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The Sexy Mrs. “PhoneMan: We (Bob and Carlene) are a couple that married later in life. 3rd marriage for both of us so we have plenty of years behind us knowing all the things we do not want to repeat. With a clean slate to start out fresh we decided to go big. Both very athletic, in shape, people lovers and highly charged sex drives. Here we are 17 years married with 16 fantastic years in the Lifestyle. I would love to say that we are Living the Dream but neither of us could have dreamt this good LOL. We have meet some of the  best people humanity has to offer in this Club of Sexy Honest people.

We are a Hotwife Couple looking primarily for single, good looking, very muscular, well spoken, hung black men. Bob wants help with wowing, pleasuring, and fulfill the many lifelong BBC fantasies that Carlene has. Can you really love someone if you would not want the best for them?

So guys if you feel you could help with what’s best for this Queen of a wife contact us on under profile PhoneMan.

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