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It all started when he reached out to me on the lifestyle site and said he met my criteria of boytoys and attached a picture of his abs, muscular body and thick big dick. He had my attention from the start but although I travel often and I live in two different cities he was not located in neither of my two home cities or in a city within proximity to my flight path in the near future. We switched phone numbers and texted for about a week to get to know each other. I learned that he was 21 years old, in college and had never been with a hotwife in his life but loved older and married woman. He loves married woman so much that he stays away from college bars and only hangs out at bars where older married woman are likely to be, lol. After a few back and forth sext messages, the craving and curiosity of what it would be like to fuck his first hotwife got the best of him and he said he would be willing to make the 4 hour drive to see me and fuck me. We set it up to where he would drive in on a Friday evening and leave Saturday afternoon. 

The Friday arrived and I woke up to good morning text from him that I think read something like, “my dream is about to come true because I am about to make this 4 hour drive and fuck you and satisfy you all night, my first hotwife.” We linked up Friday night at a casual bar and from the moment he sat the chemistry was there, I knew within five minutes I was about to be his first hotwife and I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me. My husband, himself and I sat at the bar and our night started. Him and my husband got along great which is always a huge plus and one of the times my husband went to get a drink I took advantage and kissed him for the first time and my pussy was instantly wet. When my husband sees that I am enjoying my kissing session he tends to take a little longer ordering his drinks. When he returned he could see the ear to ear smile in my face and it was also a stark reality that yes, his sexy wife was about to get fucked by this young college stud. We cashed out of the bar and ordered an Uber, the three of us sat in the backseat and as my new boytoy and I made out I had my hand on my husband’s dick and he had his hands on my thick thighs squeezing them which he knows really turns me on.

We arrived back to the hotel that we booked, I always book the suite because I only fuck in suites, and he couldn’t wait to undress me and place his hands all over my ass. From the moment we walked in the room his hands did not come off of me. We sat on the bed and attempted to have a drink but he could not stop kissing me. My husband already knew that at any moment the sex marathon was about to begin so he was preparing the camera settings as fast as he could and that is when my boytoy picked me up and kissed me passionately as he hiked up my dress and finally had his hands on my bare ass. I laid on him as we continued making out but now his hands were firm on my thick ass and he was fingering my pussy, it’s not like my skimpy thong made that task difficult. He laid me on my back and kissed and grabbed me even more which made my pussy even wetter as if that was even possible at this point. The top part of my dress was raised by now and my tits were in his mouth as he kissed, grabbed and fingered me. He opened up my legs and ate my pussy so fucking good. I must have came in his mouth at least three times. I stopped him only to change into this red lingerie outfit that we had talked about in our sext messages. I came out of the bathroom in it and his dick visually grew even more. I got on my knees and sucked his dick. I realized his dick was way thicker than in the pictures, dios mio, I think Papi almost came in my mouth as I was sucking him off. He really stretched my mouth. I liked that he was comfortable with me enough to fuck my mouth, that really made me horny. I could not wait to have his dick inside of me. I climbed on it and OMG it hit the perfect spot, I rode it like I stole it and instantly fucking came! My tits were in his mouth and my pussy was cumming waterfalls. I bounced my ass on it and came over and over, he had me so fucking wet. Most guys that I fuck can’t handle me bouncing on their dicks as long as he did.

He took me to the bed and took charge, hair pulling and all as he fucked me from behind, I loved it! He had a firm grip of my ass as he pounded me. I was literally feeling his balls slapping up against my ass and my cheeks were clapping so loud. He was definitely not the timid guy I thought he was going to be. He stretched me so dam good as I came all over his big black dick. He laid me on my back and pounded me with my legs wide open. He stopped in the middle of fucking me and did a push-up pose above me in the angle that had his cock was once again in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth everytime he did a push up and I was loving every minute of it. I seriously thought he was going to explode in my mouth and although I prefer my boytoys to cum on me I was so horny that I may have let him shoot down my throat. He positioned me on my side and I held my big ass cheek open for him as he fucked me in one of my favorite sex positions. He was pounding away once again as he asked me, “whose pussy is this?” Which I thought was hot for a first timer with a hotwife. His hands were alternating between my tits and my waist as he pounded away. His stamina was crazy! Being 21 has it’s perks!! lol If someone would have passed by the door of the rom they would have definitely known that there was someone getting their brains fucked out of inside of that room.

I was cumming so fucking loud and good. Once again I had lay him down so that I could bounce on his dick some more and again he took me like a champ. I flipped around and rode his dick in reverse cowgirl as he grabbed and slapped my ass. I was reversing so hard into his rock hard abs and each stroke was practically making me cum. He stopped me and told me to stand next to bed and bend over and I already knew what was cuming. He grabbed both of my arms and took me from behind as he once again asked, “whose pussy is this!” “WHOSE FUCKING PUSSY is this!?” I think after a few replies from me saying, “this is your pussy, Papi” and “it’s yours, Papi” he couldn’t hold back anymore and shot all over my nig ass. He probably shot one of the biggest loads I have ever had on my ass, it went from my ass all the way up to my neck practically. He was definitely an amazing fuck. There is definitely going to be a round two with him and hopefully three and four as well. Did I mention he is 21?lol He says girls his age don’t do it for him so he likes fucking older women like myself so I don’t know how to take that? But as long as he keeps satisfying my pussy like this he can fuck this cougar all that he wants. He left my pussy so satisfied, I loved fucking him and I loved being his FIRST hotwife. We are currently sexting once again and getting ready to set up round two which will likely be in Las Vegas this time. He disappeared for few months after we fucked and when he returned and started texting me again he said that he had gotten into a relationship with a girl his age and he just could not do it. He said she didn’t turn him on as much as I did and he was ready to fuck me again and again and again. I loved the sound of that, the sex possibilities with him are endless, I think I have ruined him. HotWives fuck you better.

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