Miss Hankie Pankie tells all!

LSM had the chance to sit down and talk with Miss Hankie Pankie, Coralyn Jewel and discuss everything in her life, from the Adult Industry, Lifestyle, Promoter & Hostess to her podcast and book deal… 

Hear all the steamy details of her life and how she got started in the lifestyle, and everything it takes to build a loving and secure marriage. 

LSM: So Coralyn, what got you started in the Adult industry? And how was that experience for you? 

Coralyn: I began my career as a director camera operator and production assistant in the adult industry in Los Angeles. After a couple months of working on set I realized that I wanted to be a performer and decided to switch from behind the scenes to acting and performing.

LSM: Is there one shoot that stands out to you as an extremely hot shoot? What details of the shoot can you share with us? 

Coralyn: Of all the scenes that I have done up to this point I really enjoyed filming the movie wife swinger swap 3 for Adam-and-Eve, directed by Luc Wylder.  It was one of my 1st movies and was actually shot in Southern California at a Swinger Resort Freedom Acres Resort.   The movie was nominated that year for best polyamory.

LSM: Were you already in the lifestyle when you entered into the adult industry? Or when did you come up with the realization that you wanted to dabble your toes into the Lifestyle? 

Coralyn: I was actually involved in the lifestyle with my ex-husband about 13 years ago before I even considered opening a lifestyle club and entering into the adult industry.  

LSM: Tell us about your first experience in the lifestyle? Was it spontaneous or do you remember the emotions you felt when setting it up? How did you feel during? And what do you remember about how you felt after, were you hooked?

Coralyn: My husband and I were fairly new to the lifestyle and we did not really know where to look or where to start. We attended a house party in Southern California and upon arrival we were welcomed by the hosts and given a tour of the home however the caliber of guests were not our age and we really didn’t connect with anyone. We ended up going outside to have a drink and met another couple. We decided to leave the house party and go back to their home and that was our 1st experience. We had a lot of rules going into that experience and they were broken right away. It took us a lot of communication and trial and error to learn what we liked and what we did not like and how to communicate with each other when one of us did something the other 1 was not in approval of.

I do however have a fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled.  I am a big exhibitionist, and I would like to be with my partner and be watched with my partner by numerous single males…

 LSM: What’s one of your more favorable lifestyle experience? And is there anything in the lifestyle you haven’t experienced yet? Any fantasy’s you still want to make reality?

Coralyn: It is hard to say a favorite experience in the lifestyle I have more funny experiences, things that I can look back and laugh about. I am actually divorced because of the lifestyle which I write about more in detail in my book, which is a true story about my life in the adult industry and in the swinger lifestyle.   

I do however have a fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled.  I am a big exhibitionist, and I would like to be with my partner and be watched with my partner by numerous single males, preferably is kind of my preference, but every time I have tried to attempt this, there is no respect and people step out of boundaries trying to get onto the bed and touch me which I am not OK with.

LSM: Did you meet your husband in the lifestyle? And how has the lifestyle benefited your relationship?

Coralyn: I met my husband when I was living in North Carolina on a figure skating scholarship. We actually met at the restaurant we were both working at. We were married for 14 years we had 2 children but we were never involved in the lifestyle in the beginning. We got involved after moving back to Southern California the last year of our marriage. As I mentioned previously the lifestyle was the reason for our divorce. Many people always ask me why I would stay in this lifestyle and why would I start a swinger’s club, swinger Podcast teaching people about the lifestyle.  The reasoning is because we did not have the guidance and so therefore, we made huge mistakes. I think had we had the guidance and had a place to turn to and ask advice we might still be together today. 

I was a dancer at club in Coachella, CA and the club wanted me to host a lifestyle event at their club. They asked if I would assist.

TOPHEAVEYINC from Kasidie.com: So you started Hankie Pankie Promotions around 2011, what led to you wanting to start Hankie Pankie promotions up?

Coralyn: I was a dancer at club in Coachella, CA and the club wanted me to host a lifestyle event at their club. They asked if I would assist. This event was a huge success and from there I did another event, casino night in my town of Temecula, CA and again it was very successful. This led to my business investor helping me start the club and we opened August 2012 and today I have built are community to over 18,000 members. I love hosting events and I have made some amazing lifelong friends running Hankie Pankie  

LSM: So, you have Hankie Pankie, You’re a wife, you have a best seller book out, you’re a lifestyler, are you just Living the Dream life? 

Coralyn: I am very happy with my success, but I have had a lot of obstacles. Challenges and tears along the way. Many times, I wanted to give up and there was a time I wanted to end everything.  

I have my best friend from Sweden, I call her my wife and she kept me going and kept me strong. I am single now, and dating is very hard for me. I have made a decision to focus 100% on my career. 

I am now running Hankie Pankie doing my podcasts, weddings, writing my 2nd book, working on my documentary, my Coralyn Jewel personal CBD lubricant which will be out on the market next month, all along with my Hankie Pankie Adult game I have developed. 

I am also now booking my 2021 tour for seminars and motivational speaking.  

 I am still shooting adult content managing other talent and directing and camera operating for another company as well. Let’s just say I work pretty much 24 hours lol

LSM: Where could someone go if they would like to attend a Hankie Pankie party, or connect with you? 

Coralyn: The best place to go to is my website Www.coralynjewel.com here I post upcoming lifestyle events. My Podcast link, touring schedule, speaking schedule, book signings and lots more.  

My podcast site is www.hankiepankiepodcast.com I have weekly guests and weekly blog entries as well.  

My swinger events are posted more in detail on  Www.hankiepankielifestyle.com  

I am also easily found on social media platforms.  




LSM: How has Covid-19 effected your lifestyle, and also concerning Hankie Pankie events? 

Coralyn: Covid had a tremendous effect on my weddings and my lifestyle events. I was pretty much shut down mostly for a year however it gave me the opportunity to focus on other aspects of my business such as finishing my book, starting a Podcast and developing my lubricant and lifestyle game. 

LSM: What feedback would you give to our readers who are starting in the lifestyle on keeping a healthy, honest and loving relationship while experiencing the lifestyle? 

Coralyn: I have a couple words of advice that I always give my clients: 

 The number one is communication is key in this lifestyle and in relationships in general. 

I also want people to know that like anything if you play with fire and don’t follow the “rules”  you will get burned if you follow the rules and you understand the etiquette you can light your relationship into a beautiful flame. 

JnDs1988 on Kasdie.com: Best and lasting memory of your naughty career so far?

Coralyn: Honestly, I feel that everything in life happens for a reason and no matter the experience good or bad we learn from it. I don’t have any regrets in my career path, what I learned and where I am going. I take something from each experience whether on set as a performer, hosting an event or working at the brothel in Nevada. The one thing I truly try to do and the people who know me are aware of this, I am always me, I am very loyal, and I follow morals of honesty and integrity. I want those who read my book, listen to my podcast and come to my events to know that everything I say and do is from experiences that comes from my heart.  

I believe in “Patience will prosper” and “Be true to yourself “. You have one life to live. Live it for you…

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