A Bit About My Discoveries In The Lifestyle

A bit about my discoveries in the lifestyle…

Hello, i’m “TooSurreal” on Kasidie, I started having “lifestyle” experiences when I was in college… However, being raised very conservatively, I used to be embarrassed about my “proclivities” as was taught sex was shameful and taboo. Finding enjoyment in women and couples, enjoying sex in all kinds of fun environments, etc was not even truly acceptable and would be villainized for these “taboo” desires. 

In the past decade ago or so, I’ve discovered more about myself, full appreciations of my body and others! I extremely enjoy the company with whom I have energy, chemistry, openness, and overall adult fun with no drama!!! People who can enjoy each other for the sake of the sheer pleasure of it all!!!  I’ve met amazingly beautiful people in this lifestyle, in and out of a playroom!

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