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The Sexy “@our_little_secret333” I’m a 32 year old wife, mom and business owner. I’ve been in the life style for a few years now. It’s done wonders for my self esteem and mental health. To be able to be comfortable and confident in my skin. To have the ability to be honest with my wants needs and desires. It’s magical what it’s done for my relationships. 

It all started when my husband had expressed wanting to watch me with another woman. I had been very vanilla up until meeting him while he had always been more jalapeño we’ll say. At the time I wasn’t interested in women. Fast forward afew months, we’re playing in bed and I start sucking on a toy while we’re having sex. He notices I really get into it. He asks me if I’d ever consider being with another man. It wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We did alot of research of the good and bad of hotwifing. Personal testimonies, podcasts, reaching out to hotwives about their experiences, etc. We had heard enough and were anxious to have our first experience together. On the way to our first time, we were both so nervous! This was a huge chance that could potentially impact our marriage for the better or the worst. We almost backed out at the last minute. I’m so grateful we didn’t. That first time was magical.  It got us both hooked! The way he looked at me with that look of pure love and desire directly in my eyes while another man was inside me. The way it felt being the center of the universe for me! We were sold! Now, although I do mostly hotwife. I’ve also found i truly enjoy women and sharing them with hubby. We have fully indulged in all the lifestyle has to offer and we’ve found a passion for showing new comers the ropes. It can be such a lonely and awkward road when you first get started and we really enjoy helping people navigate through it cause it’s something we’d wished we had when we first started!

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