Confidently Swinging With Imperfect Mom Or Dad Bods

Whether we like it or not, the years unfold with their own set of changes. All of us wake up each day to find ourselves being one day older.  As time passes by, our bodies go through changes.  These changes are not always limited to simple aging.  Lifestyle change, higher stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or even work-related issues can cause body changes.

Society places a good bit of pressure to maintain those ideal magazine cover standards of weight and looks (even though those magazine covers are faked & airbrushed). So how can we combat this pressure and confidently accept our natural awesomeness?

It can take a lot of courage to accept yourself for all the things that make you uniquely awesome.  We are here to remind you that things the haters consider “flaws” are not what define you. Those are proud badges of life being well-lived.  In any relationship, what matters much more is the attitude we share with the world and less the way we look. It is very common for individuals to have difficulty accepting themselves as they are because there is a lot of self-blame in the process.

If multiple thoughts are crossing your mind, this does mean something is wrong with you. Try self-exploring your positives thoughts. Here are seven ways to help you boost your confidence levels…

  1. Remove the toxic sources from your life.  Don’t listen to haters or corporate companies trying to scare you into buying their overpriced & underperforming products. Surround yourself only with loving people who treasure you.
  2. Let go of painful baggage. Were you hurt by something that someone?  Are you feeling less confident as a result of that scar someone caused you? Perhaps you are still struggling to overcome your pregnancy experience. Let go of those negative emotions. Write down your feelings about those hurtful comments, and then burn the paper.  Now watch as the ashes of that negativity float away from your life.
  3. Be your own best advocate.  Don’t let your worries dull your spirits. You are what you are. Think of yourself as the latest must-have tech gadget. How would you best market yourself? Focus on all of your amazing benefits and value.
  4. Start doing things that you love and bring joy into your life. When you start working on things that you love, you will feel a lot more confident than you are. Venture out a bit more than usual. Take a casual stroll with your best attire on and smile at strangers. Put yourself in a happy place.
  5. Focus on helpful thoughts.  Identify the thought pattern that is running in your head. Track the thoughts and examine if they are of any help to you. If you feel negativity or worry creeping back, combat it with rationality and logic. If the thoughts are of no practical use, then your mind should simply discard them.  No need to carry around negativity.  Remind yourself of the amazing value and benefits you bring into this world by thinking of the last time you made someone smile.
  6. Get yourself a makeover. Even a simple makeover like doing your hair a different way or getting nail art done can boost our spirits. If you don’t have time for a full makeover, focus on simple things like making sure you are drinking enough water each day to revitalize your skin and apply some moisturizer (yes, that includes men too).  Now go show off your new look!
  7. Upgrade your wardrobe.  Clothes that properly fit & flatter our bodies can work wonders for self-esteem.  Dress yourself up to best display your amazing dad or mom bod. If your swinger wardrobe is a bit old, it might be time to invest in some new wardrobe items.  Properly tailored clothes can make all of us look better, so make sure your wardrobe isn’t holding you back.

The swinging lifestyle is an amazing community filled that understands we all are getting older each day.  We might not be looking younger each day, but we are gaining experience on how to better sexually enjoy ourselves.  Perhaps that is why many studies have found the dad & mom bod to be the new type of attractive.  Have you not noticed the explosion of MILF porn?  There is even real research to read on this.  A survey study done by Planet Fitness suggests that women are much more accepting of the dad bod, whereas men also prefer women on the healthier side of the spectrum than compared to the fake airbrushed size zero models. Roughly 69% of the women found dad bod to be ‘sexy.’

Still unsure about flaunting your unique Dad or Mom body and embracing those wrinkles and body imperfections?  The survey also found that embracing your dad/mom bod lead made some very encouraging findings…

  • Men and women who embrace their ‘imperfections’ tend to lead a happier life and have reported that their body type has improved their quality of life.
  • It makes you feel more relaxed with less stress and anxiety.
  • The self-esteem levels are on point. The dad bod, mom bod culture has led to people accepting them the way they are, and they have become less concerned about the way they look.
  • Confidence is the key. One in every five individuals (both men and women) feels confident when they start accepting themselves. From a third person’s point of view, a dad bod/mom bod is a sign of confidence that the person is comfortable in their skin.  Here are more tips for feeling confident as a swinger.
  • About 65% of the Americans have upvoted Dad bods over six-packs, and they even call it the ‘new six-pack.’ Women even named the dad bods ‘Sexier and more attractive than a six-pack.

Out of the men who participated in a survey about their perception of their dad bod, 71% of them believed that dad bod is universally accepted. They also accepted the fact that very few men could maintain their six-pack even if they got one.

Perhaps, people feel when they see a mom or dad body type, they know the person is real and honest compared to the fake airbrushed magazine ads.  Maybe that is why so many younger swingers are attracted to older swingers.  Being real leads to a lot of sexy fun and friendliness. None of our bodies are naturally perfect, and the message conveyed with this style that it is OK. It always brings back justice to the world where six-packs are considered to be perfect, and anything else is not. Consider your dad or mom bod to be your perfect, and enjoy it every single day!


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