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Mrs. – “SexyChaosLovers”– Finally, I have found my people! It wasn’t until my 20’s that I discovered a secret interest, curiosity, and fantasy that would someday become part of my reality. The thought of having different sexual experiences with both men and women in either private/intimate or group settings never occurred to me as a real possibility. That is until the day I had a conversation with someone who shared information with me about “the lifestyle.” I was intrigued and excited about the possibility of making my fantasy not only a reality, but change in our life as well. The day I opened Pandora’s Box and let my husband in on my “dark little secret” was the turning point that opened the door to our exciting new path. Our journey has been filled with many experiences both fantastic and not so great, all which we are thankful for and have learned lessons from. It has been with support from my husband and this amazing community I have learned so much about myself that I feel I’m finally free to be the carefree, passionate, sexual me! 

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