Book III: A First Time Interracial Hotwife Story

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When I was hired to run a new start-up here in Singapore, I stupidly didn’t fully realize the nature of the business. My name is Jake Fielding, and my background is in virtual reality and augmented reality engineering, specializing in simulated depth of field rendering algorithms. I know, I know – the ultimate geek! Somehow I’d failed to put two and two together when the company owners described the augmented reality erotic video games they were planning for the global market.

My wife Samantha and I had only been in Singapore a few weeks, and already the project was facing a seemingly insurmountable problem. Apparently, all the initial footage captured by Jay and Paolo, my two other team members, involves female Asian actors. We have a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous women from all over the region who are willing participants. And plenty of handsome Caucasian expat guys who are equally ready to have a go at it for either some extra cash or the pure excitement of bragging about being in an adult video game. However, our product is intended for global consumption, so we needed to diversify our selection of female models. In short, we need to find some blonds.

“So, honey, Jay suggested that I could adjust your facial features post-production to make you unrecognizable, and you would be the ideal candidate. Your gorgeous long blond hair and light golden tan would be perfect for the footage we need. I know you’re not the most sexually confident woman, but both Jay and Paolo seem to see you as an incredibly sexy woman.”

In the most basic terms he could muster, Jake was doing his best to convince me that the need for a blond model was due to the difficulties of making post-filming adjustments to such things as skin tone and hair color. Apparently, facial adjustment tweaks would be the easiest thing in the world, and they could change as many features as I wanted to ensure that my face would not be plastered across the internet. The other glaring need for the project was the creation of interracial content – a shortcoming that the only black member of the team, the handsome young Jay, had unsurprisingly volunteered to help with. 

“Do you not see the irony in the situation, though, Jake?” I chuckled. “You are developing a historical game based around the myth of Melitta where husbands willingly give their wives into a form of prostitution for the benefit of an ancient goddess, whereas you would be delivering your wife into the life of a porn star for the benefit of the god Capitalism. Don’t you have any qualms about asking your young black assistant and your loving wife to get naked together?” 

“You would not be a porn star, Sam. It would be solely for the purpose of building simulations around the hair color, skin color, shadow development, and movement characteristics of you both. No one would ever know it was you. I could make you totally unrecognizable.” He was desperately attempting to sound reassuring. Why, in heavens name, would my wonderful husband want me to do such a thing?

I still have no idea why I agreed to his outrageous request for me to writhe seductively with a stunningly handsome young black guy. All I know is some underlying excitement at the thought of writhing naked with the hunky Jay made my stomach churn. And it would all be in the name of helping out with Jake’s new venture. However, I did insist on certain conditions:

  • Writhing was one thing, but there would be ABSOLUTELY NO PENETRATION.
  • There would be no one allowed in the control booth except my husband, Jake.
  • No one would see the footage (including Jay) until my facial adjustment was complete and the character was unrecognizable.
  • Confidentiality agreements must be signed by all parties who were ‘in the know.’ 

On the fateful Friday morning, our driver dropped us off at the studio, and my shy, reserved wife was giving off an almost-palpable excitement by the time we arrived. 

“Are you nervous, Sam?”

“Of course I’m nervous. What do you think? At least I’ve got to know Jay a bit, what with the lunch and his calls.”

“Lunch? Calls?”

“I thought you knew. He took me to lunch then called me a couple of times yesterday – just to chat. He must have called from the office, so I assumed you knew. It was nothing serious. He really feels it’s important for us to feel a connection.”

“CONNECTION! Sam, do you think porn actors feel a ‘connection?’ They just get in there and do it.”

“I am not and never will be a porn actor, Jake, and don’t ever suggest it. I’ve agreed to writhe with your assistant for one reason only – for you and your damned project.”

My wife had chosen a sleeveless dress that buttoned down the front as the most practical under the circumstances. It was simply cut and white, and it seemed to emphasize the naturalness and innocence of her nature. Her long blond hair fell softly across her shoulders, and she looked as sexy as I’d ever seen her.

As we stepped out of the elevator in the basement, we found Jay and Paolo waiting for us. Jay gave me a brief nod then stepped straight towards Sam. Placing his large hands on her bare upper arms, he leaned in to kiss her on both cheeks. 

He whispered into her ear, but it was just loud enough for me to hear.

“Thank you.”

Was he thanking my wife for the honor she was about to bestow on him, or was there something more I didn’t know about?

Jay was wearing a skintight white T-shirt that showed every contour of his muscular frame, making it possible to count the individual ridges of his six-pack abs. His tight jeans hugged a pair of thighs that could intimidate a linebacker. How could a mere mortal like me not feel inferior?

Paolo went up to the control room to prepare the equipment. As the sole member of the team who would have been banished under Sam’s original criteria, he had looked so disappointed that she relented at the eleventh hour and agreed that he could stay to assist me in the control booth. The three of us moved nervously into the performance room.

“Any instructions, Jake?” Jay was polite enough to check if I wanted to set any criteria other than Sam’s conditions.

“None at all. Just like I told Sam the other day, the whole point is to do what comes naturally. That will make for the best quality shoot. I will be turning off the audio from the control room into here, and I have no intention of attempting to ‘direct’ the action. The only request I have is that you respect my wife’s wishes.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I kissed my wife on the lips and went up to my designated spot in the control room. My stomach felt like it was about to fall through the floor, and my chest was tight with anticipation and dread. Throwing up was a distinct possibility. A chain of events had begun, and I was no longer in control.

I took my seat at the main controls. Monitors around me showed fifteen of the possible camera angles. Another two hundred or so viewpoints were being captured but would not be seen until the stitching process. I flipped the switch, and everything was underway. The lights in the control room dimmed, the red light in the performance room shone bright, and the cameras started to capture the intimate action that was about to occur.

Jay confidently took a step towards Sam, and every single monitor showed the shiver of anticipation that ran through her body. He seemed to recognize the nervousness that was combined with that excitement and just took her by the upper arms as he had at the elevator. The audio from the performance room was provided by the best high-definition equipment on the market. Even whispers could be picked up loud and clear. 

Sam’s nervousness and naturally innocent demeanor were the perfect fit for the role of a young bride, having been left by her new husband at the ancient Temple of Mylitta, as she confronted the stranger who had chosen her to ravage.

As he held her bare arms, Jay pulled her towards him and covered her lips with his own. He appeared to grasp her more firmly by the arms, and it was clear that her legs had melted away at the first touch of his lips – he was actually having to support her. Great footage but stomach-churningly scary.

Their kisses were so intimate it was hard to watch. As their mouths explored each other, I found that although watching was hard, so was my cock. The temple of Mylitta was coming to life before my eyes. I’d offered my wife in accordance with the wishes of the Goddess, and she was being taken by this godlike young black man. I thanked the heavens that Sam had set conditions on how far she was prepared to go – but perversely, I hated those same conditions. What did I really want to capture on that life-changing film?

I watched as her mouth opened wider to accommodate his forceful tongue. I told myself it was okay – he was kissing her, not the other way around. Somehow that mattered. And then it didn’t matter anymore. Her tongue was just as eagerly exploring his mouth. My erection went wild. 

But didn’t tongues count as penetration?

As their mouths almost fought each other for supremacy, Jay reached for the top button on my wife’s dress, and slowly, very slowly, he started to undress her. I don’t think there was any conscious decision to play the part of the sacrificial wife, but Sam just stood there passively and allowed him to unbutton every button until her dress was hanging open from her shoulders. Her breasts were still hidden, but her delicate, sheer white panties revealed something that came as a shock. Usually, Sam is meticulous about keeping a neatly trimmed landing strip above her innermost treasure. The thin translucent panties made it evident that no such landing strip existed. My loving wife had shaved herself bare – for the filming, or for Jay? My heart was close to exploding.

Jay was still in control as he slid the straps of her dress from her shoulders. It fell softly to the floor, and Sam stood there looking almost virginal in just her delicate white panties. Her on-screen lover was still fully dressed but made his move to rectify the situation. In one fluid motion, he pulled the T-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Then, with practiced dexterity, he pulled down the jeans and stepped out of them. No underwear! – I should have guessed. 

Both Paolo and I heard the gasp from Sam as she spotted Jay’s huge, thickly hanging black cock for the first time. Paolo even glanced at me to check that I was okay. I wasn’t. And I was. I didn’t know. Both of us stared, mesmerized by the magnificent specimens of the human form being captured by the cameras in the performance room.

My wife’s mouth was hanging open just a little as Jay took her in his arms and once again kissed her passionately. Grabbing the sides of her tiny panties, he gently moved them down, over her hips, and to the floor. As she stepped out of them, his face was inches from Sam’s newly bare pussy, and he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on her mound – as if in appreciation.

My cock was leaking pre-cum. IT WAS ALL TOO MUCH.

He stood again and started stroking her breast. Gently circling her light brown and incredibly hard little nipple. He took her breast in his large hand, and Sam melted into him with a sigh. How I wished that the sound quality wasn’t as precise. 

Running his hand down the center of my wife’s breasts, he continued down until he was the first man to touch the smoothness of my wife’s bare mound with his fingertips. God, how I envied him as he stroked her softly. Sam shuddered so violently that he picked her up, as if she were as light as a feather, and laid her on the bed. He stood beside her, and it was easy to see the dominant stranger towering over the submissive wife in the ancient temple of our video game. 

Then it was Sam’s turn to astound me. Laying there, in all her beauty, my wife gazed up at her young black admirer, then reached out and took his cock in her hand.

WAS THAT IN THE RULES? It was supposed to be just writhing, whatever that was. My throat constricted.

Immediately she touched it, the cameras picked up the hardening of Jay’s cock. As it grew, it was forcing Sam’s hand apart. She could no longer encircle the incredible girth of the man. She was watching it with fascination as she sat up to take a closer look. Her face was directly in front of his massive black shaft, and I felt like screaming at her.


The exceptional camera equipment was capturing the most intimate details as Sam’s hand stroked up and down the length of him as she stared, entranced by the magnificence of it. It picked up the solitary, clear bead of pre-cum that formed at the tip of his manhood, and horrifyingly it picked up a clear image of my beautiful wife as she leaned forward and flicked her tongue across the end of his hard, black cock, savoring the taste of him.

Then, holding his enormous shaft upright to his stomach, she stunned me by licking up the entire length of him from his balls to the head. Surely, she wouldn’t take that next step and take him in her mouth. That, most definitely, would be penetration. As her mouth approached the head of his cock, I saw her look mischievously up to the control room and smile – and I realized she was doing it all for me.

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