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Picking up his last-minute paperwork for his conference, Phil checked the bags on the bed thumbing through the hotel reservation and tapping his jacket pocket feeling for the passports. Lucy walked in, clutching her make-up bag and pushing her gorgeous hair out the way. “Ready?” asked Phil, smiling, looking at his sexy wife. “Almost!” she said, zipping her bag. Looking straight at her husband, she pushed her finger into her mouth, wetting it before pulling off her wedding ring and placing it carefully on her ring holder next to the bed. “Now I am!” she smiled provocatively grabbing her bag and walking out. Phil felt that familiar stirring between his legs knowing that the naughty weekend away they had planned had begun. 

She smiled giving him a twirl in showing him her sexy figure encased her favorite leather trousers and the new sheer see-through lace black top that Phil had bought her, Her sexy bra with her enticing cleavage on-show she looked perfect.

All Phil could think about at the conference was Lucy and what they were going to do that night. He was even remembering their cover story, colleagues at the same firm on a night out post-conference which was partly true even if he would have a considerable stiffy all evening. When he returned, Lucy was already dressed. She smiled giving him a twirl in showing him her sexy figure encased her favorite leather trousers and the new sheer see-through lace black top that Phil had bought her, Her sexy bra with her enticing cleavage on-show she looked perfect. Phil was starving in more ways than one enjoying a lovely meal and making sure Lucy had her fair share of wine, the waiters being particularly attentive as she got tipsy.

So the night had begun. Phil had noticed a small bar on the way to the restaurant and headed back, following the music that was getting louder. “Feeling horny?” asked Phil encouraging Lucy. “What do you think?” she bit her lip kissed his hand and let go of it, making sure to walk in as if they were colleagues, not his hotwife on the prowl. 

The place was small and quite intimate. The barmen were busy making great cocktails people dancing and enjoying themselves with a nice atmosphere.  Phil nodded to an empty table near the dancefloor sitting, looking around. Lucy made sure to sit with her leather-clad leg crossed and making sure they stuck to the cover story with no touching or kissing. Phil could see her being checked out, no rings they would assume she was single and Phil was married. Giving Phil a look, she downed her drink and moved to the dancefloor. A group of big fit looking men walked in, different ages, including an older guy.  One of the men looked around spotting Lucy approaching her smiling. He leant in talking to her above the noise of the music, as she laughed and shook her head, pointing out Phil. She was telling him their cover story and that she was single. He told his colleagues who all nodded and smiled one of them waving to Phil in acknowledgment.

“Whisper in his ear, IF you think he’s hot. Move to the spare seat in front of me and flirt with him!” Phil texted.

Sitting drinking and chatting with them, she kept glancing over at Phil with a wicked smile, knowing what he was thinking. Lucy danced with the five guys, as they swapped in between songs, laughing and giggling as she rubbed against them dancing, at one stage she had two of them together. In between her dancing, Phil started sending messages wanting her to do more with the men. He asked her to touch his leg, rub his thigh. Put your hand on his which Lucy did. Phil’s heart-pounding watching his wife do it. Lucy messaged back that she liked the older fit guy, a supervisor from the port and his team of dockers. 

Lucy glanced over at Phil leaning in she whispered in his ear which got a surprised grinning response. Sitting close by Lucy pushed herself up against him, her hand on his trousers rubbing up and down. He reached over touching her face gently and kissed her. Phil had his phone out secretly taking photos so they could both watch it back later.  Going to the bar getting them drinks, Phil left them watching as she messaged him. Lucy could feel his dick through his trousers.

“It’s huge” she texted. With his back to them, Phil messaged back giving her permission to touch it, and he wanted her to get it rock hard through his trousers. Returning with their drinks, Lucy was all over this guy; 

she draped her leg over his pressing against his hard-on, rubbing him and kissing him. His hands were around her waist, stroking her back and thigh. Sereptiously Phil managed to watch her hand slide over his hardening bulge, stroking his cock as they kissed passionately. His hand pressing against her leather trousers and gently touching her breast Phil was so hard, watching her do it in front of him for twenty minutes, he had to go and relieve the pressure himself in the toilet. When Phil returned, Lucy was stood alone at the bar. “Enjoying the show?” she asked, smiling. “I’m so hard!” said Phil making Lucy chuckle.

“I want to meet him in the toilets?” she bit her lip looking at Phil. He could tell she was horny and needing some relief herself.  “Go for it!” Phil smiled “Oh, make sure he takes some naughty photos and a bit of a video?” Phil raised his eyebrow. Lucy touched his hand resting on the bar with her outstretched little finger a horny gesture giving him a sultry look.

When he returned to finish his drinks sitting together, their kisses became more passionate and hands all over each other. Lucy was openly rubbing his cock, her palm squeezing the outline for ten minutes until she whispered in his ear what she wanted to do with a giggle. The toilets were unisex, Phil watched her walk off with this man, she managed to glance over her shoulder, giving Phil a smoldering look and disappeared around the corner his work colleagues nodding and laughing with each other. He wanted to follow her straight away but held his nerve but only for a couple of minutes before he couldn’t resist any longer following after them.

Lucy was so horny; the guy had got her so worked up, kissing her as he did, her hand rubbing his dick getting hard as Phil had asked her to do. He kept rubbing her breast and flicking his finger across her nipple, poking out. As he did it, she would sigh into his kissing mouth tangling tongues feeling her pussy throbbing. When she walked away, his hand slipped down, cupping her bottom, making sure his colleagues knew what he was going to do with the hot girl in the toilets. Walking in arm in arm giggling, the two women doing their make-up hardly glanced at them, two men gave a look washing their hands. Lucy hurried to the last cubicle on the end of the row, pushing the door closed behind her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, pushing him back against the wall, she could feel his big dick pressing against her. His hands grabbing all parts of her body, Lucy pushed her hand down between them still kissing him finding the zipper of his trousers she wanted his cock. Tugging at his zipper, he leant back looking at her watching her find his throbbing cock. She wasn’t disappointed his cock popped out; Lucy looked up into her strangers face he just smiled seeing her surprise and delight at such a huge fucking cock.

Phil entered the bathroom. As he looked, the two girls giggled. He heard one say to the other that she had gone into the booth with her boyfriend pointing with her thumb behind her, the woman nodded and smiled. Glancing at the cubicles Phil counted six and the last one locked, before rushing into the empty one next to it.

Lucy grabbed the man’s cock stroking him still kissing. He was feeling her breasts through her bra, squeezing both of them making her moan. His hand went between her legs, cupping her crotch and rubbing the leather up and down. Lucy unzipped her trousers, pulling his hand flattening to her stomach she smiled nodding for him to feel her up, she made him slide down, feeling her wet aroused married pussy. She moaned loudly feeling his fingers against her bare hole and the relief she was getting. Shoving two fingers inside her, he had her stand shaking against him, making her cum for the first time, her hands banging against the cubicle wall as she silently came.

Phil sat listening, The moans, the sounds of clothes being unzipped, lips being kissed and smacked together with the odd thump of the cubicle wall. Phil couldn’t take much more his cock in his hand, listening to his wife with a stranger. He waited awhile jerking off before reaching for his phone; he was worried about being caught and blowing his cover. He heard what sounded like her leather trousers and then hearing the stranger moan. Hearing a familiar moan like Phil would do himself with Lucy made his cock throb. He had to see her. He pressed the video record on his phone and the camera over the top. It seemed like ages but in reality, a couple of minutes. He pulled his phone back and pressed play. Lucy was sat on the toilet seat she had seen the phone come over the wall, one leg out of her leather trousers; her legs spread wide showing her wet pussy. His sexy wife’s mouth was stuffed with a stranger’s huge cock, Phil guessed at the size because she had both hands wrapped around it and was still sucking it. His hips moved in small thrusts fucking her mouth, letting his bulbous head slip out around her sucking lips and back in again. Lucy was moaning like you would eating something you really liked. Her mouth pulled off his cock, her tongue tracing the outline of it flicking over the end drooling all over it. She held his big balls, sucking them in her mouth, looking up at him. He grunted every time she slid her mouth down on his thick shaft. Phil jerked his cock, watching his wife sucking this guy off hearing her moans again the live wet sounds from next door as this guy got the most amazing blowjob, his cock spurting cum for the second time all over the toilet door and cubicle.

Lucy heard the cubicle door open and heard Phil leave; she was sucking her strangers cock her hand stuffed in her own pussy, rubbing it, making her very aroused.

“Here,” she said breathlessly to her stranger handing him her phone already on video record, “I like to watch!” she shrugged sucking his big cock back in her slurping mouth looking at the camera her stranger smiled holding it steady.

Lucy needed more; she needed his big dick inside her. Inside her married pussy. She jumped up off the seat, turned around, pushing her leather trousers down a bit out the way. Looking over her shoulder, she grabbed his wet slippery cock holding it level with her pussy and eased herself back on it. “Arghhhh, yes!” she said softly.

Her lover grunted shoving his dick in her. She could already feel how big he was, hitting her moist aroused places deep inside her. When he started to fuck her, she gripped the back of the toilet, pushing herself back on his dick, stretching her insides. Both of them were so aroused, she kept thinking of Phil knowing how he was going to fuck her later. Clearly, she had given him a very good blowjob because it wasn’t long before his thrusts shortened slamming into her hole. Lucy reached her hand down rubbing her clit; her mouth open gasping air moaning not caring who might hear her she felt her orgasm approaching.

Her pussy squeezing against the stranger’s cock, he grabbed her hips, pulling her back in one last hard thrust. His contorted moans followed by his cock exploding in her married pussy, busting his nut, filling her up with his spurting cum. Lucy came to her eyes closed, gasping, her world spinning feeling that sexual release and fulfilling another adventure as she furiously rubbed her clit. It took a few minutes to calm down.  Lucy turned to her lover, kissing him as he fiddled with her phone before handing it back. He stuffed his cock back in his trousers, giving her a look and slipped out the cubicle.

Phil noticed him walking back to his friends, who all laughed slapping his back. Lucy walked back in herself straight to the table. Phil was sat, picking up her fresh drink. Her lip gloss freshly applied. “All OK?” Phil asked, trying to hold his composure. “Very much so!” Lucy smiled her eyes full of naughtiness and that freshly fucked glow about her. Phil tapped a cigarette from one of the dockworkers going outside for some air. Lucy followed him. She waved her phone. “You’ll like what I’ve got for you later?” she smirked, teasing Phil and stoking his imagination at what she had done.

Lucy flirted with him back in the bar for another hour, kissing him letting his hands wander over her thighs as she chatted. Phil smiled and chatted; he couldn’t help think about his wife’s gorgeous lips wrapped around his dick, getting the best blowjob he probably had in his life. Lucy said her goodbyes stumbling out into the street. “So?” asked Phil looking at his sexy wife. “I want you to take me back to the hotel!” she smirked.

The taxi couldn’t get there fast enough, to their lovely room. Lucy was feeling so aroused she began stripping her clothes off down the corridor.

“Shall I wear some lingerie for your naughty picture collection?” asked Lucy playfully. Phil had her in her lacy white outfit, making sure she put her heels back on. Posing on the bed, she began to tell Phil all about him. Pulling his hard cock out, she dived to it, sucking him off. He couldn’t help enjoy thinking about her doing the same to that huge dick. Snapping her crotch open Phil had her pushed back on the bed, her heels digging into the covers as fingered her married hole. She begged for more coming on his fingers, gripping the bedsheets; she was soaked, more than usual.

“Fuck me!” she begged, grabbing Phil’s hard cock with a very naughty smile as she watched him slide his cock into her hole. Phil felt her sloppy pussy, squelching as he fucked her.

“Oh fuck yes!” she gasped and smiled “Shove his cum deeper inside me!” Phil pounded her hard, adding his cum deep into his wife’s pussy. The drinks and being horny they fell asleep.

Phil woke up. Lucy was awake, looking at her phone. Her hand was buried between her legs as she looked at Phil. “He filmed me for you!” she said, handing him her phone. Phil watched what he hadn’t seen his morning wood rising rapidly. When he had watched it, he rolled over, pushing his wife’s legs apart. She was still rubbing herself and looked straight at him.

“The dirty fucker emailed it to himself!” she moaned turned on. “He probably showed his workers too.” “Fuck!” said Phil and plunged his cock into her pussy turned on his mind playing the night over as Lucy moaned wrapping her legs around his back, leaving the video playing on the bed.

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