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The Sexy Mrs CouriousColorado: Hello, we are a couple from Colorado. We have been together for 15 wonderful years. Our interest are fishing, camping , photography, and being out in our beautiful Mountains as much as we can. We are completely new to the lifestyle and are very excited to try it out. I am little shy at first but warm up very easily if the mood is right. Music lighting and being in a positive environment gets me very sexualy aroused. My husband feeds off my sexual energy which gets me going. And always turns our nights into something to remember. There is something new in the bedroom and always a first to try .The thought of playing with others and trying things in the lifestyle definitely gets us all turned up. We love watching swing on the playboy channel that was pretty much what got us communicating about it on a very deep level of what our fantasies are. We are trying to plan a trip to a pleasure resort definitely a turn on for both of us. The play rooms, being watched, watching others, the sexy environment and all the amazing people in the lifestyle you can meet and have fun with is just fascinating to us. We are definitely ready and excited for our first experience in the lifestyle!!!!

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  • Ernie and Miriam
    2 years ago Reply

    Welcome to the lifestyle, always good to see new sexy people. If you are ever in the SoFlo area, we would love to invite you to join us at the Trapeze Clue. Keep exploring and enjoy the ride.

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