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“Once locked away in a marriage, with no excitement and no fun”

Mrs- “Boundaries” I meet this guy 7 years ago at a job interview and we instantly kicked it off. Weeks passed and we started chatting more and more about stuff that was not job-related. One day we ended up in a storage room .. We were supposed to do a “How is everything going at the office” interview, but somehow we ended up with me having my back against the wall and my boss in front of me, we stood very close and I took my shot. I dropped slowly to the floor, opened his pants, took out his very hard friend, and started sucking him. A couple of years later we got married in Las Vegas 🙂

My husband and I, are really not super active in the lifestyle, and we rarely match with other couples. I think we’re a bit different than your usual swinger lifestyle couple. We absolutely love sex and we go to great lengths to explore and test our boundaries. Finding couples are hard, super hard! There is the age factor, the “looks-does-matter” factor, and then there are all those couples where the guy just wanna fuck someone else’s woman. We don’t do swaps. in fact, for me to even engage in sex with another man is extremely rare. I guess my thing is being bi-sexual, I love playing with women, alone, with my husband, single ladies, and couples, it’s much more natural for me, and for those couples that understand and accept this we have endless hours both outside and inside the bedroom.

Covid did put a pause on our club and event activities, but someday we’ll be back. Going to clubs and events is soo much fun, we absolutely love it! Having sex in front of others and from time to time engaging with other people while having sex or simply just being naughty is one of our things and we miss it a lot.”

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