Girl/ Girl, and WAIT! Another Girl…


I’ve always gotten turned on watching girl-girl porn, but never considered myself bisexual. Sex is sex, right? Then  about 4 years ago, Mr. K and I discovered “Swing House” on the Playboy channel, and after watching a few episodes and getting really excited, we started talking. It was over the course of several months of self-reflection, and conversations about fantasies and desires, that I could finally admit that I would love to play with a woman. However, I was worried that it was somehow cheating, and I didn’t want to hurt Mr. K. We have a great marriage – we’re best friends, we have a fantastic sex life, and we want nothing more than to spend time with each other, so I didn’t want to do anything to change that.  Mr. K reassured me that all he wanted for me was to be happy, and that if exploring and experiencing that side of me was what I wanted, he was fully supportive.

We began talking about ways to make that fantasy come true. We found Kasidie, and began reaching out to couples where the woman was at least bi-comfortable, but preferably bisexual. For my first experience, I wanted to be with a woman who could take charge, and was not only comfortable with girl-girl play, but loved it! My first experience was with a beautiful Spanish lady in San Francisco. It was sensual, sexy, and a little surreal – and I loved it! I couldn’t believe how natural it felt being with a woman, not to mention how exciting! I couldn’t wait for more!

When we first started, we set boundaries, and spent a lot of time talking about what we’re comfortable with, what we did and didn’t want to do, and why. But as time passed, those boundaries changed, and our play evolved from being just girl-girl, to soft swap, to situational full-swap. But along the way one fantasy I always had was having a three-some with 2 other hot women. So, we set out to make that happen.

We were planning a trip to California to meet up with some special friends in the lifestyle, Todd and Sophia, so we reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in a girl three-some. I knew we wanted some girl time to start, but we also wanted to have the guys join in, too, at some point. They were thrilled, and the 4 of us started looking on Kasidie for a couple who would fit the bill. After a short search, we found  Bill and Jennifer, who were both gorgeous, sexy, and who had also fantasized about a girl three-some. We texted in a group chat and got to know them a little more, and things certainly got heated up – there was lots of sexting to build the excitement! When we arrived in California, we met up Todd and Sophia and drove to a sexy little dive bar to meet our new friends. I had butterflies in my stomach but my pussy was dripping in anticipation of meeting them. We’d seen pictures of Jennifer, so I knew she was hot. But it’s one thing to text and feel like you know them, and whole other thing to actually meet in person and wonder if you’ll click. Suffice it to say, there was a high level of excitement, too, and Sophia and I made out a little bit in the car and talked about what we’d like to do with Jennifer later before we went in.

When Jennifer and Bill arrived, she was even hotter in person. She is a sexy honey-blond beauty, with a curvy figure, delicious breasts, and an ass that begged to be grabbed, while Sophia is a stunning, tall brunette with long hair, gorgeous breasts, and legs for days. I was in 7th heaven with these 2 amazing women!  We made sure to seat ourselves so the 3 women were next to each other, and before too long I had one hand up Jennifer’s dress while I was kissing her, and Sophia was playing with my breasts.  So, while the other men in the bar were busy ogling the waitresses dancing on top of the bar, our 3 guys were busy watching us make out and caress each other. At one point, Jennifer and I headed to the bathroom, where she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me hungrily, running her hands up my shirt, and grabbing my breasts. I kissed her back, sucking on her tongue, and putting my hands under her dress to grab her ass. It was a hot, sensual minute with the promise of more to come! We decided to all go back to Todd and Sophia’s house, so we piled into the Suburban – girls in the back seat, of course! Jennifer was in the middle, and Sophia and I made sure she felt a part of the group…we took turns kissing her, touching and sucking on her breasts. She lifted her dress to her waist, and I got down between her legs and started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit – she was so wet and tasted so good! But I didn’t let her cum yet – we wanted to keep building the excitement. She then took turns sucking on our breasts, fingering us, and making out with us. The guys were having a great time watching in the rear-view mirror, but the Bill was having a very hard time keeping the car on the road!

Sophia reached around and cupped Jennifer’s breasts, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs and making them hard, and kissing her neck.

When we got to the house, we had some drinks, then made our way out to the hot tub. It was pitch black except for the stars and the lights from the hot tub – it was a very sensual setting. Sophia and I started to undress Jennifer…I was in front of her and Sophia was behind her. I slowly unbuttoned her dress and took it off, so she was just standing there in her black panties.  Sophia reached around and cupped Jennifer’s breasts, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs and making them hard, and kissing her neck. I started to kiss her slowly and sensually, making my way down her neck to her breasts. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it, while Sophia kept pulling on her other nipple. After licking and sucking on that side, I moved to her other breast and Sophia reached around and slid her hand down the front of Jennifer’s panties, rubbing her pussy sensually. Jennifer moaned, and I could smell her arousal. Jennifer then turned and faced Sophia, and helped her off with her top. I went around to the back of Sophia, and began rubbing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Jennifer knelt in front of Sophia, unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, revealing a shaved, glistening pussy. She started to gently suck on Sophia’s clit, and I reached around and slid a finger into her pussy, then pulled it out and licked the cum from it – she was delicious! Then,  Sophia turned to me and slid my jeans down while Jennifer took my top off. I was standing there naked in the moonlight with Sophia licking my pussy and Jennifer grabbing my ass and running her finger up and down my slit.  At that point we were all getting a little chilly so Jennifer took her panties off and we all slid into the hot tub. Within seconds we began making out with each other, taking turns with each other’s tongues and mouths, as our hands and fingers explored each other’s pussies, breasts, and asses. Jennifer sat on Sophia’s lap and  made out as I rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples from behind. I then slid a finger into both their pussies and fucked them. She then stood up and motioned me to sit on the edge of the hot tub. I sat and spread my legs, and she crouched in front of me and started licking my pussy from my ass to my clit in long, sensual strokes, She slid 2 fingers into my pussy while she started sucking on my clit, and Sophia came over and started sucking on my breasts and biting my nipples. I laid back and closed my eyes. We had told the guys that they could join at any time and the next thing I know Mr. K and Bill were kneeling on either side of me, hard cocks right by my mouth, so I took turns sucking on each cock as Jennifer ate me out, and Sophia kept ravishing my nipples as Todd fucked her from behind.  I could feel my climax starting to build, and Jennifer started sucking on my clit and that sent me over the edge! As I was climaxing, I had Mr. K’s cock in my mouth and Sophia’s mouth on my breast – I came so hard!! Then I heard Sophia start to moan and cry out, and I knew she was close to cumming as well. I sat up and kissed her and squeezed her breasts as she was being fucked by Todd and it wasn’t long before she came in an explosive orgasm. I look over at Jennifer, and she was on all fours sucking on Bill’s cock so I turned and started rimming her ass, licking her pussy from behind, and fingering her clit. She too, came hard!

I sat and spread my legs, and she crouched in front of me and started licking my pussy from my ass to my clit in long, sensual strokes, She slid 2 fingers into my pussy while she started sucking on my clit, and Sophia came over and started sucking on my breasts and biting my nipples.

We took some time to relax a little in the hot tub, and have some more drinks. After awhile, Todd and Sophia said they were going to go into the house for a little bit, but we were welcome to stay out there and enjoy the hot tub and each other. After they left, Jennifer and I started kissing again, fondling each other’s breasts, pressing up against each other in the hot tub, rubbing each other’s asses. Our guys came behind us and started kissing our necks, rubbing our bodies, pressing their hard cocks against our asses.  They each moved us  to the side of the hot tub and had us sit on the edge then lay back on a towel. Mr. K was fucking me with his tongue in my pussy and his finger in my ass. When he started  flicking my clit and sucking on it, he sent me over the edge to another powerful climax. Jennifer came shortly after that, and then the guys swapped partners. I watched for a little bit as Mr. K worked his magic on Jennifer’s pussy and ass, and it was so hot! I was nearly ready to cum again from watching so I laid back as Bill pushed my legs up and back and started rimming me with his tongue, and licking my pussy. I reached down to touch myself as he was was tonguing me, and both Jennifer and I came about the same time.  Then, Jennifer and I got up and laid on some chaise lounges with thick cushions, and beckoned the guys over. Mr, K knelt over me, his hard cock poised at the entrance to my pussy, as I started touching myself again. I had my legs up on his shoulders, and he slowly stroked in and out as I felt my climax build. When he knew I was getting close, he fucked me harder and faster and I could feel his cock filling up my pussy and his balls hitting my ass, and I came in a shuddering climax right before I felt him shoot his hot cum in my pussy. We loved watching Bill and Jennifer finish up, and then Todd and Sophia came out with huge smiles on their faces.

By that point we were starving, so we made dinner, and had lots of exciting conversation!  Then we drove Bill and Jennifer back to the car, and after a long, sensual kiss between all the women, we said goodnight. On the way back to Todd and Sophia’s house, we asked them how they felt it went. It was all totally hot and sexy from their point of view. When Mr. K and I talked later, we both commented on how hot it was from both of our perspectives. I got the sexy girl three-some I’d fantasized about, he got to watch me have fun and explore my fantasy, he was able to play with another sexy woman, and we both got to enjoy each other!  I did mention the one thing on my mind during the girl three-some was making sure I was giving equal attention to both women. Sophia is a long-time friend and I didn’t want her to feel left out when I was with Jennifer. And with Jennifer being new to our group, I didn’t want her to feel like a 3rd wheel.  But Mr. K assured me everyone had a great time. And he was right…it was so sensual, hot, sexy, and fun and I definitely can’t wait for my next girl three-some, as well as to explore other hot fantasies I have!

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    My cock was throbbing at the thought of your tongue in another woman’s pussy, and another woman’s on yours.

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      We appreciate your support and comments on Lifestylers Magazine and our sexy content providers publications, we just ask you keep your comments a little less graphic, please keep them supportive and sexy. Thank You!

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        Such a well written sexy story!

        I’m so glad you shared the link with us.

        Please hit us back at your convenience. I’m sorry we lost touch.

        Mike and Christy

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