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The Sexy Mrs. “Prettybird” “I am a fit, fun and insatiable woman married to the love of my life. I started in the lifestyle when I was young when my husband and I first met. This is when I knew that I was truly bi-sexual. Life plays it’s cards and we took a break to have a family. In the last year, my husband and I went to a topless pool in Las Vegas and started talking about getting back into the lifestyle. We are having the time of our lives and now there is no looking back.

The best part of the lifestyle is how open the communication is with your partner. We are very open about our likes and dislikes. We love going to some of the lifestyle parties around town and are very turned on by being exhibitionists and voyeurs. I realized early on that I do not have any interest in being with other men, so we only play with other women. When we are not trying to hunt down the elusive unicorn, we find that playing with couple’s where the other Mr. enjoys watching my husband and I please his Mrs. to be exhilarating for us as exhibitionists.

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