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Mrs-“Always2gethermt”: I am 5’8” about 130. My husband says I have amazing curves, long sexy legs, a great ass, and the most beautiful breasts.  I have some tattoos and a couple of piercings.  I work in health care and love helping people. My husband describes me as confident and witty, a bit silly and sarcastic, and has a great sense of humor.  Sometimes a bit shy but always fun to be around.

We started about 6 years ago on accident. We didn’t even know this existed and went to a LS club by mistake. We saw things we couldn’t believe, and it made us curious.  Now a few years later, we love the lifestyle and what is done for our relationship. We thought we a great relationship before but it’s much better now. We love the added closeness, compassion, connection, trust, and sexual exploration the lifestyle brought us. Our private sex life is much hotter, and we have discovered so many new things we enjoy.  We love visiting sexy clubs & parties, trips to LS friendly resorts, being naked and adult play. We also enjoy hanging out and making some new friends without play. LS people are just cooler. For us, the lifestyle has improved our marriage in almost every aspect, and we are thankful.

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