Montana Girl, & HOTWIFE From Las Vegas

Hello there! I’m Brenna, a proud hotwife from Las Vegas, lifestyle podcaster, and event host! In 2017, my entire life changed, and delighted to be this month’s Lifestylers Magazine Covergirl. I was a born and raised Montana girl, fresh out of a nearly sexless marriage, and looking to explore. I put out an ad on Craigslist Casual Encounters (RIP) for a Dom to my sub, looking to delve deeper into the world of kink after months of learning and mentorship with non-sexual partners. Brian, my amazing partner, was one of 200 men that responded to my ad. Unlike all the others, he was eloquent, thoughtful, and able to tease my mind with the possibilities of him controlling my body. We met, hit it off immediately, and despite neither of us wanting a relationship, fell deeply in love very quickly. A short 3 months later, we were laying in bed next to each other after an amazing evening of sex. I asked him what his fantasies were, what he might want to explore with me. He paused for a long time, and I filled the uncomfortable silence by blurting out, “I want to see you with another woman!” He lit up, and responded, “I would love to see you with another man!” The rest is history….

Now, I am fortunate enough to be a “full-time lifestyler.” In 2018, we began our podcast, Front Porch Swingers, where we share our real-life adventures in non-monogamy. From the show, other amazing opportunities to connect with lifestylers emerged, including our hosting of upscale events in cities across the United States. Every single day, I get to connect with amazing people who share a similar view of sex and sexuality to me, as well as learn from those that explore this space differently from me. I have never felt more fulfilled in my life! Brian and I now enjoy an open relationship, in which we play and date separately, always with the knowledge and blessing of the other person. While we understand we don’t necessarily fit into the traditional sense of the word, “swinger,” we’re so happy to live a life of autonomy, authenticity, and fun!

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