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My name is Jade, I am a very young 41-year-old vixen. My husband and I are a proper Hotwife/Stag couple. Married for four years and together for thirteen, we opened our relationship up in 2019 after experimenting with a few girls but ultimately discovered that hotwifing was really our thing. Ethical non monogamy has enhanced our marriage to an amazing degree. We thrive on the excitement of planning an event, picking out a hotel and buying lingerie to wear for my bull. Our communication and trust have strengthened and we find a deeper connection through the reclaiming process that follows after. He loves to watch other men pleasure and please me. He compares it to being able to direct his own porn and I am his favourite star. He does also join in when it suits him. I find the confidence of the Stag intoxicating. Imagine, allowing your woman run free and knowing she will come straight back into your arms. I am living my absolute best life with my partner in crime. I am a very spoilt girl. You can follow my antics at the.certified.hotwife on Instagram, and I love answering couples questions about the lifestyle.

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