First date with a Facebook Unicorn

My thumbs hurt as I finished another endless chat with my Facebook girlfriend.  Renard was dead asleep, clenching his teeth again.  I set the phone on the nightstand and turned on my side.  My phone buzzed with a new message.  “Damn this girl” I whispered aloud, checking my phone to see Jenn say something I never thought I’d ever read from her.  She forgot to tell me her company was flying her to Arlington to conduct an audit of their biggest client and wondered if she could stay with us next week.

Immediately I was wide away and energized.  This gorgeous pseudo-unicorn in a sexless marriage to an overweight toad, was jerking my love buttons… My heart was racing… I had to tell Renard.  Oh God… I can’t believe it as I looked at him, hoping to see a sign of life.  But, no, he wasn’t stirring. I slid deeper in the bed, then stared at the ceiling.   

I watched the sun rise in the shaded windows; exhausted but still excited Jenn was visiting.  The shower felt good, and I thought about how excited it will be to finally connect with her.  What would it be like to finally see her? touch each other? Before long I found myself pushing the shower wand down my body into my wet pussy and rubbing the rubber spray nozzles across my erect clit. God, it felt good.  I closed my eyes and thought about the nude images Jenn had shared.  Leaning against the back of the shower stall, I increased pressure, rubbing the head into by pelvis earnestly.  My tits we’re hard as pebbles as I pinched and pulled them, then lifting my large drooping breasts to suck them into my mouth.

“I see you’re up early” Renard spoke loudly, shocking me back to reality, as I fumbled then dropped the wand.  Renard opened the shower door and stepped inside with me.  His cock displaying a delightful morning wood.  He moved under the water, so I stared as his huge appendage. His veins bulging, so amazingly hard, yet his head smooth and soft.  I wanted him there and now.  I lowered myself and took him into my mouth.  “My goodness… you seem a bit frisky this morning? Did you have a naughty dream again?” 

“Oh Reny, Jennifer is coming to visit us from New York this coming Sunday!” I blurted.  Renard opened his eyes surprised. “The girl you’ve been chatting with forever?”. I nodded happily.  “Humm… Well, what kinds of reservations would you like me to get?”, I asked. “Surprise us, I know it’ll be something sexy & fun”.  Reny raised me, spun me around, then slowly inserted his massive cock part way inside me.  I closed my eyes and held on to the shower caddy as he expertly moved deeper inside me.  His cock felt amazing as he handed me the spray want to place on my clit as he did his business to me. A minute later he was full gate fucking me from behind, pounding my flesh with his strength.  His hands grabbing my hips to aid his thrusts, then moving over my hand to push and rotate the wand harder over my pussy.  He timed his climax to match with mine, and filled me with his cum.  

We both had busy days ahead, so finished soaping each other, kissing and drying off. The week flew by and before I knew it, it was the morning of Jenn’s arrival. 

Pacing the kitchen, I hoped everything was perfect in our home for her visit.  I wondered if Jenn would be tired taking such a long flight from New York to Arlington.  Her plane arrived on time… 10:27am. We both squealed when we saw each other as she walked off the jetway.  Reny got us a late breakfast then drove to our favorite park.  The weather a perfect 84 degrees with a breeze. The morning air slowly yielded to the southern heat, Reny went to rent us tubes to float down the river. While away Jenn and I caught one other looking at each others bodies… “I want to kiss you Bella”, Jenn confessed as she moved in to softly kiss me.  Her lips were soft and moved with passion.  I felt the wonderful tingle of sexual attraction as we touched each other’s faces, shoulders, then breasts.  

“Ah ha, I caught you girls!”, Reny scowled playfully.  We packed up our stuff and walked back to the car to change into suits.  Jenn pulled out a royal blue Curve brand bikini we had chatted about that highlighted her beautiful blue eyes, while I borrowed Jenn’s second multi-colored bikini that highlighted my brown eyes.  Reny was cool about giving us some privacy changing but stared at us briefly when we came around the car.  “Wow!  You girls are gorgeous.”, he blurted confidently.  “Thank you Reny” we both replied as Jenn leaned into kiss Reny.  They kissed passionately for a moment, then Reny pulled away, “That’s all for you young lady! You’re taking advantage of me” pushing her gently away.  Jenn mouth dropped open as if to say ‘What!’, then looked a bit sad as Reny left her wanting. 

We jumped into the cool water and floated down the river.  For the next three hours, we talked, laughed, connected & teased each other.  Reny reached over my tube and in less than a second snapped my top with one smooth move.  I didn’t object, allowing my top to slide down.  “Is this, okay?” Jenn asked surprised.  “Of course, topless nudity is permitted in this state” Reny informed her.  A few other people were around us, and they soon lost their tops too.   

We talked about anything and everything.  Jenn wanted to know what Reny did for a living.  “I’m a romance novelist” he said. “I’m currently working on a book where a lonely accountant from New England, who’s in a sexless marriage falls in love with a couple from the deep south”, He said with a impish grin, which causes Jenn to giggle and laugh.  “And, what happens next?” Jenn asked.  “The couple is taken with the young accountant, and they fall all fall in love with each other”, Reny shares.  “Yes… I like where this is going, what happens next?” Jenn asks excitedly.  “That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the book… perhaps you can help me finish it…” Reny adds with a wink, as Jenn laughs and smiles, as she looks back and forth between us. 

The float was ending, so we hop out and exit the park.  Jenn and I sat in the back seat holding hands while Renard drove us.  We talked non-stop about what the swinging community was like in our lifestyle friendly City.  The event parties, clubs and private house parties we’d like to show her.  I wasn’t paying attention, then suddenly noticed Reny was driving home a different way.  He pulled into the Natural caverns not far from our home.  “Wanna enjoy a fun hike?” he asked. “Sure” we both responded as we hugged.  “Do we need to change?”, Jenn asked. “Nah” Reny and I responded simultaneously. 

Reny had gotten tickets online, so we zipped through the gate & walked right in.  The caves were cooler & darker, but dry.  The trail was mostly narrow, at times forcing us to hold each other close as we traversed path edges and narrow lanes.  The trail lighting was directed downward to light the path but muted our faces and bodies.   I noticed Jenn’s & my nipples were both rock hard, deliciously poking our bikini tops.  And although I don’t think other hikers noticed, it felt so good being aroused in public with potential onlookers close by.  “Oh god!” Jenn exclaimed, then started giggling hard.  “What?” I asked.  “You said he was big and thick, but I had no idea!?” Jenn whispered back. “Oh, you found Wally” I replied laughing with Jenn.  “I just know we’re going to have a really great time together” Jenn said confidently. 

As we held hands through the cave hike, we stopped often to embrace, kiss and touch each other’s asses & breasts.  I loved brushing my tits up against Jenn’s body as we occasionally bumped into one another.  I was getting horny as fuck.  Reny lead us into a dark area off the beaten path where we sandwiched Jenn between us, Reny behind her and me in  front, stealing kissing and groping her body.  Both our hands examining every inch of her awesome body.  Jenn responded with one hand between my legs and her other hand rubbing Renard’s thick cock.  We moved around in different positions, trying to give each other better access.  As Jenn rubbed my pussy and I hers, we both moved quickly to a point of impending climax.  Our mouths open, lips touching, we concentrated for a moment, then swiftly rounded our climaxes at the same time.   “Oh FUCK!” Jenn crowed. 

“Who’s there!” a male voice hollered.   Jenn tensed her legs, dropped her hand from me, but I kept my hand on her plump pussy mound, not slowing my movements…allowing her to enjoy her orgasm.  It was no bodies business what we were doing.  So, Jenn touched me again and we finished our orgasms quietly.  Reny moved away to address the other hiker.  We loved on each other until Reny returned a minute later.  They’re gone, no worries.  I told them you had a sprained ankle and was in pain.  “Who was it?” I asked.  “Some old timer without teeth & his two old fatties” Reny whispered. 

Our eyes adjusted and we could see more people on the path, so we restarted, then proceeded to the end at the souvenirs shop.  Jenn wanted to get a paper weight of the caverns to remember her visit. She chose a long bumpy stalagmite.  “That looks like it might have multiple functions”, Reny commented, as Jenn blushed immediately and said, “I thought of that too” with a giggle.  

We boarded our car and headed home.  Reny went left instead of right, and I knew he was up to something else.  He pulled into the mall, drove up to Nordstrom’s and parked the car.  “Time to put on an overshirt girls and wear some shoes.” He instructed.  I love it when he surprises me and takes leadership.  Jenn and I shopped for two high end bandage dresses.  I selected a tight red dress that lifted my breasts perfectly, while Jenn chose a gold/greenish tone dress that emphasized a plunging cleavage.  We were so excited to get new dresses and hurried to the counter to check out.  “Ladies, have you forgotten your glass slippers?” Renard said slyly.  

Jenn’s mouth dropped open, “You mean we can get shoes too?”  Reny just nodded and winked.  Jenn grabbed my arm and we rushed off to the shoe section.  Surprisingly, we both got the same exact diamond cladded heels in different sizes.   The clerk had the dresses boxed when Reny paid for our shoes.  As we were finishing up, Jenn whispered to me, “Is he like this all the time?”  “Pretty much… he buys almost all of my clothes.  He has excellent taste in women’s clothes” 

We arrive home and sit in the garage a moment as Reny plugs in our electric car.  I show Jenn our state-of-the-art kitchen, dining room, front entry way with curved stairway, family room, billiard room, outdoor kitchen, salt water infinity pool & hot tub, circular breakfast room, the east garage, then the elevator.  Upstairs I show her the two guest bedrooms, laundry room, library, and the secret sex & fitness room behind the library bookcase.  I notice that Reny set up our king size massage table with the towel & oil warmers turned on.  Reny enters the room from another secret door from the master bedroom.  He grins and asks if we can give Jenn a body massage. 

Without any further coaxing, Jenn drops her over blouse, turns her back to me indicating she wants me to snap her top, then shimmies down her bikini bottoms.  I feel the familiar rush of sexual energy flow over my body and tingle inside my pussy.  I look at how sexy she is, and how bad I want us to fuck.  Reny motions for Jenn to get on the table face down.  “You too, Darling” as I drop my top and remove my suit. 

For the next hour, Reny and I love on our guest.  Reny places a blindfold over her eyes then pulls out our mink mittens, slowly gliding them over her body.  The soft mink sensitizes Jenn making goose bumps rise all over her body.  Jenn moans and shutters occasionally.  Several times she reaches out her hands to touch one of us, but we pull back and tuck her hands beneath her.  We want her to focus on how wonderful it feels.  Reny squirts out the oil from the large bottle in the oil heater as we rub it over her amazing body.  Starting with her feet and head, we work together to lovingly exercise every muscle with our oily hands.  

After a while, Reny grasps her hips and gently rolls her over, face up.  Jenn’s breasts are perfect, her tight narrow waist and curved hips are beauty personified.   Jenn again tries to grab for Renard, opening her mouth, and I know she wants to suck his cock.  Reny opens a drawer and pulls out restrains. He clasps them around her wrists then the table legs.  Jenn is silent…knowing she is at our mercy.  She’s in a deep love trance.  I quickly mix up Nuru oil and cover my body with the super slippery oil.  Together we rub the Nuru oil on Jenn’s front. I can’t resist licking her nipples.  Renard nods silently and I know what to do.  Using the footstool, I climb on top of the table and over Jenn’s slimy slippery body.  I kiss her passionately but can’t stay on top of her. I keep sliding off.  Jenn giggles, so I giggle and move my body up and down hers, slipping and sliding all around.  My big floppy tits flopping all over her front.  Jenn starts laughing harder, so I laugh, pretty soon we’re both laughing hysterically.  I playfully jiggle my slippery tits in her armpits, under her chin, over her face, between her tits, between her legs, all while we’re both laughing until our stomachs hurt. 

Reny pulls out our love beads, a devise he made with sixteen bullet vibrators dangling from a wand, and very popular with all my girlfriends. Together we drizzle them over Jenn’s body, causing her to moan…jerk, & move away from us, while still enjoying it thoroughly.  We tease her dragging them over her clit, then pull away before she cums.  Over her breasts, and the inside of her legs, as she begins to beg for sexual release.   Reny’s cock is rock hard and I can see he relishes in pleasing my girlfriend.  I move closer to him and whisper softly, “I think she wants to be fucked”. 

“YES! OH YES, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME PLEASE!!!” Jenn whines.  Reny unlocks her hand restraints, then stands at the end of the table and pulls her to him.  He dips down to devour Jenn’s gorgeous pussy, quickly sending her over the edge in another climax.  I look under the table to see his hard massive boner and decide to help keep him hard, so I suck him on my hands and knees under the table. Within a few minutes Jenn cums again as Reny’s fingering and sucking her clit sends her to another world.  Only this time drenching Renard’s face with her squirting cum.   Jenn apologies, but Reny’s says he loved it, and wipes his face on the table’s flannel cover.  Reny stands then leans back as if he’s stretching his back.  I hold his thick cock and rub it around Jenn’s wanting wet pussy.  “OH YES… PLEASE!  Yes” Jenn begs.  Renard grabs his cock with me, pushing it inside Jenn an inch and jiggles it furiously inside her, causing her mouth to open wide and arch her back.  “Oh god!” Jenn gurgles as she drools her words.  “Oh GOD!”.  Reny knows she’s had enough teasing, so slowly he pushes into her, slowly as his large girth can hurt going in. 

Renard and I kiss, and I encourage him to fuck her good and hard.  Eventually he’s in and slowly thrusts in and out of her sexy body with the moves of a dancer.  I slide over a hanging leg hardness from the suspension system in the sex room to place Jenn’s leg in it as I hold up her other leg.  I’m surprised how far her legs spread as I watch my man pummel her flesh between her legs.  His leg muscles rippled & powerful, covered in sweat as his ass clenches tight as he fucks her.  I love how he looks when he is fucking.  I love how his partner is so pleased with his efforts. I feel lucky to have such a loving man.  Jenn reaches out and I find her hand.  I see tears running out from under the blindfold and smile that she’s having such a great time.   Reny fucks her hard for another twenty minutes until he out of breath and sweating profusely.  Eventually he slows and wipes his forehead off on the table flannel.  

He smiles at me and moves up to her face to kiss her softly and passionately, then unties her blindfold.  Immediately Jenn extends her arms and holds Reny’s neck as they kiss again.  “I think it’s time for a shower ladies” Reny says. And with that he picks up Jenn and carries her through the second secret door that leads to the master bedroom, then on to the master shower.  

I follow along and we adjust the water to use three of the four shower heads in the large tile floor & glass walls shower.  Jenn studies the various strange looking things in the shower and asks what they are.  “This is our shower sex chair”, I explain.  “It allows me to ride Reny while staying warm with the water running on us”.   “What about those things near the floor?”, Jenn asks.  “Those are foot holds… Let me show you”. I share.  I place my feet into them, then hold on to the wall handles.  “Then, when your man wants to fuck you, he fucks you from behind and anyone else in the bathroom gets a nice show through the glass walls”.  “Amazing” adds Jenn, “time for you to fuck your wife”.  

“Don’t mind if I do” Reny says as he positions himself behind me and slide’s part way in.  “You feel good Baby” I whine as my man slides his big cock further into me a little bit at a time.  He knows to go slow and take his time entering me.  Before long he is busy thrusting into me hard and fast, just the way I love it.  His strength bouncing my body up and down on his cock as he pounds faster, pushing me up flat against the glass shower walls.  Jenn walks around us, then says, “God that looks so fucking hot!”  Jenn falls to her knees and slides under between my legs to suck on my clit.  Immediately I cum and shoot my squirting cum on her pretty face.  “Oh, I’m sorry Jenn”, I plead.  But Jenn just says, “Oh, I loved it” as we all laugh. 

“It’s time Reny came”, Jenn remarks.  “He likes his nipples played with… or his balls pulled & sucked, or if you’re okay with rimming, that get’s him off”, I share.  “Oh, yes, I can do that Bella”, as Jenn immediately moves to pulling his balls down then aggressively starts licking his asshole with her tongue.  Within minutes Reny begins to moan and growl. “He’s getting close” I warn.  “Keep pulling down on my balls” he demands frantically. 

“FUCK!… you filthy bitches are gonna make me blow!” he cries as he jets hard into me and I feel his huge cock pulsate and shoot jizz inside me.  “Don’t stop Jenn!” Renard instructs as Jenn keeps rimming his ass and pulling his big hanging balls away from his body.  Reny continues to thrust for another couple minutes, causing me to orgasm again easily, then slows to a stop. “God, I love the way you fuck your wife, so fucking hot!” Jenn smiles at Reny as I climb down off the shower walls.  We continue to clean each other’s bodies then dry off.  We’re too tired to eat dinner, so we climb into the master bed to sleep together.   “Today was a perfect date.   I’m so glad already that my boss sent me here.” Jenn shared.  “We are too, today was a beautiful time with you Jenn… can’t wait for tomorrow” I shared as we all remained quiet, then fell asleep. 

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