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LSM got the chance to sit down and talk to Goddess Fae owner and operator of one of the hottest Lifestyle Venues in Southern California called House of Black. We asked her everything lifestyle, favorite experiences to starting an all lifestyle business to better serve other Lifestyle couples & singles….

LSM: So Fae, when did you first realize your lifestyle venture? And have you always been into the BDSM aspects of the Lifestyle or did you grow in to it.

Goddess Fae: House of Black was established in Sept of 2012. It started geared towards the BDSM community, but as I evolved it evolved and now is a full Sex Positive Venue.  

LSM: Do you remember one of your first Lifestyle experiences, and what can you tell us about it?

Goddess Fae: My first BDSM lifestyle experience was at a Dungeon in Oakland owned by a lovely Dominatrix, Jezebel.  Her club fascinated me, and the scenes I witnessed got me hooked! Needle play, bondage, hypnosis, all sorts of different D/s dynamics. My first swinger lifestyle experience was in San Diego at a swing club that I partnered with to do fetish parties at. Seeing the combo of Kink and Sex in a club was such an inspiration for the now House of Black. I didn’t really “swing” til the past couple years when I met my boyfriend, Trey. Our first LS experience was with a lady friend of ours at HoB. It was sexy! 

LSM: Can you tell us how you felt before during and after your first experience in the lifestyle?  (Please get detailed, hot and sexy in this section)

Goddess Fae: I was excited and turned on and happy to share my love for ladies with my man! Being bi-sexual & loving to have sexy experiences with my guy made the experience so hot, and deepened our relationship. Afterwards there was communication about what worked for us and what didn’t.  

LSM: How do you search out your play partners in the lifestyle, are you on any Lifestyle sites?

Goddess Fae: Well for starters the House of Black membership site is one place! My boyfriend and I are also on Kasidie, SLS, LL, Sexy Facebook Groups, etc. 

LSM: If you were going to share with someone about your most memorable experience in the Lifestyle, what would it be?

Goddess Fae: That is a very hard question, I have so many memorable experiences in the past 12 years I’ve been in the lifestyle. The best thing about the lifestyle for me has been the connections I’ve made with so many amazing people. Building House of Black has been the biggest part of my lifestyle journey but lots of others led up to it. 

LSM: Do you feel the Lifestyle has been a positive aspect of your life and the friendships you have developed?

Goddess Fae: The Lifestyle is my life, lol, so yes it’s very positive and has brought so many wonderful friendships with people from all over that I will always cherish. Can’t wait for more!

LSM: Please tell us when you opened up House of Black? And for someone who hasn’t attended yet, what could they expect?

 Goddess Fae: I opened up House of Black in Sept 2012, so we are almost 6 years old now! As a newbie you can expect a welcoming, fun, sexy atmosphere! Awesome non-judgmental sexy members who are down for dirty fun! House of Black is a place where you can let your sex positive freak flag fly! 

LSM: Do you have any suggestions for our readers who haven’t yet experienced their fantasy’s when it comes to BDSM & Kink as of yet, and how can your venue help them achieve that?  

Goddess Fae: House of Black has classes and events specifically designed to help newbies interested in BDSM, Non-Monogamy, Swinging, etc. I also offer couple’s training sessions for those who want to delve in deeper. I always suggest researching BDSM before you start, whether that be classes, or books, or online educational sources. Also try things, you never know what you might enjoy. 

LSM: What is the process for someone who would like to attend House of Black? Do you have a website?

Goddess Fae: Go to our member site at and sign up for a profile, once approved you’ll be able to see our events and register for membership and the events!

LSM: Do you have any final thoughts or comments you can say to other possible newbie couples or singles, contemplating on entering the lifestyle?

Goddess Fae: Have an open-mind, an open heart, learn to communicate your needs/desires, and come join House of Black for some sexy fun!


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