Lights, Camera, NAKED…!

Kate and I were both interested in the lifestyle since before we met. We both caught glimpses of “swingers” and their crazy lives in reality TV shows growing up. Our heads were filled with pictures of yachts and exotic mansions filled with the world’s sexiest people, yet we had no idea where these people came from or where they started.

We dipped our toes into the lifestyle at The Scarlet Ranch in Denver, shortly after we got married in 2018. Our hearts were pumping and hands shaking as we stood at the sign-in desk, signing consent forms. I was dressed in a button-up with jeans and Kate was in a sequin top and black leather skirt with a zipper down the front, a bold outfit allowing for easy access. We glanced at the people and the room, mingling in various levels of undress. The interior was dimly lit and filled with dark wood accents. 

We walked around awkwardly, enjoying the atmosphere while feeling completely lost and out-of-place. We busied ourselves with a game of pool and eventually found the downstairs play area. A large room had four large beds pushed together in the middle and couches along the walls. The air was filled with the smell of sex and the sound of moans. Some couples were playing in the open, while others were hidden behind drawn curtains. On one of the visible beds, 4 lovers were entangled in ecstasy. We found public bed and laid down, kissing and groping while a small crowd gathered to watch. We made love and fucked, completely naked, in front of a group of strangers. The feeling was exotic, exhilarating, and sexy. 

We loved the experience, and have continued to pursue public sex and lifestyle events wherever and whenever possible. Our unashamed exhibitionism eventually morphed into full-time work, as I left my corporate job to start an OnlyFans with Kate during the pandemic of 2020. We’ve made a life and living of recording our real sex life, including as many swinging experiences as possible. We are all about the genuine reality of sex and this is a written account of our first recorded swinging experience in the lifestyle:

Kate and I met a couple we will refer to as Justin and Kelly. We had been in the lifestyle for almost 3 years when we received a message on (we are “kateandchris”) with the subject “Well aren’t you two interesting!!!” The message was well-written and made obvious that they had read our entire profile – two qualities we use to filter couples on initial contact. They were interested in recording the experience for OnlyFans and PornHub. We bantered back and forth for 8 messages before agreeing on a date. 

Despite our experience in the lifestyle, meeting new partners under a pretense of being sexual still gets our hearts pounding. To confound matters, I received the COVID vaccine the morning of our meeting, and I was not feeling well by the time we met for dinner. With the outside temperature in the 60’s, and a slight fever coming on, I was shivering through the majority of our dinner. We sat and talked, and got to know one-another through a casual dinner over drinks. I was feeling increasingly unwell when it was time to invite them back to our room for play. I told them that we were interested in playing with them, but that I there was no way I’d be able to perform well and that we’d have to postpone our date. We’ve learned to ALWAYS be completely honest if something isn’t feeling right.

As luck would have it, they were available the next afternoon, so we parted ways and made plans to meet again. The next morning, I woke up feeling 100% (thank goodness!!). We texted Justin and Kelly that we were on for playtime and spent the rest of the morning getting drinks and snacks, ordering fresh towels, and setting up cameras to capture our play from every angle. We wanted to be sure that no matter the position or number of bodies in the pile, we’d have a great angle without having to worry.

Prior to Justin and Kelly arriving, we became extremely nervous and excited! Our stomachs were turning so we cracked a bottle of champagne and downed some CBD to calm ourselves. This was it: our first recording with another couple! It felt like the entire world was going to see our experience, and this made us nervous as hell. 

When Justin and Kelly arrived, we hugged and welcomed them into the room. The initial nervous moments passed and the awkwardness dissolved into small-talk and planning the shoot. We discussed boundaries and expectations, as well as physical likes and dislikes. We talked about comfortability with bisexual interactions, body limitations, STD testing results and protection, and ensured that everybody was on the same page about communicating early and often.

As the conversation wound-down, our sex-drives wound up. I took my shirt off to signal that we were ready (plus the heat was cranked in the room and I was hot!!). Justin said “make yourself available” to Kelly, and we made our way to the beds. We started by kissing our marital partners. Kate and I told each-other “I love you” as Kate unbuttoned my pants and I kissed and sucked on her neck. I was the first to break the space between couples, teasing Kelly’ very erect nipples, while Kate kissed my chest. I pulled Kate’s pants off, leaving her in matching bra and panties. They were an ashy blue with see-through embroidery, little imagination was needed. Without much delay, we switched partners. 

Justin made out with Kate, while I passionately kissed Kelly. Before long, everyone was in their underwear and feeling comfortable. We continued to kiss and explore the opposite couple, absorbing the novel smells, flavors, and sensations of a new body. As Justin explored Kate from behind, she explored my body with her hands. Kelly slowly separated from my lips and removed my cock from my underwear. I stood up and Kelly started sucking my cock. Kate did the same with Justin and the fun began. After a bit, roles reversed and I went down on Kelly’s shaved pussy while Kate got into 69 with Justin.

We started slow, but our positions quickly evolved into full orgy style, with Justin laying on his back, Kate sitting on his face and Kelly sucking his cock, giving me access to explore Kelly’s pussy from behind. This went on for some time before we took a break and switched positions. Kate and Kelly worked together to give Justin a MFF blowjob. I stood by with a handheld camera and captured the action as closely and intimately as possible. 

After some time, Justin and I traded places and I laid on the bed, with Kate and I in 69. Kate and Kelly sucked my cock sensuously while rubbing my balls, and I drank as much of Kate’s juices as I could manage from her pussy, also cutely shaved. Justin couldn’t stay away from the fun for long and rejoined to suck on Kelly’ pussy while she sucked my cock on her hands and knees. Soon Kelly was ready for my cock. She sat on me in cowgirl with Kate still riding my face. Justin stood to the side, with both women giving him a blowjob.

When Justin was ready to penetrate Kate, she lifted herself while staying above my face, and Justin penetrated her in doggy. Kelly continued to ride me, as I watched Justin’s cock get covered in my wife’s cum just inches from my face. Soon, we changed positions and were both fucking the opposite partner’s wife in doggy style, side-by-side. Justin pushed Kate’s head into the sheets, and held her arms behind her back – a new experience for Kate. She loved it! Kelly and I watched in amazement as we relaxed mutually masturbated each-other, enjoying the view.

Next, we switched positions again. I fucked Kate from behind while she sucked on Justin’s cock. It felt amazing to watch my wife sucking another man’s cock while I fucked her from behind. Kelly and I took a water break, and we let Justin have my wife completely. They moved into missionary position and went at it. When Kelly and I were ready to join the fun again, we did the same. Before we came, we swapped positions again. This time, Kate sat on Kelly’ face, while Justin fucked Kate from behind, my cock in Kate’s mouth. Justin must have been getting close to cumming, because he took another break. I put Kelly on her back, her feet on my shoulders, as I stood next to the bed and fucked her. Kate continued to sit on Kelly’s face while making out with me. It felt incredible to be fucking Kelly while making out with my beautiful wife. We continued with DVP (double-vaginal penetration) on both women, and a plethora of other positions. I came twice, once in Kelly and once in Kate. By the time Justin came in his wife, we were all a sweaty mess. It was a fantastic day. We’ve had many swinging experiences, but this was one of the best. If you’d like to watch the entire thing, subscribe to Onlyfans (banner Above) and scroll back to the post from April 29th. If you have trouble finding it, shoot us a message on OnlyFans and we’ll get you hooked up. All said and done, this was a 1hr 26min video, and was a representation of swinging at its absolute finest. If you want to hook up with us, or want us to attend and promote your event, message us on Kasidie at kateandchris, or Instagram @iamkatemarle. Hope to meet you soon…

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