Bigger and Badder from Texas

The lifestyle is so unique in my opinion. I can think of no other place/set of circumstances where people can be drawn together, be from completely different walks of life, yet share so much in common all while being flirtatious and open with complete strangers. This way of life has enabled me to meet so many amazing people, and recently I began speaking with two vixens [ATXLADY (A), TotallyTandA (T)] from Texas who were eager to test the waters in Sin City. After chatting for a while and meeting over a drink in person, we decided to make a playdate. This story begins and ends on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Hope you enjoy! 

As I exited the elevator from the parking garage and made my way across the casino floor, my nerves suddenly began to kick in. I could feel butterflies begin to accumulate in my gut followed by a tingly numbing sensation that quickly proliferated throughout my entire body. A light layer of perspiration began to build along my forehead as the guest-room elevators were now in sight.

Kik:   (Me): I’m here.

          (A): Ok. Be right down.

After what seemed like hours, a loud DING rang from one of the elevators, and out walked the two ladies. With a mischievous grin A motioned for me to join them. I entered and just as the doors began to close, a woman entered the elevator. Along for the ride, the sexual energy must have perforated throughout the air because the woman’s eyes shifted frantically back and forth: to me, to T, to A, back to me, for the entire assent to our floor. She knew something big was about to happen but couldn’t quite wrap her mind around what. 

DING Finally, we reached our floor. The sexual tension was almost unbearable as we exited the elevator and made our way down the hallway. We entered the room, and I took a seat in one of the lounge chairs positioned in the corner of the room. T asked if I wanted a drink and kindly began to mix a rum and coke, a rather strong one might I add (just how I like). T then excused herself to the restroom as A and I reminisced about the day’s events. Not long had passed before my peripherals caught glance of a silhouette to the left of the room. I turned my head and nearly lost hold of my cocktail. There stood T in a skintight all black lace one piece with the most sinister and sexiest smirk I’ve ever seen in my life.  She slowly spun around revealing her back side, the lace one piece wedged to the MAX between her butt cheeks. The heavens opened and I was serenaded by a choir of angels “HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLEEEEEEEELUJAAAHH.” She slowly approached as I stood from the chair and pressed her breasts firmly into my chest, aggressively placing my hands on her butt checks. 

DING My penis went from flaccid to rock hard in an instant, throbbing and pulsating. She immediately felt the impact she was having and began to unbuckle my belt. Once unfastened, she simultaneously pulled my boxers and jeans down in one swift motion, the recoil causing my erect penis to undulate uncontrollably. She stood gazing as it slowly lost momentum then slowly moved in. With one push, she sent me tumbling onto the bed, nearly crashing into the headboard. She began to crawl up the bed like a lioness through the tall brush stalking her prey. Once in striking distance, she took and firmly grabbed my penis, pausing for a moment to feel the blood rush through my veins, then began giving one of the most incredible blowjobs I’ve ever received. Up and down and up and down so sensual, so pleasing. 

Not long had passed before my peripherals caught glance of a silhouette to the left of the bed. I was so entangled during this time with T, I failed to realize A slipped away and changed into something a bit more comfortable. There she stood in a skintight all black lace one piece. My jaw dropped as I stared in amazement, wondering how the outfit was able to contain her voluptuous breasts. She crawled perpendicular to me onto the bed, hovering over my face. She watched, as T worked her magic: up and down and up and down, all the while caressing her gigantic breasts. She finally turned then peered down at me, suddenly freeing her breasts from their constraints. Whoever said they make em bigger in Texas wasn’t lying. The sheer impact, as they crashed into my chest, plunged my body deeper into the mattress. As the realization of the sheer mass and volume of her breasts dawned on me, the heavens opened, and a choir of heavenly angels began to serenade me “HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLEEEEEEEELUJAAAHH.” I suddenly lost all control and sprung into action, lifting each beast into the air and began sucking them vigorously, like a newborn infant fresh out of the womb. Seeing me lose my restraint sent T into overdrive. Her pace increased as she slid my penis deeper and faster and deeper and faster down her throat. The sound alone was enough to make myself and A stop and watch in amazement. 

Soon after putting on a show T finally had enough and slowly began to mount me. I thought to myself, it’s my time to reciprocate and take these ladies to a higher plane. She grasped my penis assuming the squat position, and after a moment of “just the tip”, came crashing down no hands…SMACK. The sound of the impact reverberated throughout the room as she moaned in ecstasy. Up and down and up and down almost in a fit of rage, she soon placed her hands onto my chest for support, increasing the cadence. A watched practically salivating from mere inches away. I firmly grasped A’s right breast and began to synchronize my thrusts with T’s cadence. After a few moments, her legs began to buckle, and I could feel her walls start to contract uncontrollably. I began to increase the speed and intensity of my thrusts sensing her climax was on the horizon. Just as she froze, I gave one final push, causing her legs to buckle just before she came crashing down. I could feel the warmth of her climax as it slowly oozed out onto my pelvic region, sliding down the sides of my hip and a small portion down the crack of my buttocks.  T was fulfilled and slowly rolled off to the side rubbing her clit prolonging the sensation. 

I gave T a long-wet kiss then turned to focus my attention on A. She was already on her back legs spread in the air ready for her turn. I smiled and quickly mounted. I slowly glided my penis into her vagina, soaking wet, while she bit her bottom lip sensually thrusting in and out. Within a matter of seconds her eyes gleamed, and she whispered “harder.” Like music to my ears I smiled, firmly grasped her hips, and began to give her every inch of my manhood. She squirmed as I long stroked her ferociously. She quickly turned from moist to dripping wet, breasts jumping and flopping about uncontrollably while my pace steadily increased. I grabbed each breast in a stabilization attempt to keep them from slapping her in the chin. T laid only inches away caressing her breasts while enjoying the show, before I leaned over and began French kissing her, continually feeding A. I could have died and gone to heaven at that moment and would have been perfectly content, but I knew my job was not yet done. My mission would not be complete until I brought A to climax. So, I grabbed her by the ankles, spread her legs as wide and as far back as I thought she could handle, and gave her everything I had. Sweat began to run into my eyes and I began to develop a cramp throughout my right hamstring and calf. No matter what, I was not going stop until my job was finished. 

I could tell she was nearing her peak and I was just moments away from climaxing as well. I knew the moment had come sensing her body tense and watching while her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She suddenly let out a long and drawn-out moan and her legs started to convulse uncontrollably. Just in the nick of time. I pulled out and shot a load reminiscent of a buck shot, spreading far and wide in every direction. I let out a yell Tarzan himself would be proud of “AAHUAAA UAAA UAAAAAAA.” Mission complete. We laid there on the bed, all smiling, all in bliss, all satisfied. 

Unfortunately, reality soon set in as the two vixens glanced at the clock and realized they had to be at the airport in a mere 3.5 hours. I reacted in disbelief and upset that I kept the two up so late, but they reassured me that the experience was well worth losing a bit of sleep. We laid and talked for a while before I began getting dressed. Drenched in sweat we gave our final hugs and goodbyes as I stumbled making my way to the door.  Just before exiting, I smiled and waved and thought to myself how thankful I am to be a part of these shenanigans we call the lifestyle. Not only do I get to meet and interact with such wonderful and captivating individuals from around the country, but I also get to explore and expand my sexual horizons at the same time, while creating memories that each participant will remember and cherish for a lifetime. I wouldn’t trade these experiences, good and bad, for the world.

And you better believe I’ll be visiting the Lone Star State in the future, because A and T proved without a doubt, “THEY MAKE EM BOLDER, BADDER, AND BIGGER IN TEXAS”.

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