Only the open minded…

Once Penny agreed to the Bull I had in mind, which was a former coworker from several years ago. He and I had casually discussed the lifestyle, perfect for what we had in mind.

Especially being that this was Penny first 3some, discovering that she had illusions and desires for a MFM scenario before meeting one another!!  I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and safe for her, and I 

Nijel ( Bull ) was a Blackman, age 35 6’3” athletic build with a 10” BBC and thick ! Kind demeanor, and most importantly able to follow instructions and follow the rules. 

In order to ease into the Fantasy of a Hotwife that loves BBC!  I thought a meet and greet would be appropriate to start things off. He worked security at a Mexican restaurant that turns into a bar after 9 pm, unfortunately he wasn’t available to go out on the weekends. So we met him at the restaurant, with the occasional stepping away from his post to come sit next to Penny in the booth. 

Nijel was warned that Penny’s hands could find themselves grabbing his cock and guiding him down between her legs, she loves to go no panties in public and short skirts! That night it was no different, and just like in the memes I see here on tumblir .. watching her get ready that night was quite erotic and a whole different type of experience. Nijel and I talked about old times at our job, while he was finger fucking Penny under the table with his thick fingers. She even leaned back and to the side, giving him full access to his dripping wet pussy!!  The restaurant was loud enough to muffle her moans, now with her eyes closed and desperately enjoying the pleasures of his fingers!  

He was only able to visit us twice that first night, after dinner we headed home. On the way home, I reclaimed her with my own series of fingering her!! She was so wet already, and so turned on at this point. My fingers were covered in her juices, at the same time I was driving!! 

When we got home, an immediate path to our bed was created by us both taking off our clothes!!  As I had always imagined, there’s a different feel to a woman vagina when it’s been provoked and teased in such a way, by another man in this case. Her lips clamped down onto the shaft of my cock, truly amazing sensation.

During sex, I brought out her 10” BBC toy. I was whispering in her ear things that would help her imagine, Nijel black cock slipping and sliding in and out of her !!  She was able to take in the toy balls deep, thrusting the toy herself!! She loves my whispers, and at this point was enjoying being filled and stretched by the BBC toy!

Giving her the chance to stroke his black cock openly and potentially let him slip it inside of her for a few good long and slow strokes!

Following up with Nijel to thank him and to plan the next meet and greet!! This time we had something extra special for him, as Penny and I both imagined how exciting an invitation to our car would be!! Giving her the chance to stroke his black cock openly and potentially let him slip it inside of her for a few good long and slow strokes!  Right there in the car, he stood outside the car, while she sat in the passenger side with the door open ..He was down for the idea and that day couldn’t arrive any faster !! 

As before, my Hotwife Penny found a sexy outfit for me and her chosen Bull!! Without a thread of panties on and black low cut dress, giving her black Bull easy access to the dripping wet pussy!!  Before we headed to the restaurant, I couldn’t help it!! Before nijel fucks her, I am going to be the first to penetrate her amazing pussy and lick it to an orgasm!  She reached a full body orgasm rather quickly, with my tongue inside her canal of lust!  

On the way to the restaurant, Penny asked for me to touch her legs and prepare her pussy for the soon to be deep inside of her black cock!  Like before we found a secluded area of the restaurant, finding a long bench style table with highchairs and a cover to what’s happening under the table made it perfect for some more finger fucking and sexy talk!! This time she could receive it from me and Nijel!’ While one of us was thrusting our fingers in and out of her, she was stroking the girth of our cocks without taking them out of course. That was his last and only visit to the table; we parked far away in the corner of the parking lot!!

Once we finished dinner, I signaled for nijel to prepare himself. We paid the Bill, Nigel met at the entrance of the restaurant!! I offered him to walk her to our car. Dressed in full gear like a cop, he put her on the arm, and they walked together in front of me!! As I was videotaping and taking pictures! 

What a thrill it was to watch her guide Nijel to the car and scenario that was once just a subject line in our erotic stories is now becoming a reality! 

Once we arrived at the car, Penny sat in the passenger seat and the door was left open for Nijel to offer his cock to her!! While standing up and having a conversation with me.

Penny unzipped his pants, pulling out a semi hard black cock!! Her very first, grasping his cock she begins to stroke it slowly!! While Nijel was able to use his long arms to finger her open legs and ready for his black cock and fingers to please her tonight 

I peek down to see what’s happening, only to discover my Penny had stroked him hard on!! Her cheeks were flushed and red with excitement, her facial expressions and moans of pleasure were taking me to the edge of pleasure overload!! 

After a few minutes, I suggested to her that she offer that beautiful ass to nijel !! Immediately without hesitation, she positioned herself in the doggy position!! 

Nijel assertiveness with his hard black cock, began to enter my Hotwife wet pleasure pool!! I could tell from the expressions how far and deep he was going inside of her!!  Her pussy was so wet and open for his large rod of black pleasure!! After around 6 min, we all stopped and put our clothes on!! I was able to film and take pictures of the whole scenario in the few moments it was occurring. Very hot!! 

As before, I reclaimed her pussy upon arriving at home!  She felt different and it was such an erotic feeling to be back inside of her after her black cock experience an hour ago!  Unlike Nijel I was able to finish, pumping my load of cum inside of her desiring pussy!! 

Reclaiming her was always my 3rd favorite part of the fantasy!! First being the first 10 seconds after a BBC is penetrating her open and ready to take it all pussy!! Since I am always the first to be inside of her pussy as a commitment to one another!!  I love the way she feels after being fingered, flirted with all night by a BBC and myself.

I love the first minute of being inside of her, creamy pussy juices cover my cock!  Only the type that’s produced by a very hot and ready to go Vixen like my Penny was in that moment!  

We set a date for the full fantasy to occur, Nijel asked for the night off and we secured a room in a nice hotel! Reservations at the restaurant below were also completed. The stage was set and nothing was holding us back from an amazing and well desired evening of fantasy charged desires between us all!! 

We met at the chop house here in kc, a nice steak house!  Of course, during dinner there would be some touching under the table. Penny loved his thick black fingers, especially by the way he touched her as well!  

Giving us equal attention, Penny started with me of course. Stroking my cock, without taking it out!! I motioned to Nijel to start fingering her!! While she strokes my thick cock shaft, all the time during dinner.  Soon enough this hot wife is going to have a brown and black cock, slipping and sliding in and out of her soon to be gaping wet pussy!  

Like any good Hotwife Slut, tonight was a no panties night, which made the walk up to our room that much more fun !  We detoured from the elevator to the Lounge area the hotel has available for its guests. We took more pictures, and Penny sat next to Nijel during this time period!  We chatted for a few minutes, small talk mainly!! Nothing too serious, as the next move was straight to the room. 

Being it was our first fantasy together, as we look back to the what if’s and we should’ve done … I should’ve stepped away within sight of course .. allowing them to flirt, touch one another without me present!! Ideally nijel can bring her excitement levels to the level of drenching wet and starving for our cocks!! 

Instead we took a few pictures and went straight to the room, to get this on and started. 

Originally, we had planned on sandwiching Penny in the elevator, her only request is that one of us reach down and insert their fingers into her soaking wetness!  Unfortunately we rode together with Mr. & Mrs. Boring & dry lol and that plan was nicked out!

Once we arrived in the room, Penny darted to the bathroom to freshen up and change into some sexy lingerie!!  While Nijel and i made small talk, as I changed into a robe.

Penny, walked into the room, in her high heels and the sexiest outfit a Hot wife Slut could wear!! Nijel and I both gasped at the sight of this vixen!  

I walked towards her, with arms open to hug her!! Securing her that it’s ok for us to continue with this fantasy, I love how she gave me my place the entire evening. Which was at her side, assuring me as we went along the fantasy. 

We started kissing one another, while remaining standing .. my fingers found themselves reaching between her legs, until I discovered a soaking wet pussy!  I could tell she had been thinking of my cock and Nigel cock all during dinner, anticipating Nijel 10” of black cock !! She began to move her hips, swirling around on my fingers deeply inserted inside of her at this point!!  Kissing her lips and neck, while the other hand was grasping her tits and nipples!

when my stag keeps posting videos and pictures of a BBC filling and stretching a woman, I often become wet.

Nijel is still watching us at this point, stroking his cock as it was Hardening by second into its full length. Once I had Penny drenching wet, with a few mini orgasms. I signaled for nijel to express his gratitude to Penny, by doing the same .. except no kissing, Penny says “at first I was not into black men at all !! Now I feel different and it’s my preference for our ideas and fantasy’s, the only thing attractive is their hard large black cocks !  I call it my chocolate, and love sucking them like a candy “, she also says “ when my stag keeps posting videos and pictures of a BBC filling and stretching a woman, I often become wet. Imagining that it’s me being filled to my maximum!! “, other than that I am not attracted to them, nor would I date a black man “ sorry… I just like your cocks “ 

Nijel has his own way to please our vixen Penny with his fingers, as he had plenty of practice with the two meet and greets!! This time with no restrictions of privacy, Nigel was able to apply his talented fingers deep inside of her, while flickering her nipples!! With one finger inserted, while he switched between her tits to rub her clit !! She was moaning with pleasure, at this point !! Her juices had already started to join into the music at the time !! Hearing her splash as Nigel was pumping her Pussy with his fingers rapidly !! She loved it !! 

“ get here ready for me Nijel “ I said 

“ Your hot wife is ready and wanting you bad “ nijel replied 

Extending my hand to Penny, she leaves nijel without even thanking him for the pleasures !! More focused on me and what is about to happen !! 

Guiding her to the bed, to lay down first !! Moving in between her legs, I started kissing her !! My cock was teasing her Pussy, rubbing it up and down her with my shaft !! Without going in at this moment, I wanted to cover juices all over my cock !! Juices produced by her body, generated by the flirting and attention all evening!! knowing her stag lover and another man was going to be stretching her wide open !  

Once I had teased her enough, slowly pointing my thick brown cock into her starving for cock pussy !! Desperately wanting it deep inside of her, she felt more amazing than I could have ever imagined !  The walls and muscles of her pussy were clenched around my cock !  Sliding in and out of her, keeping myself balls deep inside of her !! I began moving my hips, thrusting with long deep strokes !! Her juices had started to squirt out from the sides of her pussy and run down her legs !  

We went on for several minutes, until I felt that it was Nigel’s turn !! Motioning to him, for us to switch places with me. 

Penny sat up as well, turning herself around to offer Nigel her amazing pear shaped ass. She’s very aware that all men stare and want her ass all day long, and her black Bull was no different.. 

Positioning his massive cock at the entrance of Penny pussy !! Ready to penetrate itself into this virgin to huge black cock pussy, her lips were pulsating with anticipation for her Bull !! 

How was she going to fit the head of this cock inside of her, slowly sliding through walls of her love canal !  Her moans of pleasure and slight pain because of the pressure as it expanded her tightness !!  Slowly moving in and out, nijel being careful not too hurt her !! But still little by little going in deeper for each thrust inside of her !  Until it finally reached the end of his full 10” of cock, balls deep inside of my hot wife !! 

She began thrusting her ass back into nijel body, he let her fuck him ! She was a starving for cock Slut at this point, grunting and moaning for every time he thrusted into her !! 

Sucking on my cock, Penny kept taking her black lover deep inside .. while making my cock disappear with her mouth, taking it all the way to the bottom 

After a while, it was my turn. I wanted her to sit on my cock and ride me, nijel had spread her wide and her pussy was drenched from the fucking she just received  by him !! 

She still felt great, and could easily grip my cock as I am no small cock man !  I am thick and 7” long sized ! 

Once I started thrusting my cock in and out of her, she had motioned for nijel to bring his chocolate cock !!  Slurping and sucking his cock, as I continue to slide deeper and deeper into her pussy !  Penny began moaning, grinding faster and faster on my cock. While stroking nijel cock at the same time, she let out the loudest moan of pleasure !  Blasting her cum all over my cock, as the first orgasm of the night !  Many more to come!! 

Removing myself from under Penny, while letting nijel lay down on his back. Penny was wanting to ride him as well ( in the real fantasy he couldn’t keep his cock hard enough ) 

After Climbing on top of nijel 6’5” frame, Penny 

Begins to hover her pussy ride above the massive head of his cock, slowly letting his cock enter her! Once again the head of his cock, was having trouble entering. His cock was swollen and thick at this point, Penny was becoming desperate for his cock. !! 

Since she loves sucking cock, and it always makes her wet !! I put the camera down, positioning myself for her take my brown candy in the her throat ! Coming to a complete stop, Penny solely focused on suck my cock !  

Still hovering over nijel, every-time she brought my cock inside of her mouth. Caused her to become wetter as if it was a key for every inch of his cock to slide into her pussy 

She began moaning with pleasure, as nijel was at half point with how much he’s been able to fit inside of her !  Bouncing up and down his shaft, till finally his huge black cock was fitted nicely deep inside of her !! 

As she continue to suck me, I couldn’t help but notice how it was to see his cock disappear inside of a Penny the way it was !!  Thrust after thrust, faster and faster they began fucking one another !!  Grabbing her hips, nijel begins grinding his cock into her more !! 

Telling her “ yeah fuck that black cock Slut “ what an amazing black cock lover you are “  he was now deep inside of her, with short and quick strokes!! He pounded her very hard, until she lifted up and began squirting all over nijel body !! Screaming with pleasure, releasing her entire juices !!  Penny 2nd orgasm has just occurred and what an explosion it was for all of us !  

Now it was my turn, tough act to follow !!  Instead of taking her for myself, I decided to make one of Penny dreams come true ! Not only is she a Hotwife Slut for large cocks, she’s always wanted to feel two men inside of her at the same time !! 

Asking for Nigel to reinsert himself back inside of Penny, which was easy this time !  Penny pussy was gapped wide open, from nijel !! Confused Penny was looking back at me, winking at her !! I say “ trust me and lean into nijel body and offer me your ass !! 

Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, knowing right away that I was about to attempt double penetrating her sweet little virgin asshole ! With nijel deep inside of her with his full 10” of massive black cock !! Both nijel and Penny laid still as I approached her honey hole !  

Leaning forward, and with a stiff cock ! With all of the juices from when she squirted, using it as a lubricant to slide in slowly !! Nijel slowly pump his cock out to give me more space inside of Penny ass !! Which did the trick, I was half into her ass!! When Nigel went back in, and I pulled out.. back and forth we stroked our cocks in and out of Penny ! What an amazing rhythm we had going, she was enjoying it so much !!  I could feel the pressure created by nijel cock in her pussy !! 

Grunting and moaning in pleasure, Penny’s pussy began to pulsate, I could feel it clamping down tighter around the nijel cock !  Stroking and thrusting our cocks in and out of her ‘. What an amazing slut, that I am in love with !! She does this for me and her own desires !! 

When all the sudden, Penny started shaking with the nearing of another orgasm  !  

Penny started telling us both, to fuck her faster !! She wants to cum again !

Penny tells nijel “ open me up with your black cock Nigel “  

Penny tell me, German “ quiero que te vengas en mi culo “ que rico está tu cock, siento todo las venas “ 

Lifting herself more off of nijel so that he can have more room to lift up into her, at this point we are both going all the way into her and back out !  

I could feel her walls putting more pressure, as nijel cock started to swell up !  He was nearing blowing his load !! 

Penny also felt it of course 

Penny Responding “ shoot your hot cum inside of me Nijel, I want to feel it pump out of you “ which caused me to hit the trigger of cumming as well !! We didn’t last anymore than a few good deep strokes !! 

Penny started grunting, and when she thrusted down on nijel cock one last time. Triggering Nigel to unload his massive load into a Penny !! Even swelling up more than before, nijel yells in pleasure !’ 

Take my cum Slut !! Nigel says !  Thrusting up and down as he continued Pumping load after inside of Penny !!  Yes !! Yes !! Give it to me !! Fill me up !!!   She’s responds !! 

Until she started screaming loud, shaking while nijel kept pumping through her entire orgasm !! Him and I still were moving in and out of her !!  Hearing her pleasures sounds and the fullness of her pussy and ass, sent me over board !! 

I had started pumping my load deep within her ass, nijel had come to a complete stop !! Penny was panting with exhaustion!! Our bodies were all sweaty!! 

Penny climbs off Nijel, with cum running out of her pussy and ass !! She can barely talk or move ay this point !!  Nijel stands up, gets dressed and leaves without saying a word !! Just as we preferred and asked of him to do !! 

Penny immediately climbed into my body, for me to hold her in my arms. as we laid in bed together for a couple of hours. Until we awoke together, I was hard again and she was ready to be reclaimed by me her man !  And that’s exactly what I did !  I reclaimed my Hotwife Slut back into my arms, what an experience being it was our first !! 

If you want to reach out to us we are located under profile name “LatinaVixen80” on Tumblr.

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