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Mrs- “Carhart350” I’m the real-deal girl next door. Born and bred vanilla rule follower; Girl Scout leader and Spelling Bee Coordinator. I take the kids to school, do laundry, feed the chickens and work a full time job. I love my husband more than anything and he holds my heart. And…I love sex. I love the sounds, the smells, the touch and the dance. I love to be held and to be fucked. Hard. Really hard.

It’s a long story but our six year journey into the Lifestyle has changed me. How could it not? I’ve opened my mind and my body. I’ve discovered how wonderfully lovely it is to kiss and caress another woman, how hot it is when I’m sucking on two cocks while my husband fucks me, how exhilarating it is to have sex in public where others might see. At my core, I’m still the rule-follower I’ve always been but I have a delicious secret. I’m a very sexual woman who now knows the joy of sharing. Sharing my body and my mind. Come on over…I’m right next door. 

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