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NEWS: Coralyn Jewels “Hanky Panky” & “Embrace Lifestyle Events” has decided to retire from being an event organizer and has chosen “BIA Vida Productions” to purchase and take over her social networking platform.

Dear Community Members,

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support throughout the years. In 2012, I embarked on this journey with an idea, and today, the friendships and memories forged within this community hold an irreplaceable place in my heart.

With a blend of emotions, I share the news of my retirement from hosting lifestyle events. Miss Hankie Pankie has been an incredible odyssey, uniting individuals and crafting unforgettable moments within our vibrant community. Your unwavering support, trust, and active participation have been the bedrock of this remarkable venture.

Contemplating the future, I pondered the fate of our community. While considering closing this chapter, I embarked on a quest to find someone worthy to continue our legacy, nurturing our community spirit. After extensive soul-searching, it brings me immense joy to introduce the new stewards of the Embrace Lifestyle Platform, BIA VIDA Productions, Inc, and Lifestylers Magazine. They aren’t solely event organizers but genuine ambassadors of our ethos. I wholeheartedly entrust them to perpetuate our legacy and nurture the spirit of our community.

Rest assured, you are in capable hands. Nicole & Steve bring an abundance of experience, an unwavering commitment to our lifestyle, and an ardent zeal for curating safe and enjoyable events. Their dedication to health, safety, and the ethos of consent seamlessly aligns with the cherished values of our club.

I leave it to them to introduce themselves to you personally. I urge you to extend a warm welcome to Club BIA Vida will undoubtedly foster and entertain our community while preserving the quintessence that defines us.

Thank you for your integral role in this remarkable journey. Your stories, connections, and unwavering support have shaped Embrace Lifestyle Events into the vibrant tapestry it is today.

While my focus shifts primarily to my podcast, I shall maintain the EMBRACE community across social media and platforms.

I express my heartfelt gratitude for the years of support, the invaluable friendships, and the treasure trove of memories. Keep forging connections and nurturing this incredible community. Here’s to embarking on a new chapter together!

Warm Regards,

Miss Hankie Pankie AKA (Coralyn, Heidi, CJ)
And the entire Embrace Lifestyle Events team from 2012-2023 Julie, Ken, Laura, Robyn, Patrick, Eric, Cory, Dave, Gia, Lawrence, Dick, DJ Leon, Cory, DJ Mark, Masseuse David, Masseuse Phillip, Danielle, Jeff and Amanda.

Introduction from BIA Vida Productions, Inc.

Hello Everyone,

We are the proud owners of BIA VIDA Productions, Inc., producing to the Ethical Non-Monagomy lifestyle Club BIA Vida, BIA Vida Wellness Center and Sexy Pool Parties, and we are truly thrilled to join you on this exciting life adventure. 

Our journey in the world of ethical non-monogamy has been exhilarating, filled with passion for fostering genuine connections within our community. As ambassadors and event organizers, we’ve hosted a variety of vibrant and safe lifestyle events – from intimate gatherings to large-scale takeovers across the West Coast.

At Club BIA VIDA, our commitment to health, safety, and consent is paramount. We prioritize creating an environment where everyone feels secure to explore and connect authentically. Lifestylers Magazine, along with our various event productions, has been our platform to spotlight real stories and genuine experiences within the lifestyle.

As we step into our role within this community, we assure you of our dedication to maintaining the essence of inclusivity, respect, and enjoyment that this community values. We sincerely look forward to meeting each one of you and crafting exciting new experiences together within our vibrant and inclusive community. Our private ‘resort-style oasis’we look forward to the opportunity to host you there! 

Keep It Sexy,

Club BIA Vida Staff 

BIA VIDA Productions, Inc.

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