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Mrs-  “Wowkitty”   We are a longtime married couple looking to explore and have some non-conventional fun!  Although I had always taken sexy pics for the Mr., it never crossed our minds to share them with other people. Lol, how life changes!
We launched down this path after spending a very sexy weekend in New Orleans.  We went to Colette on a lark, mostly out of curiosity and a desire for something fun, erotic, and not “vanilla”.  We didn’t really know what we were getting into.  Well, we had so much fun we went three nights in a row!  
Reach out to us at “Wowkitty” on and if we meet up for drinks, we will give you all the juicy details about our adventures at Colette!

If you want to come say hello our profile is “Wowkitty” on or click the banner below

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  • Eric
    3 years ago Reply

    Outstanding!!! This is Mr. Mission_Control. For whatever reason your pics just push all the right buttons. Unbelievably sexy. In the lifestyle there are plenty that are sexy as hell but for you are too notch. Methinks it is the provacative pics that show just enough to let the imagination run wild rather than full on porn shots.

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