What In The HELL Drove Me To Fire…?

What in the hell drew me to fire?

The old saying “if you play with fire, you will get burned.”

The erotic sensation of cold followed by heat flowing across my body arouses all senses.

Laying here on the table wondering where he will go with that flame, holds a little mystery each time. He always starts by caressing each part of me where the fire will flow and prepares my body to receive these delights. The feel of his lips against mine makes my heart race. The gentle touch of his fingers tips on my skin almost tickles as he glides his hands across my chest and down my sides. My tummy trembles under the light touch as he crosses my clit which is already swelling from excitement. All of this turns me on and helps me relax at the same time. 

He kisses me again, deep and passionate. It feels like it’s the first and last one I will ever have. Then he whispers in my ear, “Are you ready?”

My pussy pulsates with excitement and my skin anxiously awaits. There is a level of fear that lays just under my excitement. I know he isn’t going to hurt me but I’m about to let him light fire on my body. 

He steps to the end of the table where my feet are and grabs two words, lighting one. The size of the flame, combined with the sound adds to the thrill and anticipation. As he draws his wand over my thigh, spreading the alcohol first, it’s cold. Then he taps the flame and ignites me. As soon as I feel the heat it radiates to my G-Spot. My pussy twitches and I feel myself start to drip as he smothers the fire with his free hand. I want more. 

He caresses me and slowly moves his hand up my leg while slipping his fingers inside me.  His hands are the perfect size for him to press the heel of his palm into my, very sensitive clit while he massages my spot inside. Just as he is about to make me orgasm he pulls his fingers out. Edging is part of the thrill. 

He dips the wand again, draws a line of fuel across my pelvis and ignites and watches as the flame moves over me.  I shiver because it hit a spot that radiated to the head of my throbbing clit. As he smothers in he graze it with his fingers. I experience an orgasm in my body and feel a small pool start to form under my ass. Being edged and then taken to another level, excites ever nerve in my body. 

With the flame still lit, he draws a line across both of my tits making large circles around my nipples. When he taps the flame, I see a blue flame run, like a wicked angle from one side to the other. Again he smothers the flame but the heat was almost too much to bear. My nipples get hard as he massages them, giving each a very hard pinch. I lose all control, as he continues to run the flaming stick down the middle of my chest. He moves quickly down my stomach as he moves me leg, bending it and turning it out.

He’s running the flame across my groin. I feel the heat on my flexing pussy. I’m very uneasy about this but so turned on that I don’t protest. He continues down my inner thy, my body shivering. When he reaches me foot and runs the flame from my heel to my toes I lose it. “Oh! I’m coming!” 

With no hesitation he pushing the skin of my pelvis up to expose and flip my engorged clit with his thumb. He doesn’t stop until I have 3… maybe 4 orgasms. I lose count… 

He continues this for about 45 minutes, capping it off with a spray bottle, shooting alcohol through the flame onto my skin. The short burst of heat taking makes me feel drunk. 

Then he picks my up and throws me on the bed. With out missing a beat he plants his mouth on my clit and starts sucking. I cum all over his face. He doesn’t stop and tells me how good I tastes as he slips his tongue inside me letting my cum slide down he throat.

Unable to take anymore and wanting him deep inside me I grab is head and pull him to mine. we meet eye, “Fuck me!”

He throws my legs over my head and slides his hard cock slowly into my wet pussy. He thrusts in and out, hitting my squirt spot. Just as he is about to cum, he pulls out to let me lick myself off of him, while throws his mouth over my pussy making me cum again. I continue to suck him and lick him in all the right spots. Then he takes control. He thrusts his finger inside of me and begins to jack off. I am so turned on, he pulsates fingers hard inside while applying pressure to me clit. We are so hot and cum together in the heat of the moment.  A session with fire doesn’t end in burns, it ends with multiple orgasms.

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