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Sexy Mrs “RakiRoad”: Very fun and happy couple. Huge nerds, super goofy and extremely light hearted. She is very dominate, direct, straightforward with very little filter. She is as beautiful as they come. Easy going. Down to earth. Positive. Fun loving and engaging personality that is always fun to be around and always looks for the positive side of things. She is more beautiful on the inside than she is outside. When her naughty side comes out… well, you would just have to see for yourself. Girl on girl play is tops on her list! She does not like to receive oral but she is amazing with her mouth and loves to give more than receiving.

He’s more laid back but she is very vocal for the both of them on boundaries. He is handsome, chocolate, gentle, laid-back and a bit soft around the edges. He loves to make people laugh. He listens well to what you need and what you want. He loves the feel, taste and scent of a woman and really enjoys a total package of a beautiful, confident and intelligent woman. He is married to one, after all.

We are interested in attractive people, between our ages (there’s a gap, so, there’s a lot of wiggle room in between!), that we have some sort of chemistry with, that have the freedom/time/passion for travel, to come with us on adventures in/out of the country as well as in/out of the bedroom. Single females and single males are at a number two on our list but what we want the most, is long term friendships and partnerships and we are open to that from anyone and everyone as long as the chemistry is there.

How is this? I feel it might be too long and if need be, you can paraphrase for us on our behalf as long as it’s not too far off from the original. I’m not sure how the whole name part works but we are okay with using our real names (Mark, husband & Raki, wife or as she likes to say, “QUEEN RAKI”!

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  • Sally & Mitch
    1 year ago Reply

    LOVING these tatts and the artfulness of the photos! Such a thoughtful and true couple!

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