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The Sexy Mistress Kitty: We’re a friendly and fit couple that enjoys playing with single women and select couples. We both came from a very conservative background, but for the past 4 years we’ve been exploring new things, including this lifestyle! We enjoy staying active with dancing, hiking, music festivals, camping (we got an RV during the Great Lockdown of 2020!), and just having fun looking for any new experiences. Maybe you have a new experience you’d like to recommend? Reach out! We’re easy to talk to and love to get to know new people, whether we end up playing together or just become friends.

We’ve created profiles on multiple lifestyle sites over the years, and stay active on them to one degree or another. Anyone can find all my links here and just choose how to reach us:

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Owner & Creator of the Lifestylers Magazine, a place to read "Everything Lifestyle, By The Lifestylers" and a husband to a Hotwife...

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