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LIFESTYLERS MAGAZINE: We would like to thank all the great people who participated in the first ever “HotWife Palooza” at the wonderful “Exotic Dream Resort” located in Palm Springs, CA. Even though we were competing with a Stagecoach Festival weekend, we still had a record number of sexy couples attend, along with an exceptional group of single males. It was like 48 hours of total HotWife escapades… We also want to thank all the sponsors and vendors who worked hard in creating this wonderfully successful and fun event: Kasidie, GenieWishes, Arizona Fantasy Club, EDR, Jeff The Body Painter, Tropical Parties, Sheer Swim…

We hope everyone who attended enjoyed this event as much as we did. Based on the fantastic feedback received, we are proud to announce the upcoming creation of “HotWife Palooza II” coming later this year, and also “HotWife Thursday’s” for those who would like to attend for a day of shenanigans. Exotic Dreams Resort will continue to be a key partner for hosting these gatherings, and we are excited about the full range of sexy options available there. Thank you for all the great support.

Arizona Fantasy Club/ GenieWishes: Our team at Arizona Fantasy Club and GenieWishes Events had so much fun at the first “Hotwife Palooza.” With so many limitations on local lodging (due to Stagecoach), people still came out in huge numbers. We enjoyed the wide range of festivities including the dance parties, pool parties, “Speed Dating” in the Jungle Maze, photoshoots, body paint sessions, and so much more! We had trusted friends share that they were able to enjoy their first 3 way or 4 way or 5 way experience with solo males. Our single male friends were busy! Overall, they demonstrated respect, positive energy, and provided enthusiastic affection when requested lol. We are definitely excited about hosting more of these “Ladies Indulgence” formats in future months. We are considering a monthly Hotwife event on Thursday evenings at EDR in Palm Springs. Definitely contact us if you would like to be invited to those. 🙂

Kasidie- Hotwife2019:  We were both excited & a little nervous about attending the Hotwife Palooza event hosted at EDR. Being new to the Lifestyle, we weren’t sure what to expect or what level of participation we’d feel comfortable experiencing. We had a fantastic time, with great sun & pool time, plus fun nightly dance events both nights. The vibe was sexy and friendly, with more experienced couples willing to give advice or talk about their journeys, which was a benefit to us. I really enjoyed the attention the Mrs. received, plus see her confidence and comfort level increase in a sexy, non-threatening environment. What are our next steps? We don’t know, but meeting other couples and hearing their experiences has been an inspiration. We will definitely attend future events sponsored by these Sexy Party Planners!

Kasidie- HWCouple720:  We were there! What a fabulous weekend and what a great idea!  Why hadn’t there been one before?! We arrived on Thursday the 28th because we didn’t want to miss any of the weekend and the fun it might bring.  Thursday night was pretty chill, caught up with some friends who were also there, had some cocktails and decorated our room for the weekend, hubby’s idea; in case anyone happened to venture to the chill zone of the 300 wing. Friday was our, well my, favorite day of the weekend.  Relaxation during the day; it’s so easy to do at EDR. Hot sun, great people, no stress, no pressure.  The afternoon brought our single male friend Mr. LPG for the day as well as many other hot, sexy, fit single men to the pool; oh, and sexy, fit husbands and wives too! The afternoon was a fabulous hot time, in the palm springs desert as well as in or room. Friday night’s theme was sexy, the music was amazing, and everyone was having a good time dancing, chatting, and more.  Saturday was another great day of fun in and out of the sun. Saturday’s theme was my favorite, BDSM attire always make me feel naughty and powerful. The photo shoot with LifeStylers Magazine was a sexy thrill. What a turn on to prep for the night to come. Sunday came fast and it was time to go.  When is the next Palooza?!  We’ll be there.

Kasidie- BlueWilly A note of thanks to Lifestylers Magazine and EDR for the 
Hosting the HotWife Palooza. I just want to say what a great time I had. It was the first time that as a SM I felt like a Male Unicorn with all the hot wives and their husbands looking for the lucky Man or Men for that matter to have fun with their hot wives too…it was everything from one on one to MFM to Multiple Men at the same time with a hot wife. It was an extremely orgasmic weekend. I met some great new friends and enjoying my newly found friends. I can’t wait for the next one…Thanks again for all the hard work putting together such a fun event!
All the Best Orgasms to you!

Kasidie- CuzItTakesTwo  WE GOT TO FUCK LIKE BUNNIES whenever, wherever and with whomever we wanted!!! From the warm rays of the sun mixed with the cool water of the pool, to the DJs tunes floating in the air, was the ideal environment for bunny fucking 😈🐇😈 We especially Want to thank Lifestylers Magazine for the professional and inspiring photo opportunities, Jeff the painter for the beautiful works of art he created on the gorgeous naked canvases, and the nighttime DJ, G, for the lively sensual dance party. The event was naughty, fun and exciting and we will look forward to doing it all again. Thank you for having us.

Kasidie-Club Elation: In a word the HOTWIFE PALOOZA was “Outstanding”.  We were excited as we proceeded to the event and our excitement never ended after arriving!  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone there, and there were Many, Many!  The atmosphere there was continually electrifying and kept us quite entertained throughout the entire time! Lifestylers Magazine definitely knows how to through a good time…

Kasidie-TastyPartys: I was lucky enough to attend Hotwife Palooza, and man, what an event! Being in the lifestyle for over a decade but from the Midwest, I had know idea how much heat there was out west. Since I attended as a vendor, I was solo, and all the hotties running around… well let’s just say being in the desert wasn’t why I was thirsty! The resort EDR itself was great, it was about 4 times bigger than I expected and the way it was set up made it feel surprisingly intimate and expansive at the same time. There were plenty of pools and other places to congregate. The outdoor maze has to be seen to be believed with a ton of cubbies designed to satisfy every taste it was both the hottest and coolest place on the property (it has great shade and a lot of misters). Speaking of misters my wife would have been very happy with the quality of single males attending – It felt like a real hotwife convention- not just a theme. The resort host and owners were amazing , they never stopped making sure everything was running smoothly – they worked nonstop! The hosts, of the event themselves – Lifestyler’s Magizine and their staff worked just as tirelessly, making everyone feel welcome and they created a great schedule of events, my favorie was the magazine’s owners themselves teaching a great class on how to take the best sexy pictures with your phones. I could go on and on , but instead look for me there the next time, but this time my amazing hotwife will be joining me.

Kasidie- Jeff The Body Painter: As a world-famous body painter, I had never been given the opportunity to paint at a “HotWife” event before. My appreciation was greatly diminished when I arrived and set up my booth at HotWife Palooza. The staff was quick to respond to my needs, the guests where so hot, and the event was a blast to be at! From my experienced lifestyle background, this was up there with the best of shows!

The guest’s where quite receptive to body painting, and the attention I received as a single male, was warm and sexy. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Lifestylers Magazine event, do it! Because if you don’t, you missed out, and you will have to read my reviews and wish you had taken my advice! Amazingly sexy!!!!


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