Episode II “The Vanilla Swirls”

We had met “Lois and Clark” during our first club visit.  They were attractive, polite, and seemed to be “normal” just like us. Thus, it didn’t take long for the 4 of us to find each other online and begin making plans to get better acquainted. We learned they weren’t married, but they lived together near Portland, within a short distance from the club. Since we lived several hours away, they graciously invited us to stay with them for our next club visit. We accepted their proposal, met them in town for drinks, and eventually travelled to their home to get ready for the big night. 

Our chemistry was good. Lois and I laughed together, while the two guys bonded over cars, drinks, and the mutual fantasy of watching their ladies play with each other. I felt certain that I would not be playing with anyone (other than my husband), since my interest was solely on dancing and making new friendships. In fact, I felt assured that none of us were “expecting” a swap experience. I liked that Lois and Clark were calm, relaxed, and interested in simply becoming friends.  We were still new explorers of the “lifestyle” scene and it was a relief that Clark was not the kind of person who would trigger concerns. Lois and I could not stop giggling about the thought of it all. We joked that we would be the only “vanilla” couples in the club. We predicted that all the “swinger couples” would be chasing us throughout the night; our humorously exaggerated assumptions that reinforced popular stereotypes.

I reached down to caress his cock as our naked bodies intertwined in the warm water.

As the party hours approached, the 4 of us separated to prepare for the night. The evening drinks had already kicked in and I surprised my handsome husband with shower flirtations. I reached down to caress his cock as our naked bodies intertwined in the warm water. His focus was entirely on the sensuality of the moment, but my mind wandered, as I also felt nervous about our return to the Portland lifestyle club. He thoughtfully caressed my skin using the shower soap to glide across my back, my breasts and ass. He quietly whispered in my ear: “I can’t decide if I am more enamored with your butt or your breasts, so I think they tie for first place on my list of favorite things!” I enjoyed his silly charm, but I was battling internally between the two contrasting sides of my personality:  the shy & reserved Genie vs. the occasional-party Genie, delivery girl of laughing, joking and flirtation. 

Our sensual shower ended, but we remained embraced for a few more moments, using the guest towels to dry each other off. I found myself wondering if there might be a way to skip the club activities, and just chill with the 4 of us at their home. But my internal desire to escape was not meant to be. All 4 of us knew that the club was our ultimate destination. I slid into another tiny black dress that accentuated my petite frame. Looking in the mirror, I felt good about myself: tan, fit, and it seemed to be a good hair night as well! I flashed back to a Doris Day line from one of my parent’s favorite classic movies  “The Thrill of It All”… As a joke, I actually said the famous line out loud: “Does this look like the body of a middle-aged mother?!?”

Given how infrequently I drink (and my tiny, 110 pound body) it never takes much vodka for me to enjoy a yummy buzz. So, the 4 of us drank a toast to new friendships and new adventures. We jumped into a taxi and headed for the city. Clark jumped into the front seat, and my husband didn’t complain as he squeezed between the two of us ladies in the back. As always, we giggled as Lois told sexy stories about club life. Lois assured us that they would be the envy of every couple in the club tonight “when people see us arriving with the two of you.” Her compliments were very kind, but I wondered what the taxi driver was thinking about this unusually provocative conversation.

But I didn’t worry too much. Our warm-up drinks had us feeling great as we arrived at 9:30 and found a table to settle in at the club. Several couples dropped by to introduce themselves as friends of Lois and Clark. They were kind-hearted people, nicely dressed, but definitely much older than the four of us. It felt good to meet friends of friends, a helpful new insight that would influence our future path. 

The music was blasting by 10 p.m. and we quickly migrated to the dance floor. The dance environment at this club was the best we had ever seen: inclusive, interactive, and consistently friendly. It was simply the sexiest place I had ever been in my life. The age range was definitely part of the appeal. So great to be in a place where 30 and 40 and 50 somethings don’t feel like “wannabe’s” surrounded by 22 year olds! The two of us danced for several hours… mostly sticking with each other, but also enjoying flirting with Lois and Clark and reconnecting with a few people from our previous visits to the club. 

As midnight approached, I noticed Clark and my husband quietly talking about the private playrooms in the club. I started to feel nervous as I anticipated a proposal evolving in front of my eyes. For the most part, I wanted to remain comfortable and stay downstairs on the dance floor for the entire night. But part of me was also feeling curious about sharing one of the sexy spaces. The other three knew I was feeling apprehensive. They reassured me that there was no pressure or expectations. My husband provided a gentle nudge and the 4 of us headed upstairs to find a private room. The space was barely lit, with only a small night light glowing from above the headboard. Lois and I joked about the room lighting and conspired to unscrew the bulb. I actually took off my heels, grabbed one of my husband’s socks, and jumped onto the bed, standing on the mattress to eliminate that tiny light.  Ahhhh, the safety of darkness was upon us.

All 4 of us removed our clothes and climbed on to the king size bed. Situated toward the outer edges, both couples engaged with their own partner only, leaving a virtual “no man’s land” in the center of the bed (smile).

All 4 of us removed our clothes and climbed on to the king size bed. Situated toward the outer edges, both couples engaged with their own partner only, leaving a virtual “no man’s land” in the center of the bed (smile). With the girls on the inside, we slowly drifted toward the middle, shrinking the safety space between us. With both guys serving their own lady, my hips were now touching up against her in the middle of the bed. Everyone seemed excited by this, and Lois decided to “break the ice” by placing her hand gently upon my breast. Soft, sensual, respectful touching took place between the two girls. We touched each other’s hair, and backs, and breasts. The girl-girl flirtations felt 100% natural, and innocent… no kisses, and no touching below the waist. It was clear that both guys felt excited by sharing the space. Their erect cocks demonstrated their full approval.  Eventually, the sexual focus shifted back to our own partner. I finally settled onto my back, and closed my eyes assuring complete darkness. My husband’s hand worked down my hips, his magic fingers slowly inserting into my wet vagina. He quickly shifted lower, and his tongue circled around my clit, and slowly moved inside of me. I peeked for a moment, and viewed both guys giving their most enthusiastic oral efforts on Lois and I. I felt surprised by how comfortable I was feeling in that moment. I liked the comfort and familiarity of my husband’s oral skills, as well as the novelty of having someone else beside us for the first time. The adventure climaxed with my wave of intense but quiet orgasms. Lois and Clark had both stopped for a moment, and watched as my body convulsed in pleasure. 

As our playtime reached the end, my giggles continued. The guys made fun of my lighting antics as I returned the bulb to it’s place of origin. The cab ride home delivered the four of us safely back to their place by 3 a.m. Exhausted and exhilarated, both couples retreated to our separate rooms. The two of us proceeded to set off another wave of my orgasms, along with his first climax of the night. We finally crashed, and didn’t crawl out of bed until noon on Sunday. Clark was cooking up a yummy brunch and we all gathered in the kitchen. Lois and I enjoyed another round of laughter and reminiscing about the previous night at the club. We all decided that we had graduated past our former “vanilla” designation. Our new self-description would be “vanilla swirls.” Definitely an evening to remember.

Our “Takeaways” From Episode II:

  • We strive to “never say never” in relation to our own limitations. Perceptions of “Normal” are very subjective, relative and changing. We believed we would never share sexual space with other people. We knew we would never “soft swap” or “full swap” with other people. Over time, we have shifted (or eliminated) almost all the rules and limits we set along the way.
  • “Don’t Yuck on my Yum”! We also refrain from judging what other people prefer. The spectrum of lifestyle options and preferences is exceptionally diverse.
  • Friendships are the underlying prize of lifestyle relationships. It’s natural to search for people you feel sexually attracted to. But many of the best experiences can happen with people who share common interests, but who do not necessarily match up as play partners. We enjoy meeting new people who are “friends of friends” regardless of the potential sexual chemistry. 

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