Confessions of a Vanilla Doctor

It all started with a night on the town for halloween the husband and I decided to go out for a vanilla night. But the husband knew me and my adventurous ways that at some point in the evening I would be confessing my sins.

We walk into our local cocktail bar and see our usual u shaped snuggle booth made of soft leather all ready for us with the gold shinny reserved sign on the table. We slide in and the cocktail waitress comes up to serve us. We will take our usual gold crisp cold tequila with a refreshing glass of water on the side. We take a look around and chat with a few locals. I whisper into my husband’s ear hunny I’ll be right back I need to use the ladies room. As I’m walking to the ladies room I see handsome talk men checking me out from the tip of my toes all the way up my curvy figure to lock eyes. As I bust them they put their heads down due to their lady friends getting jealous to see their men get flushed with the sight and presents of me in the room. I smile and blow the ladies a kiss and wave to the men as I’m seeing the sign for the ladies room. I get resheshed and return to the eye candy of costumes I see all around me. My eye focused back on my U shaped booth, but now my husband has this cute bumblebee sitting with him killer blue eyes dark golden brown hair curves to die for.  She looks up at me with this look of a shy bee and says hello. Your husband is quite the charmer, I smile and slide in the booth right next to her making her get real close to my charming husband. She takes a big deep breath in and says you two are a rare sight to see, looks back at me deep in my eyes once again and says I have a confession to make and I say oh! What might that be, she smiles and says I confess I’m a straight woman but you can have me to devour my sins. I glance past her to see the reaction of my husband’s face, the biggest grin on his blushing cheeks with that smirk of being easy on her hunny! 

I asked her would like to explore a woman’s figure, She said oh yes I would. Well let’s use the ladies room and I’ll let you confess your sins. We both slide out of the booth and look at my husband as I ask him to get us a couple shots for when we return. 

We now both are walking to the ladies room. I’m holding her hand guiding her, seeing now more men gazing at me guiding a lovely bumblebee to the ladies room. We see there is a line to the ladies room. So I scope out the gentlemans line to see the extremely fit arms of the bodybuilder doctor, excuse me doctor but could you help me he looks over at us at this time his face beams and I instantly see bright white teeth of a smile, why yes, how can I help? The restroom door opens. I grab him and the bumblebee pulled them into the restroom and said you just helped me this bumblebee needs her temperature checked.” She looked at me with those killer bee eyes and said YES!!! The doctor looked confused I grabbed his strong hands criss crossed them put them above his head pinned him against the wall, no resistance from him whatsoever, leaned in looking deep in his eyes going for a kiss stopped and said the bee is ready, she yanks his doctor scrubs down and starts her deep throat temperature check. He then gasps for air in shock not knowing what to say, and closes his eyes for just a moment feeling her tonsils on the tip of his throbbing cock in her mouth and her tongue gliding on the shaft he once again opens his eye and wants to say stop but instead says who are you? I’m the sin taker!! Confess your sins!! He says softly to me I’m cumming and then his eyes close! I look down and the killer bee looks up at me, taken in every last drop. Says I confess my sins on my knees. I’m a good girl. Stands up and runs out the door!! I release the young doctor, kiss him on the cheek and say your sins have been washed away!!  

I now smile, turn around and open the door to his friends now knocking , they step back in shock on their faces of confusion that a woman was in there with him. They are now chanting to him dude, did you confess your sins just now?!!! What happened there? In silence he walks out. I glance back one more time with a wink in the eye. Happy Halloween Dr.Young! Now with a smirk on my face I am walking  towards my husband at the booth, locked eyes with him sliding in the booth as now he is giving me the look of what did you do, leans over and whispers in my ear, ok confess your sins!

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Hello, I'm a Hotwife who as you might have realized, love the persuit of Vanilla people. My profile is Mrs. "Adventurefor2" on come by and say hello...

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