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Mrs- Theechos:  What are we looking for!? I tell ya, I hate this question. I think largely because I hate reflecting on how hard it’s been to find. A lot of couples get into this lifestyle to find a connection they’ve never found in the Vanilla World. They sit down with their spouse and have “The Talk” about how great it would be to meet a couple whom they can be their true, erotic and sensual selves around; free from judgment and engulfed in acceptance. Reasonable right? I mean, we all already know each other’s deepest secret! And to be honest, we’re all pretty likely to see each other naked either online or in person…sooooo…what’s left to be afraid of? But when these couples get into the lifestyle, they find so many others have given up on the dream of a four-way connection and capitulated to a society of momentary gratification of sex with shadows. Well we have not surrendered! We are looking for the people that still feel there is more to this lifestyle than a mattress indent and a sweat stain. We are looking for people that know sex is only a tool to reach a deeper level of REAL friendship, Real connections that normal vanillas will never know but always crave. We want people that will walk in our home, drop their clothes on the floor (we have clean floors) and spend a night watching bad Amazon Prime movies (open to Hulu) in a pile of legs and boobs, KNOWING there is nothing more right in the world. We refuse to give up on this…

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