Supporting The Thin Blue Line

Fantasy made into reality is what makes the lifestyle so enticing and enjoyable.  Here’s a true story and real pics of turning a fantasy playdate into reality all while supporting the blue men in uniform!  What’s better than a tall, strong man with an amazing cock in uniform!  We met BIGCALID on Kasidie and we instantly hit it off.  BIGCALID is not just “big”, but he’s gorgeous, an incredible body and an amazing person who we love to chat with about sports, politics and much more, including making fantasies a reality!  We felt so comfortable with BIGCALID we approached him to take me using his authority as being law enforcement.  He was more than happy to oblige. 

I was my usual excited self-getting ready for her date night, not quite sure what to expect.  The Mr. and I had talked about what we were wanting to capture so we could play it over and over.  Talking of a fantasy and having it actually turning out the way it is in your head can be challenging.  BIGCALID was quite confident he could help make this one better than what was in our head. Mr. SBKB69 was playing with his camera gear getting his lens ready for action and perfecting the lighting.  While applying some last minute make up for my date, my excitement and anxiousness grew as I heard a knock at the door.  Are things going to go well?  Do I look ok?  How will the photos turn out?  Will I feel the way I feel in my fantasy during the playdate? All these are last minute things we think of as we are also completely turned on ready for action.  I move to the door and peek through the hole.  All my anxiousness dissipated quickly and my pussy began throbbing when I saw him at the door.  He was dressed in full police uniform head to toe ready to take me….well….somewhere!  

Mr. SBKB69 has camera ready as I open the door.  There he is, BIGCALID in uniform, looking powerful and dominant.  He barely says a hello to me before he turns me around and leans me against the wall taking my hands behind my back.  His height and strength are towering over me.  His authoritative presence has commanded the room.  He kicks my leg so I’m spread apart quite wide.  My chest is against the wall.  I feel the clasp of the steel cold cuff around my wrist.  My heart rate quickens.  Trust.  I need to trust.  The feeling of vulnerability yet trusting is exhilarating.  The other wrist is then cuffed a tight snug fit.  I’m all his.  Yet a surprise comes.  He leans to my face, moves my hair from my eyes and replaces it with a blindfold.  Oh my, heart racing now!

I hear the clicking of the camera.  Mr. SBKB69 is in his element and hard at work capturing details.  BIGCALID leads me into the room.  I am unsure of my footing and what’s coming next, but oh so excited.  I feel the edge of the bed.  He has me back up until the back of my legs are against the bed.  He commands me to assume the squatting position.  As I squat I hear the movement of the Mr. and his camera equipment and what I believe to be the unfastening of belt and the familiar sound of a zipper.  Soon enough I feel the warmth of flesh touching my lips.  I instantly part my lips as BIGCALID guides his cock into my mouth.  His cock is big, I open my mouth wider adjusting to the girth.  My mouth is watering as he slides back toward my throat.  He’s also quite long.  It takes a few in and out strokes as he reaches the back of my throat.  He still is in full uniform with just his amazing cock out for my mouth.  My hands are behind my back, I’m in the squatting position.  As I suck him my wrist ache a little and my thighs start to burn.  He has a nice paces rhythm going, the camera is clicking, my mouth is taking all of him.  His hands are guiding my head, he has complete control.  His moaning is getting more frequent though, he stops me.  He assists me onto my feet.  What’s next?  He kisses me with authority and control.  

What’s next?  He turns me around again.  He commands me to lie my chest on the bed with my ass sticking up.  I do as I am told, after all I am a law abiding citizen!  Camera clicking.  Panties are being pulled down to my ankles, legs are kicked further apart.  I’m fully exposed.  I hear the condom wrapper quickly ripping open.  I feel anxious, throbbing for him.  He grabs my cuffed wrists with one hand.  With the other hand he massages my clit.   His strong fingers enter me and I gasp with excitement.  The camera clicks.  He has not removed any piece of his uniform.  This is such a turn on for me.  With his hand still grasping my wrists he guides his hardness to my pussy.  

He nudges himself in, allowing for me to get accustomed to the size.  He is authoritative yet gentle.  With each thrust he is deeper and deeper into me.  The camera clicks.  I know my husband is loving it just as much as I am.  For hotwife husbands this is the honest truth.  Now that I am accustomed to BIDCALID’s size his thrusts increase, he holds my wrists tighter.  They ached with the steel rubbing into the skin, my arms slightly ache from being in the same position.  His hard cock feels amazing so I don’t care about the aching!  He’s thrusting into me from behind while still in full uniform.  Incredible!  The blindfold, the cuffs, the camera, the uniform, the cock thrusting in and out of me.  All of these sensations my orgasm builds and I can no longer contain it.  As my orgasm peaks I feel my wetness on his cock and his thrusting quickens more.  The camera is to the side capturing close picks of my orgasm.  As my orgasm subsides, BIGCALID is not done yet.  He stands me up, unclasps my bra, removes my blindfold and cuffs.  I get to strip the uniform off of him and devour him with all my senses. I lay him on the bed on his back and decide to try and take some control back and ride his cock on my own terms.

BIGCALID aloud me this curtesy for a short while before he throws me on to my hands and knees on the bed and puts his still extremely hard big cock back into my wanting pussy and continually fucks with long strong thrust to my 2nd orgasm. As he is slapping my ass to intensify the fucking, but he’s not done with me yet. Now he flips me over in missionary style, and place my legs over his shoulders so he can give me every inch of his beautiful hard cock. Soon after I have another mind blowing orgasm I can tell he is now getting ready to cum, and I love it when he tells me, “Oh God I’m going to cum” and I jump up as he is ripping off the condom and replace it with my mouth and swallow every drop of him, So fucking hot!

As we lay there on the bed and catch our breath all 3 of ous were like WOW! That was assume, and amazing finish to an amazing evening. As BIGCALID gets dressed and ready to leave he and I know Mr. SBKB69 is anxiously awaiting to reclaim his hotwife, and I don’t disappoint him.  Fantasy complete!  So looking forward to more adventures with BIGCALID. Were going to Las Vegas on July 22nd-25th of 2021 with Lifestylers Magazine and friends so begging BIGCALID to come with us for another sexy erotic adventure. Maybe taking him and others all to PLAYHOUSELV in Vegas perhaps, that will be fucking fun for sure…. 

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I'm a Hotwife, Love experiencing new fantasy's that the husband and I discuss in this wondrous Lifestyle. Find me at profile "SBKB69" come say hello, and maybe we can play together!

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