having sexy chats with couples online.  Naughty pictures and video clips were shared.  So new, so thrilling!  All the sudden we had gym subscriptions, were losing weight, whitening our teeth and tanning daily.  We’d found a new zest for life and encouragement to be our best selves.  Some of the best communication and conversations we’ve had in our 15 years of marriage have occured since we kicked our journey off in the lifestyle.  

Not long after making a Kasidie profile we had our first date with a couple, just a simple meeting the first time, but boy was it ever EXCITING.  All I could think about was fucking them, both of them!  Shortly after, that same couple became our ‘firsts’ in the lifestyle.  There’s been no turning back for us since!

I have no idea what all this new sexy chapter in our lives has in store for us. . .  But I do know we’ll be enjoying it together for a long time to come.  We have met some of the most genuine, kind, gorgeous couples since our journey began.  We find ourselves truly grateful for this community of lifestylers we’re happy to be apart of.  We thank you for embracing us and we hope to do the same for others as they too kick off the sexiest journey of their lives.

If you want to reach out to us, you can find us on under profile “TeddyBearandJoJo” or by clicking the banner below.

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I'm your everyday local wife, possibly even your neighbors next door, ready to explore the kinky side of life. We are family oriented, with kids and interested in connecting with other couples in similar situations. . . Or that ever so magical unicorn.

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  • 123azpair
    2 years ago Reply

    We love your story and feel so very lucky to have met you two, and to have shared some unforgettable moments together! You’re fantastic people!

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