She is Bi-Curious

I stared into the heart of the bonfire, the dancing red and orange mimicking the feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was a chilly night, only mid-April, and my jacket, jeans, fleece, and panties had barely done the job even when they weren’t strewn about the lawn. The heat of the fire on my thighs, my belly, my exposed breasts met the heat of desire in my chest as I cupped the cool skin of her ass with my palm. 

* * * 

“She’s bi-curious,” my husband said, knowing that was always my first question. We scrolled through their SLS profile together, finally ready to consider some options after a long, COVID induced layoff. When we started chatting with them in a group text, she clarified that she had made out with a woman before, but stopped short of going any further. This wasn’t for lack of desire, she would explain as we sat in their backyard that night, it was just that she hadn’t come across the right female playmate. She wanted someone confident, someone who would take control and show her what she’d been missing, and the previous woman had been shy and nervous. I made a mental note to not mention how shy and nervous I often get around attractive women. 

All of our correspondence with this couple led us to believe that this bonfire would be a getting-to-know-each-other meet up with no sex or swapping expected. As newbies to the lifestyle, they were still exploring their own desires and wanted to get a feel for potential partners before any decisions were made. This was completely fine with us, especially me, because at that point I was often still nervous going into a situation with a couple we hadn’t played with before. They were also our first one since quarantine. 

We sat around their fire for hours, talking about our past experiences, what we hoped to experience, fantasies, desires, and our vanilla lives as well. I mentioned my desire to use my strap on for the first time, and she sounded intrigued but not quite ready to be that woman. There was good rapport between us, and it seemed that setting a date to play was probably the next step. Tonight, though, the stars had been out awhile and it seemed that the visit was winding down. My husband, a few gin and tonics in, needed to use the bathroom before we said our goodbyes, and our new friends told him to just go ahead and pick a tree. As he headed a respectful distance away into the darkness, I mentioned that I love peeing outside. 

“Me too,” she said. I barely had time to react to her agreement when she followed up with an unexpected, “let’s get naked.” She won the unspoken race to get our clothes off as I struggled to pull the snug fleece I was wearing over my shoulders.

“Woah, woah, I don’t know what happened while I was gone, but I like it,” my husband said as he arrived back in our circle of light. 

Finally naked, I stood across the fire from her, both of us giddy and trying to look and not look at the same time. The still-clothed men shuffled around until she and I ended up next to each other, rotating our bodies more often now that we were fully exposed to the night air. Each time I turned, I opened my body towards hers, sneaking a glance at her breasts or ass, whichever was facing the light. 

We both eventually settled on our fronts being the more important side to heat, and the fire lit her from below, a warm glow casting uncommon shadows across her body. All of the highlights were opposite, and it was like I was looking at her in relief. Her thighs emanated orange and yellow heat, drawing me in to where they met. Her under breast shone a welcoming red-orange, fading into cooler darkness where the splotch of her nipple spread across the divide. The soft, supple area under her chin reflected just the slightest dance of flame, enticing my lips. 

Now only inches from each other, I told her she could touch my ass if she wanted to. When she reached across, I leaned in so that we were hip to hip. My fingertips followed the bump, bump, bump of her spine up and back down, teasing the base of her hips with a deeper rub before following the trail back up to her shoulder blades. Her breaths drew longer, a tranquil yearning growing with each pass. Finally, I followed the curve of her tailbone all the way down, caressing the dip between her cheeks with the tips of my fingers. I heard her small sighs and giggles, either nervous or excited, probably both. At the bottom, I cradled the curve in my palm, giving a deep and hungry squeeze.

As a top, it is in my nature to initiate and take control of the situation. As a human, I am often terrified by that idea. Knowing that she had never been with a woman before, I was nervous to come across as too eager or too aggressive, but I remembered what she had said earlier in the night about wanting a confident woman who knows what to do. I decided to be that woman, whether I actually felt like I was or not. 

I rubbed her ass a little more, and on the next squeeze, I pulled her slightly toward me. I turned to face her, sacrificing the heat of the fire on both the front and back of my body in the hopes that I would soon replace it with the body heat of another woman. I paused a moment, grappling with the voice in my head that always held me back from making these types of moves. Maybe she doesn’t really want you to. Maybe she’s not into you. Maybe that’s too forward.

Her head was tilted slightly back, her eyes reflecting the firelight and a lazy smile across her lips. I leaned in with my nose first, nuzzling just under her earlobe. Her hair cascaded across my forehead and cheek, a feeling foreign to me since I buzzed mine short years ago. I grazed her neck with my mouth, not quite a kiss, but preparation for where I was going to do next. 

As I moved my face to meet hers, I asked permission to touch her with my hands as well. When she said yes, I pressed my mouth and body against her at the same time, pulling her in to a soft kiss. My tongue teased her lips while my fingers did the same to her nipples. As I felt her body respond, I kissed her deeper, wrapping my hand under the nape of her neck and hooking my thumb in front of her ear the way men do in the final scenes of movies. 

My mouth found her jawline, this time kissing deliberately. Not stopping to consider my inner cynic this time, I sucked on her breasts as I made my way to my knees in front of her. I pressed my tongue deeper between her legs than I had into her mouth, and she parted them to give me better access. I reached through the space she created and cradled her ass again, pulling her clit to my lips. Working my tongue forward and back, I mixed her wetness with the lubrication of my mouth. 

Knowing this position was not as enjoyable for either of us as it could be, I sat back on my heels and grabbed a blanket from the bench near us. I ducked between her spread legs and fanned the blanket out behind her, then gently pressed her hips. 

“Why don’t you lay down?” I said, and she reclined back onto the blanket. She spread her legs for me, and I lowered my head between her thighs. Still on my knees

“Why don’t you lay down?” I said, and she reclined back onto the blanket. She spread her legs for me, and I lowered my head between her thighs. Still on my knees, I thought of the men watching us for the first time since I had touched her naked body. I took a moment to revel in my bisexual brain, teasing her clit with my tongue while displaying my ass for our male partners to enjoy. Not for long, though, and I shifted my focus back to the pleasure I really wanted to give. I lowered my hips and stomach to the ground to get a better angle and felt the cool dirt on my body, padded smooth by our bare feet just a short time before. 

I gently sucked her clit into my mouth, bringing it just inside my lips and against my undulating tongue. The middle and ring finger on my right hand found her opening, and I pushed my thighs into the ground as I leveraged myself to press inside of her. Moving my fingers in and out, I gauged her response. When I moved slowly, sliding with her wetness through the soft folds inside of her, she became calm and languid. She responded to a faster stroke, tensing slightly and breathing in time with my movement. I pushed deeper and the pads of my fingers found a soft, fleshy pad inside of her. I started to swirl my wrist in time with my tongue.

I pressed my body into the ground to steady myself against the back and forth of my arm. I could feel the tops of my feet and angles of my knees sinking into the slightly soft dirt. It wasn’t quite mud, but the traffic around the bonfire pit had worked it into a sort of clay. 

I could hear her moaning now, a sweet cry of pleasure growing as I pumped my arm and mouth. Taken with the moment, she asked her fiance to enter her mouth while I was working below. He unzipped his pants, already hard, and leaned his body over her face. Even muffled, she was still louder than before. 

My shoulder started to burn, but her moans and the juices collecting in my palm drove me to keep going. As my body worked, my stomach and thighs slithered back and forth in the grass and clay. I could feel my skin taking on shades of the earth as she took my fingers. 

I brought my tongue to her opening and licked her as I backed my fingers out, switching hands to keep the pace she was enjoying. I looked down and saw my fingers glisten in the erratic firelight, my wedding band disappearing and reappearing with each thrust. I placed my mouth back over her clit as her moans reached a volume the neighbors might have been able to hear. 

“She’s going to make me cum,” she breathed to her fiance, still poised over her head. 

“I know she is,” he said. My left shoulder had started to burn now, but that was enough to make me go all night if I had to. Her legs quivered on either side of my head, and I sensed her body start to tense. She released – a long wail of pleasure, her muscles surging with my movement. I matched her waves of pleasure, building each one on the tail of the one before it. Just when I thought she was spent, and I knew that I was, the swell started again. I followed her through the ebb and flow until I felt her relax. I got back up on my knees for the first time, now covered in dirt from my ribs to the tops of my feet. 

“Thank you,” she said, looking up at me from the blanket with that same lazy smile that started this whole thing. I smiled back at her and turned to my husband, never rising from my knees. I unzipped his pants and guided his already hard dick into my mouth. We all finished the night with our own partners, the sight of firelit sex enhancing our pleasure. Searching for hastily discarded clothes at the edges of the dancing light, we finally noticed how dirty I had gotten. I was covered in dried mud from my hips to the knuckles of my toes. 

“Oh no! Do you want to shower?” she asked me. Though tempted by the idea that it might lead to more, I assured her I could just shower when we got home. I liked the idea of leaving the night on my skin just a little longer. 

                                                                        * * * 

The next day, my husband and I were scheduled for a lifestyle photo shoot and we rented a hotel room for the occasion. We decided it might be fun to invite this couple over for some play after the shoot, and they excitedly agreed. We weren’t surprised, but what we were surprised by was her request that I bring my strap on. I was still on a high from the night before, so the prospect of fulfilling this fantasy just hours later was unfathomable to me. 

When we got to the hotel, I kept my strap on out of sight because I still wasn’t convinced this was going to happen. I didn’t want her to feel pressured to let me use it just because she brought it up over text, so I left it in the nightstand drawer. It would only come out if she asked for it again. 

On this night, we full swapped with our new friends (another surprise), and it was fun for everyone involved. We had the same comfortable rapport, and everyone enjoyed the play. As things seemed to be nearing an end, I sleepily curled against my husband, secretly a little disappointed that she didn’t ask me to use my strap on. 

“Why don’t you get your toy?” her fiance asked. I was up and out of the bed quicker than the words could come out of his mouth. After confirming with her that she definitely wanted this, I stepped into my harness and buckled it at the hip.

“Why don’t you get your toy?” her fiance asked. I was up and out of the bed quicker than the words could come out of his mouth. After confirming with her that she definitely wanted this, I stepped into my harness and buckled it at the hip. I had worn it before, at the house and for some selfies, but this was the first time anyone had seen me wearing it in person. I was worried about feeling exposed or ridiculous. I was worried my straight husband may not enjoy the sight of his wife sporting a dick. 

My worries were in vain. Once I bucked that buckle, I felt completely in my element. It felt natural. The leather nestled into the crook under my hip bone, supple and soft. The dildo felt like it belonged to my body, and like I knew how to use it. Her fiance reached out with a scoop of coconut oil on his fingers and I angled the dildo toward him. Thrilled at the irony of a straight man jerking my dick off with lube, we all laughed about it before I climbed onto the bed. 

Once again, she spread her legs for me, but this time I stayed up on my knees and leaned over her. I pressed my hips closer to her opening, guiding the dildo in with my right hand. I watched as she took all of it, swallowing up its full length. For a moment I let it sit inside of her, taking in the feeling of penetrating a woman for the first time and getting my bearings before starting to thrust. 

I didn’t know how my rhythm would be. I had never fucked someone before, never been the one pushing my body into someone else’s. I started with small movements, afraid the more unforgiving material of the dildo could hurt her in a way a natural dick would not. When she started moaning again, I knew I could go harder. I leaned my hands on either side of her ribs and used the leverage to start rocking my hips against her ass. The faster and harder I moved, the louder she moaned. I started fucking her as hard as I could. 

“Oh my god,” she whined, her eyes closed and her face full of pleasure. I felt a bead of sweat pick up speed down my back, and only then did I realize how hard I was working. I was sweating like I was working out, but all I could feel was euphoria. I could’ve thrusted those moans out of her for the rest of the night and never taken a break. My entire body was on a high, adrenaline and endorphins coursing through me at the wild speed of my heart rate. 

She moaned, invoked deities, and writhed in pleasure beneath me. I could hear her wetness at the base of my strap on, begging me for more. Even though my dick was made of silicone and devoid of sensation, the feeling of thrusting that reaction out of someone filled me with my own sexual euphoria. I looked over at my husband and winked at him mid thrust, a joke we made when I fantasized with him about what this moment would be like. When I felt that I had had my share and maybe more, I decided I should probably let her fiance back in. I pulled out and dropped onto my back at the foot of the bed, where my husband stood looking at me with pride and love. My breathing slowed as he ran his hands over my glistening body. I reached down and fumbled with the buckle at my hip, sliding out of the harness with a smile plastered to my face.

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