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Description: Hiiiii! I’m Sally, the lady half of our couple! Mitch calls me lovingly “Sexy” and I nicknamed him “Jagundo” on our messenger apps so we came up with calling ourselves Sexy and Jagundo on all the places we visit…and we visit a lot! LOL! We’re not a full swap couple but LOVE to be exhibitionists and voyeurs. It’s incredibly HOT watching sexy people enjoy themselves and each other.

We also do quite a bit of camming and I LOVE to see guys cum! And I especially like it when they are looking at me and doing it…hehe! I’m such a naughty gal! We’re just a mature couple, who really enjoy sex and sexy situations! Both of us are very open minded which leads to more than a few daring adventures, wink nudge… Although I am usually nudging Mitch on to try things when he get’s a bit, “are you sure”, lol! Like visiting a sex shop and getting invited to a swinger club of the owner! It’s been 17 years of incredible experiences that have been building and building like we’re edging towards the ultimate orgasm and we can’t wait to see what new things the future holds for us! Twinkle, twinkle, Viva Le Sexay!

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  • Sally & Mitch
    1 year ago Reply

    Thank you so much!!!
    It’s LOVELY!!
    Twinkle, twinkle,

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